MANTAYUPAN FALLS: The Falls that Once Didn’t Fall

MANTAYUPAN FALLS: The Falls that Once Didn’t Fall


          For almost a month, my life was blank. I felt sorry for myself because I wasted a lot of days instead of exploring new possibilities. There is emptiness and my thoughts are stuck. Anyway , life goes on… So at this very moment, I have decided to post throwbacks. I had no blog before I went to Mantayupan. It’s a waste if my experiences there won’t be put into words. So, here it goes… Continue reading “MANTAYUPAN FALLS: The Falls that Once Didn’t Fall”


BALAMBAN : Living it Up (Part 2)

BALAMBAN : Living it Up (Part 2)


          Due to the intense heat we have experienced, my friends and I hit off the road and went to Balamban to escape part of the reality of the city. The first day of our adventure was mostly fun, laughter and leisure as stated in “BALAMBAN : Living it Up” (Part 1) in my blog. This is now part 2 of my memorabilia in Balamban and have to jot down my experiences as best as I could so I could reminisce them as clearly as possible in my golden years. Continue reading “BALAMBAN : Living it Up (Part 2)”

BALAMBAN : Living it Up! (Part 1)

BALAMBAN : Living it Up! (Part 1)

         The scorching heat of the sun right now makes one think the Earth is aging. And so am I. I’ve got to do something with my life before I get too old. This may sound crazy, but seriously speaking, the heat drives me crazy. So, Continue reading “BALAMBAN : Living it Up! (Part 1)”

The Shots and Scenes in OSLOB

The Shots and Scenes in OSLOB


          I fondly remember that during my high school days, my mother told me to keep a diary/journal and to write entries every day. Then she would give me money for my efforts. She did this so that I would be motivated to write. It was fun for I often had this entry: “My day was happy and that’s all.” Mother never complained. She just read my diary and gave me money at the end of the month. Then I graduated from high school and went to college. I stopped writing my journal because I was busy with my studies. Continue reading “The Shots and Scenes in OSLOB”

La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne


          This is my first ever blog. All my bookmarks in my browser were all blogs from travel to adventure to fashion to food. There is a saying that if you can’t beat them, join them, so why not make it.I decided to make blogs about everything under the sun that I experienced. Thank you, WORDPRESS, for this opportunity to make blogs. I’m so grateful that at last my experiences can be now be put into words.

Continue reading “La Vie Parisienne”