Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Third Stop: Sightseeing the Magnificent Kawasan Falls in Badian

( And Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Kawasan Falls Experience Worth the Trip)


          Wow! It’s January twenty-sixteen, a new year has reigned! Time flies so fast. Yesteryear was just like a snap of a finger and now another set of 365 ( plus one ) days are rolling. I know it’s kind of late but I just want to greet all of you a blissful and prosperous new year. As the earth continues to revolve around the sun, I hope that  each one of us will enjoy our year with lots of adventure and embark on new possibilities whatever comes our way. Let love dominate our being. We should not be afraid to be broken but be formidable to face challenges, and enjoy every tidbits of time.

         Well, the only thing that I wish for myself is to be motivated enough to live my life the way I desire it to be, to live, not just exist, in harmony with my dreams and reality. I am battling with procrastination and laziness, with the conflict of being productive and letting myself drowned to nothing. I am striving hard to be fruitful this year. Haha! 😛 😀 😉
         I have plenty of things to share in my blog so that’s why I will shut off my slothful attitude. I will revive my mood to write especially this third segment of our Southern Invasion which I am excited to share. So without further delay, here’s our experience in Kawasan Falls transformed into words.

         After dipping in the contrasting hot and cold springs in Malabuyoc and visiting and being awed by the charm of Cambais Falls in Alegria, we headed to Badian for Kawasan Falls. The habal-habal ride took us 30 minutes to reach the destination.

          What we did here was merely sightseeing due to the many tourists and the limited time. We happily observed local and foreign tourists enjoying the magnificent realm of Kawasan Falls. After that, we went to Moalboal.

Kawasan Falls, Badian Kawasan Falls, Badian PicsArt_01-21-11.04.11

         I would like to share here nine ways to fully enjoy Kawasan Falls. I’ve been here a lot of times and this account is based on my experiences which I totally enjoyed. Every time I come here I fondly relish my moments in this awesome place. So here are the nine ways…

1. Walk going to Kawasan Falls

        The starting point going to the falls is the St. James the Apostle Church. Some nature lovers will go to the falls via vehicle or motorbike and some will just walk. I suggest that one will just walk. t’s not far anyway. The walk will take 10-15 minutes to reach the first level of Kawasan Falls. There is nothing to worry because the track is already developed and it is as easy as ABC to locate the falls. By walking, you can view the scenery everywhere, hear the gushing water coming from the waterfalls, and feel the closeness of nature.

          Environmental Fee – Php 20.00
Kawasan Falls, Badian

2. Sightsee the magnificent Kawasan Falls.

          What we did during our Southern Invasion was purely sightseeing. Yes, we enjoyed watching the people who also enjoyed themselves in their excursion and we found delight in observing the beauty of nature which mesmerized us.
          Tip : Kawasan Falls is so popular that during weekends it is crowded with nature lovers. If you don’t like crowded places and you want to go to Kawasan Falls, go there on weekdays. Avoid weekends and holidays.
 Kawasan Falls, Badian

3. Swim in the water of Kawasan Falls

          Well, this is obviously one of the main goals in going to Kawasan Falls. Freshen your life a bit from the hustle and bustle of city life and let the crystal clear water of the spring cool you down.
         Swimming in an organic and unpolluted spring water brings about positive effects for the body. It will make your skin smoother and your hair healthier and shinier. You will then have your own NATURE SALON. 😀

Second Level of Kawasan Falls
Second Level of Kawasan Falls

4. Try Bamboo Rafting

         Want to experience nature massage? This one is for you. Riding a bamboo raft will give you thrills and chills. Once you are already under the falls, you can experience hard massage coming from the cascading and gushing cold water of the falls. Sounds relaxing and refreshing, Right?
Tip : You can rent the bamboo raft for Php 300.00 for 15 minutes. The raft has a maximum capacity of ten persons.
Kawasan Falls, Badian

5. Explore uphill and river trek

         There are three levels of Kawasan Falls. For you to take advantage of your trip, you can explore uphill, go river trekking and see the different structures of the other levels of Kawasan Falls. The trail is not difficult because the place is already developed.
Second Level of Kawasan Falls
Second Level of Kawasan Falls

6. Cliff jump

        One way to let your blood rush its adrenaline is to cliff jump. If you are courageous enough, jump from the cliff, let loose, feel the gravity and make a splash in the water.

Tip : Make sure you are equipped with a vest for safety purposes.

7. Get that picture perfect for feature

        Well, if you are an IG (Instagram) addict like me, you might like to know that Kawasan Falls has been featured in many IG accounts. This is because Kawasan Falls is really beautiful, a natural beauty Cebuanos can be proud of.

         So get your camera, find the right angle, take a picture and you are going to get that thousand and one likes of your post.

Kawasan Falls, Badian

8. Experience canyoneering

         If you are wanting to release you inner adventurous soul, you might be enticed to try canyoneering. When we were at the starting point in going to the falls, we came across a lot of people doing this canyoneering activity. There were stalls and people offering canyoneering packages.

         Tip : Bring extra cash. The budget for canyoneering is Php 750.00 to Php 1,500.00 depending upon the number of guests.

Kawasan Falls, Badian

9. ENJOY, just enjoy

          Kawasan is amazing. Its splendour will take your breath away. When you’ll be there, enjoy all the time. Have fun but be cautious in everything you do. Behave properly. Don’t litter, Be considerate with nature. We don’t own this planet. We are just nature’s stewards.

 Kawasan Falls, Badian

          How about you? What other things will you do or have done in Kawasan Falls? I would love to hear from you.

How to get there

1. If by bus, go to South Bus Terminal. Ride a bus bound for Badian. The fare going to Badian for non-air conditioned bus is Php 117.00 The fare for air-conditionned bus is Php 126.00.
2. Pay an environmental fee for Php 20.00.
Plan to take your bus trip early to avoid heavy traffic, save time and have a chance to maximize your trip.

3. If by taxi, negotiate the fare. It is usually a “Pakyaw” system if by taxi. In our case our fare was Php 1,200.00 (one way).

Suggested Itinerary for the South Invasion in Cebu





03:00AM– (via bus) meet up at the South Bus Terminal, ride bus and depart for Malabuyoc

07:00AM– arrive at Malabuyoc,

07:10AM– ride habal- habal

07:15AM arrive at Mainit Spring, register, change swimming attire

07:30AM immersing at the hot spring, trekking to Montaneza Falls

08:30AM ride habal habal to Alegria

09:00AM arrive at Alegria police station/park, inquire

09:20AM breakfast, pack up

09:40AM– ride habal habal to Cambais Falls

10:20AM– arrive cambais meet uide

10:30AM– register, trek to the falls, swim at Cambais Falls

12:00AM– pack up, ride habal habal to Badian

12:45PM– arrive at Badian, trek to kawasan

01:00PM– sightseeing, picture taking at Kawasan Falls

01:30PM hire habal habal to Moalboal

01:50PM lunch at MCDO

02:00PM hire tricycle to Panagsama Beach

02:15 PM snorkel/swim with the sardines

03:00PM hire tricycle to Moalboal highyway

03:15PMwait for the bus

04:00PM depart from Moalboal

08:00PMarrive in CEBU

Estimated Expenses for the South Invasion in Cebu

Php 151.00/pax – fare for the ordinary bus to Malabuyoc

Php 20.00/pax – fare for the habal habal to Mainit Spring

Php 20.00/pax – environmental fee in Mainit Spring

Php 240.00/pax – fare for habal habal (alegria and badian) *subject to haggling

Php 30.00/pax – entrance fee in Cambais Falls

Php 100.00/pax – guide fee in Cambais Falls

Php 20.00 /pax– entrance fee to Kawasan Falls

Php 66.00/pax – fare for the habal habal to Moalboal *(Php 200 /3) subject to haggling

Php 50.00/pax fare for the tricycle from Moalboal Town to Panagsama Beach *(Php 150.00/3) subject to haggling

Php 100.00/pax rental fee for snorkeling gears

Php 50.00/pax – fare for the tricycle from Panagsama Beach to Moalboal Town*(Php 150.00/3) subject to haggling

Php 107.00/pax – fare for the ordinary bus from Moalboal to Cebu

A total of Php 954.00 per pax

*food, souvenirs, tour guide tips and miscellaneous fees are not included


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    1. Hi, Cbholganza. 🙂 Well, if you like to chase waterfalls, visit the waterfalls of Southern Cebu. Or you may view Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, swim with the whalesharks in Oslob and sardines in Moalboal or even try canyoneering in Alegriá/Badian (still in South). I think you can tour around south in 1 to 2 days; it all depends on the time you spend in every tourist spot. 🙂


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