Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Fourth Stop: Swimming and Snorkeling in the Awesome Water Kingdom of Moalboal


          At last, I can finally express in writing my thoughts and experiences in the fourth and last stop of our Southern Invasion trip in the four towns of Cebu. This adventure took place in  my birthday month (October 2015). This may be the best birthday gift that I gave to myself because I got the chance to immerse in the hot and cold springs in Malabuyoc, chase a new waterfall, the Cambais Falls in Alegria, visit the magnificent Kawasan Falls in Badian, and now, swim and snorkel in the awesome water kigndom of Moalboal..Read More »


Experiencing Pure Bliss in Humble Moalboal ( Part 1)

Part 1 : SARDINES RUN in Moalboal 


          My favourite time of the day is when the sun will begin to emerge in the east showing its glowing glory, splashing its darling hues and gradually erasing the darkness which enveloped the earth several hours before. On one particular day in June and during my favourite time of the day I was in the city of Toledo. I was grateful for that beautiful sunrise. It made me feel good for it offered a promise of hope that the day will be fine. BUT…

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