Forevermore’s LA PRESA

Forevermore’s LA PRESA


          Many people were going abuzz about the romantic relationship of Agnes and Xander of FOREVERMORE, a television series here in our country. They seemed to vicariously feel in  love again and would cheer in positivity that forever exists. My companions love this show. Then, last February, when we had an official trip to Baguio City, they would never let go the chance of visiting La Presa, the famous setting of the show Forevermore. Fortunately,… Read More »


SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys

SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys


          Endless possibilities, and now I embark on another journey. This time it is scuba diving. Before I start making my diving diary, I would like to thank my brother, Rain dear, for this opportunity of experiencing a kind of thrill into the depths of the blue sea.

         So, this was how this diving engagement started… Read More »