Hello, it’s me, the one who chases potatoes, CHASING POTATOES, haha! I guess I have to reintroduce myself because I was gone for more than six months. I mean I’ve been out of this blogosphere world because of so many tragic happenings around the globe since the beginning of the year 2020. Added to this sad turn of events was my being hospitalized for an operation in the first month of this year, which I will tackle soon on the blog (maybe or maybe not, haha). This pandemic that has disturbed the whole world has paralyzed my creativity, putting contents into a halt. Fear and anxiety dominate my being; thoughts and ideas float in the empty spaces in my mind. But I’m still thankful to God for sparing my loved ones and me from this horrible virus. Please COVID-19, be gone. (sigh!)
With that, I considered the idea of ending my b/vlogs. But the more I thought of ending it (due to not-so-good writing skills) the more I yearned to be back. (Confusing, right?)
Few people who passed by Chasing Potatoes messaged me about how great my adventures and how adorable my photos and videos were. One of them even made my photo a wallpaper on his computer. These simple gestures uplifted my spirit. But still there’s something in me that hinders me from doing what I desire to do. Ugh! I just don’t know. I even read articles on how to overcome creative block or writer’s block, although I’m no writer and I’m not even that creative, haha! I don’t really know what kind of block I’m experiencing, maybe living block (tired of living, eh?). Just kidding… I even bookmarked the articles so that I could reread them. I watched inspirational YouTube videos to get back on track, to be motivated to do something, but nothing paid off. I was still in the abyss of living a deep monotonous life — just existing, nothing spectacular, simply ordinary.
Then it happened! It was like a speck of magic dust that distracted my humdrum existence — a wanted distraction.
My sister recently opened a small lechon business in Bantayan Island and she sought my help in promoting it. I couldn’t go to Bantayan Island because of this pandemic, so my only contribution was to make posters to put on her social media as a way of promoting her business. With this, the little creativity in me was awakened. My sister was a catalyst that activated my thoughts, my ideas to make me go back to this platform. She shook off the monotony in my being and ignited my spirit to do something novel out of the ordinary.
So much with my drama,haha, here’s the reason why I made this blog and vlog. This is how I redesign/make my sister’s poster using CANVA APP. If you learn something from my b/vlog please do like and subscribe my YouTube channel. Thank you.


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When I started making posters, my brain experienced some kind of relief by entering a contemplative state. It took away my attention from myself and those things that gave me stress and anxiety. It made me focus on that particular project and eventually made me forget the negativities in me. When engaging in artistic activities, my negativities are displaced and the positivities come in.
In the video, I showed a simple DIY graphic design. I’m not a pro, but my ate was extremely happy with the result; so I was happy and satisfied as well. This sort of accomplishment seemed to boost my confidence and inspired me to do things heartily and well, not just in art but in life in general. And that is all that matters.
Well, when this pandemic will be over, try to visit Bantayan Island and if you crave for lechon, just let me know, haha! Before I end this blog, I leave here some lechon to make you drool. Haha…


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potatoes adventure.



Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlog.❤️

Stay safe and take care.




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Chasing Potatoes

Why Chasing Potatoes? I’m Chasing Potatoes. I chase time and opportunities because just like round potatoes they roll and get lost. I chase them to store memories to last a lifetime. I make haste, running after them, fearful that they might be gone. That’s why I go places on land or in water.My story tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.


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