Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage


        OCEAN – one of the most beautiful and fascinating wonders of nature. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water which provides foods to millions of not just people but other animals as well. It provides satisfaction and pleasure for almost all beings here on earth. Captivating coral reefs and underwater rock formations appear as if engineered by extra-terrestrial beings. Diverse marine species with their vibrant physique create a dazzling effect in the waterworld. But behind the sea’s beauty and wonder, lies another world with billions of creatures interacting in ways we cannot comprehend.  Deep within the vast blue open space, there remains a mystery. There dwells some sort of danger. The sea has been a keeper of some events in our history. Sunken ships, crashed planes into the waters and disasters that had occurred seem to be recorded in the ocean’s history.

        Now I’m going to share with you my scuba diving experience into the sunken outrigger boat  and plane wreck.

       But first, here’s the story of how this scuba diving engagement started.

       OPEN WATER COURSE DIVING INSTRUCTOR: Yes, that was the reason why I came here again to dive. I was invited by my brother, Rain, an aspiring diving instructor. He was with his friend, Alfred, another aspiring diving instructor. As I observed, scuba diving instructors had to take a practical test on how to deal and handle their guests. That was why I was invited because I would be one of their practicing guests. Lol. And I readily accepted the invitation. It would be truly awesome to dive and this would be a different experience for me.

So here are the two sites where they would undertake their practical exam.

Talima Dive Site : Exploring and Searching for Treasures in the Ruins of The Sunken Boat 

        Starting off from Mactan Port, we took a boat to Talima Dive Site.  I was in absolute bliss because we were embraced by fine and sunny weather and welcomed by gentle waves giving us a smooth sailing ride. Talima Dive Site is located in Olango Island.  We spent about 30-45 minutes riding towards Talima.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

        This is my brother, Rain, one of the two aspiring scuba diving instructors. As you can see he’s really serious and dedicated to what he’s doing. Is he going to make it? Read on and find out the result of his endeavor.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       The guy in red is Alfred, the other aspirant. This picture shows one of the many tasks they did. Aside from acquiring a lot of skills underwater they must know how to deal and handle their clients/guests. On this dive they were assigned to discuss and orient us about what to expect down there and to remind us of the proper etiquette, the dos and don’ts in scuba diving.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

It’s now time to DIVE.

          Down here, we were to expect to see the ruins of the sunken boat. I felt like I was a pirate exploring the underwater blues looking for treasures in the sunken boat.

       So upon descending, I saw this pile of wood. At first, I wondered what these pieces of wood were doing down here. Later, I realized they were ruins of the sunken boat. The original structure of the boat could not be seen anymore. The remnants were already inhabited by some algae and some coral reefs. These served as an artificial reef which benefited thousands of living organisms in the ocean.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       My companions and I continued to swim and explore the depths… until I saw the real treasures here in Talima.

       I saw some patches of corals and when there are coral reefs we are to see a lot of fishes. I was saddened at first  because I saw only a few fishes. But in a few seconds and to my great surprise, I saw a lot of fishes and many of them were big… as in big fishes… and other marine creatures. I was mesmerized by what I saw. It was an incredible sight!

        Just take a look at my picture below.

        This fish is huge. It’s the size of a basin.

       I am not a marine biologist, so don’t expect that I know the names of some creatures I met during diving. I didn’t know what this fish was but I called him Stalker Fish. 😛

        It is a stalker fish because it liked to stalk and follow humans. Haha! At first I was frightened because it might bite me but it was a harmless fella. Maybe it wanted to make bubbles that was why it followed and looked at us with its keen eyes. 😀

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

        These fishes are relatives of Dory, (Finding Nemo) a surgeon fish. (Nope, they are not doctors, they just have a scalpel-like thing in their tails, that’s why.) They look like drawings because of their black color and minimal features. During my elementary days, this was how I drew my fish. HAHA! I thought my drawings were unrealistic, but viola they were real! They are proven here!

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       What do you see? It’s a stone fish!  One of the reasons the underwater world is not just for fun, is because you have to heed the much needed precautionary measures. In this case, it’s is really advisable that when you go scuba diving never, ever touch any living creature or any non-living thing under the sea. Once you touch this stone fish, you might get poisoned by the venom in its body.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

        1…2…3… how many clown fish do you see?

        Here’s a family portrait of Nemo. They are so cute…right? You would like to squish them and fishnap them and put them in the aquarium….Oooops… please don’t!!!.. Let them live in this awesome sea world and not in captivity.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

         Oh, my Sweet Lips! They are actually called sweet lips because they do have adorable lips that you would want to give them a kiss ha-ha! I had no close-up photo with them because every time I went near them, they would swim away from me. I just couldn’t give them a smack, lol. Anyway these were the big fishes I saw in this diving feat.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       I was using an action camera but if only I had a high end underwater camera, for sure this pic would be clearer than crystal. The fishes are far in this pic but let me point out that these fishes are really huge!!!

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       These were the corals that I captured.

       Here in Talima, I noticed that the corals were not as plentiful as one might think. That was when I saw one I was truly delighted.

       Just like the pic below.

       Funny looking corals!  Tell me what do they resemble. Hahaha! Don’t ever think of green or dirty. Ha!Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

          I’m glad to know that the fishes here just survive without the aid of many corals. Good thing, Talima has sea grasses where some fishes can feed on and hide, too.


       This is one of my fave shots here in Talima. I captured this when the divers were near the corals.

        I find delight seeing beautiful corals. They look like sea decorations, making the underwater world full of color and life.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

Tambuli Dive Site : Exploring Around The Plane Wreckage

       Before the start of our second dive, it was essential to rest for a while. So, we ate our lunch, then sailed back to Mactan where Tambuli Dive site was located and again before the diving feat started the two aspirant-instructors did what they had to do before everyone enters into the liquid blues of Tambuli.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       Then the scuba diving started.

       Due to poor visibility, we took longer time in finding the plane wreck. We even thought we had followed the wrong direction. But thankfully as we kept on searching we finally found it.

       This is Sir Rod, pointing to the plane wreck.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

        Look how neat the plane is! It was a two-seater single-engine plane. It was actually put there to be an artificial reef and at the same to be a tourist attraction.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       Look at those divers so eager to go inside the plane wreck. Of course, I, too, can’t wait for my turn to explore, discover and feel what it’s like to be a pilot underwater. Haha!

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

      As you can see the plane has a large opening for the divers. Free divers can easily go inside the plane with ease and safety.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

       It was now time for me to go inside the plane wreck. At first I was  nervous because I feared getting a scratch from the rusty metal and have omg! … tetanus!!! so I carefully controlled my buoyancy and movement.

          Even if it was just a speck of a moment, I felt like I was a pilot already. haha!!! I felt awesome inside the plane with Ate Jai!

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

            After that we continued exploring outside of the plane wreck. Though there were more corals here, the fishes were fewer and smaller compared with those at Talima.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

           Here are odd looking soft corals. If you have a phobia of holes you better not look at this pic. 😀


         My brother, Rain, signaled me how much air I had left. After knowing I had less air, he signaled that I have to ascend. And my diving into the wreckage had taken its final bow.

        Finally, I was done with my wrecking dive. This is one of my memorable dives ever. Never would I have thought I could experience something cool like this. As the day came to its end too, the blazing colors of sunset made the day as beautiful as it was in the morning. 😀

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

        At this time, the aspirant-instructors were waiting for the outcome of their practice exam whether they passed or failed. I noted that they discussed something about physics of scuba diving. Basically, to be a scuba diving instructor is not easy. He must study the science and everything about scuba diving.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites

         There was also a question and answer portion. Listening to those people who asked questions was kind of nerve wracking. Good thing the two of them answered the questions well. The course directors were impressed and with that they passed.

      We ended the day with a mini celebration, a toast of wine. Cheers for everyone! I’m sorry for the blurry pic; it was due to my excitement, too.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites         So these are now the new open water course scuba diving instructors. If you want to experience scuba diving or get certified in diving, just contact these awesome people through their Facebook Pages.

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites
Congratulations Alfred and Kuya Rain 🙂

        Thanks for visiting.

        How about you , what is the most memorable trip you ever had? Share your thoughts below 🙂





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50 thoughts on “Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage

    1. HAHA, Yeah at first I got frightened a bit but later on my scary feeling just subsided as I continued exploring the boat and plane wreck. It was fun. Anyway, thanks Vicky for dropping by at my blog. 🙂

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  1. I love the fact you experience so much in life. This helps complete a person physically and mentally. Enjoy life to the maximum and smile always. Until I hear about your latest adventure I wish you well! 🙂

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  2. One thing what is good in scuba diving ..is that before doing it , a.person should have an orientation/a seminar about scuba diving and protection of the environment. Unlike in the mountain side especially at the wilderness side, it is easy to a person to go there even without a seminar/orienation about hiking, protection of the environment or LNT. Hahayz so sad.. now its a trending the word ” facebook mountaineers” ‘ I support ” STOP WILDERNESS PUBLICITY “

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    1. Hi, Naturally. The nice thing about Scuba Diving is it is regulated. So sad 😦 about those mountaineers. People ought to realize how fragile the earth is. If they like to travel, they must be fully aware of sustainable tourism. Anyway thanks for your comment and for dropping by. 🙂


  3. Loved the narration, and finding nemo, and sweet lips -the ocean is really deep and diverse and beautiful. I have done an undersea walk once. So I know this feeling. Amazing it is. Glad to have found this post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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  4. I love the way you write! You had me chuckling at several points! I also find it remarkable how ocean creatures can turn our shipwrecks and plane wrecks into perfect habitats. For all the damage we humans cause to the world, it’s nice to see that we can sometimes make things better too. Granted it’s unfortunate that people had to (likely) die to create those underwater habitats. Although there’s even significance in this: sometimes beauty can be born out of tragedy.

    Now that the caffeine-induced rambling is over, my most memorable trip has to be the week I spent in a remote fishing camp in Quebec, Canada. It was the first time I’d ever experienced true wilderness. By wilderness I mean there were no roads of any sort (not even dirt roads), it took an hours-long boat ride to get to our little island in the middle of a massive lake, and the area was full of animals I’d only ever read about. It was incredible.

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    1. Thanks Josh Gross for your inspiring comment. I agree with you, humans have caused damages to our planet; and we are also the one who can restore its beauty and abundance. I hope people will choose the better way for Planet Earth. 😀

      Anyway, I really envy your adventure. I have never experienced going into the wilderness an seeing wildlife in their natural habitat and not in captivity. How awesome it would have been! 😀

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  5. Right after reading your scuba diving experienced. It got me thinking of blending into the ocean and do scuba diving. I genuinely love reading your whole blog post, very informative and educational. And I didn’t know that there is a sunken ship somewhere in Mactan not until I read your blog.

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    1. Hi, Thelittlelai! If ever you’re interested to try scuba diving just contact me or those links I posted in my blog. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read. Thanks also for your nice comment. Have a great day. 🙂 😀


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