Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Second Stop : Visiting Cambais Falls, One of the Best Natural Treasures of Alegria


         During my college days, I  knew of only  one waterfalls here in Cebu and that was Kawasan Falls. (Oh, what a shame! Lol!) Now that I have started to wonder the wanders, have begun to go out of my monotonous and comfort zone, and embarked on new journeys and musings , I learned that Cebu has been  blessed with a number of brimming waterfalls among many other natural treasures.Read More »


The Emerging Chrysalis

         Never in my life before did I ever dream of being a writer. Writing was not my cup of tea. It was one of the activities I loathed during my schooldays. I hated to work on essays, reaction papers, and the like. I totally despised all written projects but to accomplish them was a must or else my ratings would suffer.Read More »