I’m Home, At Last : BANTAYAN

I’m Home, At Last : BANTAYAN


          FYI : This will be my last photos with fats. HAHAHAHAHA. I really have to lose weight. DAMN!

          As what I have stated before, for almost a month, I have done nothing with my life. It seems that I have not existed in this planet. My weekend companions were the bed, the pillow and the blanket and FOOD! Bahaha! And then I gained pounds and I caught sickness due to unpredictable weather. 😦 😥

          My heart broke, so I decided to head back home to ease the pain and be with the ones I love. When I arrived home, I just couldn’t be any happier. 🙂

          When in Bantayan, I made sure I won’t miss the beautiful beach in Sta Fe. Aside form the enjoyment in swimming, I know that the see can cure the sickness of mine ,too, so without a doubt, I am wading in it now. YEY, so happy that I’m in this place. Indeed, there’s no such place like home. 😀 🙂

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