Php 25.00 ($0.44) – A Twenty-Peso Paradise: A Quick Visit to My Fave Beach. Guess where?

The Weather Forecast announced that the day will have wavy and windy seas and that was the day I was scheduled to go back to reality, I mean Cebu City. Obviously, this anxious mind was expecting to sail back on rough seas. Fortunately, Harold’s friends also came to visit Bantayan Island, so this distraction kept my mind away from overthinking about the boat journey, haha! 😄 We’ve got to see these friends. It wasn’t right and proper for us to leave Bantayan for Cebu City without seeing them, so much so that it was their first time to set foot on the island. We wanted to tour them around but with the very limited time we just brought them to my favourite place in Santa Fe.


Of all the words to write on the wall, why did they [the people who vandalized] have the audacity to ruin these “ruins”? Why didn’t they just draw some artsy stuff instead of defaming words like BTS BIOT! Some people may think this is just a joke or not a big deal at all, so why make a fuss about it? But there might be some fans who would be angered by this, right? To all KPOP fans out there, please don’t get mad. Keep your cool and don’t cancel Bantayan Island, haha!

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