MT. NAUPA : (Updated 2019) Climbing the Almost Perfect Cone of Naga’s Highest Peak


  1. (Dayhike, Traverse to Brgy. Lanas) Mt. Naupa: Climbing the Almost Perfect Cone of Naga’s Highest Peak
  2. ( Afternoon hike, Backtrail) Chasing Sunset and Witnessing a Little Bit of “Sea of Clouds” in Mt. Naupa 
  3. Camping in Mt. Naupa (2018): Spending the Weekend with Food Adventure in  Naga’s Mountains




        Life lately. . .

       Climbing mountains. . .


        I wanted to live beyond norms and leave behind my mundane old self. I felt like I am becoming monotonous already, existing in melancholy and in my daydreams. I desired living in reality.  I need to challenge myself. I need pain to check that I am still alive. To live and not just exist.

         Never would I have thought I would be climbing mountains these days. I’m neither an avid traveller nor an outdoor enthusiast. I just wanted to see this part of the world, where you can embrace freedom, see the beauty around and marvel at God-given creation.

         I know people these days are into climbing mountains. I’m not doing what they’re doing just because it’s bandwagon. NO!!!  😛  This is all about curiosity. And this curiosity leads me not just on reaching the summit but on learning things in general.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

         This post narrates my mountain climbing venture in MT. NAUPA in Naga, Cebu.

         My friends and I met at the South Bus Terminal and we rode a mini – bus to Naga. My company was a mixture of good old friends, friends for the first time, newly acquired friends who wanted to make this climb a time to meet again, and friends who wanted a reunion to make the bonds of friendship stronger.

        Our drop off point was the South General Hospital in Naga. It took us an hour to arrive there. We  met-up Kuya Brian, a friend and an outdoor enthusiast residing in Naga who usually hikes to Naupa. It so happened that on that day he would hike, too and he would give us guidance in going to Naupa Peak. Awesome, right?

  • Tip No. 1 Plan to take your bus trip early to avoid heavy traffic, save time and have a chance to  maximize your trip.   
  • We rode a mini bus going to Naga.
  • The fare was Php 30.00.
  • You may disembark directly at Brgy. Tungkop where you can find habal-habal that will help you reach the chapel of Brgy. Cogon (starting point).
Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak
The South General Hospital of Naga

        After the meet-up, we rode habal-habal to Brgy. Cogon, the starting point of our hike. Our habal-habal ride was smooth at first for we passed along residential and industrial areas, but when we finally reached the place where fewer houses and establishments could be seen, the road was starting to get rough but still manageable.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak
Eyes on the road Mr. Habal-habal driver. 😀

        This was the place where we disembarked from the habal-habal. We paid a fare of Php 50.00 and there was no need to haggle since it was a standard rate already. The land mark for the starting point was this chapel.

  • Tip no 2. We saw kids here who offered themselves as guides. So, if you need a guide in hiking to Naupa, you can just ask these local kids.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

        As a standard operating procedure, a guide gives a brief orientation about the place, what to expect there and the dos and don’ts in climbing a mountain. Kuya  Brian emphasized the “leave no trace” policy and must follow the trail only.

  • Tip No. 3 Always bear in mind the LNT policy or the leave no trace policy.
  • Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Take nothing but pictures.
  • Kill nothing but time.

          So the trek began. And look at my excited face. I was so ready to take this mountain climbing challenge that I was second on the line. Oh, yeahhhh…

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

         Then, I discovered that I was not physically fit for climbing mountains, that I must train my body first especially the cardio part. 😥  As I continued my ascent, I was literally out of breath; my legs seemed to wobble, and it seemed I was going to faint. I was getting nauseous already. I even requested my company that I would be the last in line so that I wouldn’t be pressured in climbing up. Good thing, my brother joined this climb. To solve a bit of this problem, my brother and I exchanged bags for he used a light hike bag for mountaineers while I was carrying a big bag that obviously carried a lot of weight.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

  • Tip No. 4  If you plan to day hike, pack light as much as possible. It’s advisable to bring the essentials, like water, trail food, etc. Use sunblock, wear sunglasses or hat for protection against the sun’s hottest rays.

       Due to my difficulties, I caused delays to the group. Fortunately they understood me. I was really saying sorry every time for being the cause of the trouble. They didn’t mind my problem and just continued joking around making our hike fun and enjoyable.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

         We rested and regained our energy. Then, we continued to walk up and finally we got a glimpse of MT. NAUPA PEAK.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak
Looking at this pic, one would think that we were already near the peak. I couldn’t wait…

                I thought that we would go up directly but I found out that the trail was on the other side of Mt. NAUPA. We walked around and finally I could sense that we were already in high altitude for the verdant mountains and houses below were getting smaller as we continued to climb up. I really enjoyed viewing the scenery.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

  • Tip No. 5   There are times when the trail becomes narrow and beside it is a deep cliff. That’s why, you should always be careful. Focus on your walk to avoid unpleasant happenings.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

  • Tip No. 6   I thought the soil here is dry. Later I found out that there is a vegetation area where farmers plant crops. That’s also the reason why you should always follow the trail and never set foot or wander off on another area because you might step on and destroy the plants, thus hurting the farmers.

       As we continued our trek we saw these people fetching water from their water supply. Good thing, there’s a water source here even if the river is seemingly drying up.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       We were almost near Naupa Peak where we walked up along high slopes.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       Do you know that goats are respectful? If you put your hand on their forehead they will bless and respect you. Haha.. just kid-ding. 😀

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

      One of the fave pictures I got in this Mt. Naupa climb was this. I just love seeing those lush mountains with those fluffy clouds. Underneath the cerulean sky, lies the beauty of nature dominated by my favourite colors, green and blue. How I love this sight!

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       This way to the peak… Just one last ascent and finally Naupa Peak will be reached. This side of the mountain is full of plants with thorny branches and leaves that may injure you.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

  • Tip No. 7   That’s why you should wear proper clothing that can cover up your whole body when climbing or else you end up like me having a lot of scratches and wounds. I literally brought a souvenir and that souvenir was the injury from the thorny plants. Haha…

      So these are our pictures in the peak.

PicsArt_06-05-12.42.39 - Copy (1280x960)a

      We ate our lunch after the climb.

       The nice thing about having a group hike is the sharing of food among friends and telling funny stories making the climb more enjoyable and memorable. And the happenings during the climb are worth reminiscing.

  • Tip No. 6  After snacks we made sure no trashes were left behind. Bring your trash. What you brought up, you must bring down, too. Let’s make this place eco-friendly. We are just nature’s stewards. We do not own this planet. That is just a little favour from Mother Earth. Never ever throw your trash anywhere.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

      We decided to traverse to Brgy. Lanas so that we could see a different scenery. And true enough, the scenery here was just awesome.. .In fact, I love the mountain view here than the sights in going to Naupa.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       The mountain in the middle of that couple is Mt. Naupa. Look, how almost perfectly-shaped the cone of the mountain is! The mountain is estimated to be 550 masl. As a neophyte in climbing mountains, I find this mountain already high. I couldn’t believe I have reached that far, that I was able to reach the summit after all the delays, the hardship, the disappointments. I never thought climbing would be so fulfilling and worthwhile after surmounting the challenges. Maybe this is the reason why people get hooked to mountain climbing. Though it’s hard but once you reach the peak, it’s just gratifyingly awesome.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       It’s time to leave Mt. Naupa for home. This time we took this dirty uncemented road to descend to Naga Proper. I could imagine, if there was a car passing through this road, for sure, it would be dusty. Haha! Anyway what I liked in this place were these Maria Cacao flowers. The Maria Cacao plants were planted beside the road and the flowers seemed to be designed to look like cherry blossoms. It was such a lovely sight!

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       Finally we caught sight of a store and it meant that there was WATER!!! We bought refreshments to wet our dry throats and to quench our thirst. Meanwhile they had this iced tea flavoured ice candy. It was my first time to eat this kind of ice candy. It tasted like iced tea, too. Haha!

PicsArt_06-05-01.37.53 - Copy (1280x960)a

       As we headed down the highway, we saw these trees with big roots that were very visible which showed that the soil had been eroded. Just look how big the roots are.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

       Finally we reached the highway. We rode a jeep to Naga Proper. We went to Naga Municipal Hall and Park for sightseeing. From Brgy. Lanas to Naga the fare was Php 14.00.

       Just look at their municipal hall, its fine architecture. It’s simple yet beautiful.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak

        After sightseeing, we rode a jeep in going to Cebu City. However, we wanted to eat food again. Haha! We stopped over at Dikong’s Halu-halu where the halu-halu was simply superb.

Climbing Mt. Naupa, Naga's Highest Peak








This is the end of my Naupa Hiking Adventure. My mountain climbing will not stop here. I crave for more

Estimated expenses for climbing Mt. Naupa in Naga of Cebu.

Php 30.00 – mini-bus fare bound to Naga

Php 50.00 – Habal-habal fare  going to Brgy.  Cogon

Php 30.00 – mini-bus bound to Cebu

A total of 110.00

*traverse to Brgy. Lanas
*food, souvenirs,  and miscellaneous fees are not included




Last December 2016, I incurred a leg injury. It was because I played volleyball without doing any stretching exercise and without drinking water before the game. I had muscle cramps which resulted to sprain due to complications. Until now, February 2017, I can still feel the contraction and the hardness of my calf muscle in my left leg area. I still have difficulty in walking. 🙁 *heave a sigh.

MT. Naupa

Because of this, I stopped going on hikes and doing physical exercises for a month and gained weight again, haha!  😂 It’s baaad! I’m stuck and stagnant and this must not go on for so long. So I decided to hike again, though I had doubts, like, what if I will suffer more pain after the hike or what if I can’t exert the effort to take the steepy and rugged trail.

Mt. Naupa

We started to ascend at almost 4 PM and when we reached the summit it was the perfect time to witness the setting sun. I personally enjoyed watching the beautiful sun as it laid down to hug the horizon, embraced by the breezy cold wind amidst the laughter of my reunited and new found friends. Fortunately I didn’t meet any mishap while trudging along the way. At least I know I can hike again. It was really an unforgettable climb.

Mt. Naupa

Actually, this is my fourth time to climb Naupa, and every climb has a different story to tell. This is my first time to witness a sunset in Mt. Naupa and a little bit of “sea of clouds”. 

MT. Naupa
That cone- shaped mountain is Naupa. Right now we’re standing in Mt. Luisa. We didn’t go to the peak of Naupa because we might missed to watch the sunset. So we just stayed put and enjoyed the view of the sunset while having a glimpse of those cotton-like clouds. (Ako nalang gidrawing kunohay nakasaka mi. AHAHAH) 

Despite my hesitations to come back because of my leg pain, I still did it. I climbed Mount Naupa again succesfully without any bad happening. It was really good to be back. I felt that my senses came alive again. Thanks universe for this ever great chance.

MT. Naupa



Estimated expenses for climbing Mt. Naupa in Naga of Cebu

Php 30.00 – mini-bus fare bound to Naga

Php 50.00 – Habal-habal fare  going to Brgy.  Cogon

Php 50.00 – Habal-habal fare  from Brgy.  Cogon to Highway

Php 12.00 – jeepney fare from Naga to Cebu

A total of 142.00

*backtrail to Brgy. Cogon
*food, souvenirs,  and miscellaneous fees are not included




Mt. Naupa is special to me because this is the mountain that gave me the idea to love to hike, to love mountains and to love nature in general. This was the very first mountain that I hiked and after that I hiked this mountain again several times.

Love the verdant scene here in Mt. Naupa.

I keep coming back to this place not only because this mountain is dear to me but also because every hike that I experience here has a unique story that is worth keeping in my wanderlust treasure chest and I guess it’s also worth sharing. So here it goes.

Happy me. Glad to be back in my happy place. ♥ Photo credits to Jabam Mason

Who told you that going through a lot of hiking adventures makes you thin and fit? In fact, it could make you gain pounds. Why? When you have friends who are good cooks, naaaaaaah obviously you will enjoy consuming their delish food. Here’s a good example why it is that so.

Mga salarin sa masasarap na pagkain. L – James ( ) R – Bacon ( )

We arrived at the campsite almost 6 pm. After pitching our tent, we prepared and cooked our food for dinner.

And what was for dinner? Chicken pastil, care of Junji… This was my first time to try this dish. Junji got this food idea when he travelled in Mindanao because this was commonly eaten by Muslim folks there. Rice topped with chicken pastil is wrapped in banana leaf. The sauce used for this is somewhat kind of vinegar.

Another food for dinner was boiled eggs, pork crackers (almost like chicharon), and boiled rice.

The one with spoon is the chicken pastil. nom nom!

I was so full with our dinner and thankful to Junji for making this chicken pastil dish. I have tasted a bit of Mindanao culture.

Later, before midnight we surprised a friend on his birthday. First, we prepared cupcakes, toasted bread topped with strawberry jam and butter and hot choco with mallows.

Then, we ate this snack while sharing stories. We enjoyed munching our prepared delights, feeling the cold breeze under the cloudy night sky. What a treat!

Busogaaa na nako bitaw! UGH!

We slept with full stomach. Ghaaad. It was so fun!

Morning in Mt.Naupa. Awra agad!!!! hahaha

Morning came. Rain started to fall. It was drizzling outside. But breakfast must not be missed. So we cooked our food while holding an umbrella. My friends who were assigned to cook for breakfast looked so uneasy but for the sake of breakfast, they endured the discomfort, lol!!! Hahah, they prepared, scrambled eggs, hotdog, corned beef and rice.

And again, I was so full that after breakfast we went inside the tent and slept again. This is already a sign that I’m becoming a pig. Haha!!!

Our campsite. ♥

Anyway, that was how my camping in Naupa went. So before I end this blog, I would like to affirm with this quote with my little modification. “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. And it would be great that those people you travel with are excellent cooks. For sure your adventure would be truly unforgettable.” Hehe, just kidding, but it’s true.

Thanks for the company guys. ♥

And before we leave Mt. Naupa, we made sure no trashes  were left behind.







Estimated expenses for camping in Mt. Naupa in Naga of Cebu

Php 15.00 – jeepney farefrom Punta, Labangon to Rikyu, Naga

Php 50.00 – Habal-habal fare  going to Brgy.  Cogon

Php 150.00 – Food budget

Php 50.00 – Habal-habal fare  from Brgy.  Cogon to Highway

Php 15.00 – jeepney fare from Naga to Punta, Labangon

A total of 280.00

*backtrail to Brgy. Cogon
*souvenirs,  and miscellaneous fees are not included




Photo credits to Aubrey Joaquin. This is in Minglanilla Terminal

There is already an entrance fee of Php 20.00 being collected at the foot of the campsite of Mt. Naupa.




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     Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in MT. NAUPA. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

        How about you? What’s your experience during your first climb? Let me know your thoughts and feelings about it..Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS!

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hello Chasing potatoes, do you know someone who is a local tour guide in Mt.Naupa that can guide us to the mountain?except the young kids


  2. Hi, this was a very informative read. Mura pud ko tahay nakakuyog ninyo sa Naupa. I fancy how you wonder about the “little” things found along the way, the Maria Cacao flowers, the roots of a tree, the bushy near-peak… and oh, did anybody tell you, Naga mountains are known to be enchanted, what with its underground reservoir of water that it is trying to hold, which kuno mga elementals they live in areas where there is abundant water. Hala noh! Curiousity is indeed a joy. Stay curious and wander some more.😉


  3. Hi sir! I came upon your blog and it just gave me an awesome read. We’re now inspired to take the trail but we’d like to know first how steep the hills are and how long it took you to finish the climb. Best of luck on your next adventures by the way and thanks for sharing your great experience!


    1. Hi Lara, thank you so much for dropping by. Mt. Naupa is one of the easiest mountains to climb in Cebu. It’s just a 1- hour climb, more or less. It’s not that steep, anyway. Happy travels and always LNT.


  4. mheeeee (greetings to that respectful goat 😀 )

    Wonderful post!! Aba at kakaiba ang ice candy dyan, masarap ba? Punta ka na Kalinga, wala akong nakitang kambing dun, madami dun mga piglet (pakalat kalat lang parang mga askal) ang cute nila, nakipag habulan ako sa kanila hahaha 😀

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  5. It requires a lot of courage to climb because it will never be easy as you have to consider a lot of things before pursuing to climb. What you guys have done is truly amazing. What I learned after reading your blog post is the bravery to continue the journey whatever difficulties along the way. You’re really an inspiration Gly, who would have thought a beautiful lady like you can make it. It must be something you can be really proud of.

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