Take a Bow in DAVAO

Take a Bow in DAVAO


          This time, I am posting something throwback which happened a year ago, June 20, 2014 to be exact, in Davao. Just lately, I scrolled and took a look at my back-up file and I forgot to post this entry. So here it goes.

          We were already flying smoothly above the clouds when suddenly the stewardess said that we would be experiencing turbulence. Read More »


Lusno Falls : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

LUSNO FALLS : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns


♬♪Should I give up or should I keep on Chasing Waterfalls, OH DEFINITELY! ♬♪

         Well, this time I am wandering again and I’ll take you to one hidden paradise in the South, LUSNO FALLS!

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