The Emerging Chrysalis

         Never in my life before did I ever dream of being a writer. Writing was not my cup of tea. It was one of the activities I loathed during my schooldays. I hated to work on essays, reaction papers, and the like. I totally despised all written projects but to accomplish them was a must or else my ratings would suffer.

          Moments of monotony and boredom enveloped my being one day. My spirit was down. I felt I had stagnated. I needed a diversion to erase the ennui in me. I thought of blogging. And I did try it.

I went places…

captured moments…

took photos…

scribbled my thoughts in my handy notebook…

put the experiences into the blank screen of the computer…


let my ideas flow here and there…

clicked publish…


 and finally shared my piece…


          The first time I received a “like” and a comment in my blog, I felt appreciated. I was inspired to keep going. I felt the urge to learn and improve my manner of presenting my thoughts. Then I started to love to blog.

          Then out of the blue, as I opened my email, a new message in my inbox appeared. The sender was not familiar to me. The email stated,


Congratulations!Your blog ( ) is a Finalist for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2015 under Best Cebu Photo Blog Category.

          I was apparently surprised if not shocked. It was an undescribable feeling to be afforded such recognition as being one of the finalists in Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA)I thought I was just coming out slowly of my little world unnoticed like a chrysalis emerging from its cocoon; but somebody nominated me after reading my posts.

          I am extremely happy to be a finalist in the Cebu Photo Blog Category. I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the organizers. Thank you, BCBA. I felt so blessed,honoured and privileged. The hater of writing before has now been given a boost of confidence to love the art and find joy in it.


          On December 6, Cebu’s Prime Awarding Body founded by a Blogger and dedicated to Bloggers, Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) is celebrating its 8th Awards Night. As co-presented by SMART Communications Inc., BCBA will acknowledge the excellent craft of Cebu-Based Bloggers over the year. With the help of Three respected Bloggers from Luzon and Visayas as the Judges, they were able to evaluate and come up with Winners from Seven different Niches/Awards such as Best Cebu Technology Blog, Best Cebu Personal Blog, Best Cebu Travel Blog , Best Cebu Food Blog, Best Cebu Fashion Blog , Best Cebu Photo Blog  and Best Cebu Events/Entertainment Blog.


This Event is made possible with the help of the Sponsors and Partners.

BCBA 2015 is co-presented by SMART Communications Inc.


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