Mt. Kandungaw ( Candongao Peak) UPDATE 2017: The Breathtakingly Spectacular Mountain Kingdom of Badian

Telling 15 Beautiful Things Along the Journey


Come on, come on, let’s leave… Let’s go to the place that is beyond the ordinary and let’s search for the unusual. Let’s seek adventures, let’s leave for awhile this mundane life. Chanting this melody and harmonizing  positive vibes,  we would rather be called hippie than boring. We know life is unexciting without a little risk. We are the people of the “outside”.

It’s getting late.
Come on.
Come on.
We’ve got to leave. We’ve got to leave….


So my friends and I decided to climb another mountain and this time we opted to have a theme for our climb. We called it a hippie climb where we will have hippie photo-shoots. Haha!  This blog will give you details about our journey to Kandungaw Peak. If you want to see more of my pictures about this trip, go to this link for more hippie photography.


STARTING POINT / My companions for this trip planned to meet up at South Bus Terminal at 3 am but due to some personal constraints we  were able to depart at  5 am. We rode a bus bound for Badian and arrived at the Badian town center at 8 am where we met up Ate Malaya, our guide for Mt. Kandungaw.


FOOD/ Ate Malaya chatted with us for a while, briefed us on what we will do and oriented us about what to undertake when climbing. Before we proceeded to our trekking feat, we looked for stores and bought some essentials stuffs like trail food and water and we also ate our breakfast in Badian Market to fuel up our energy for the adventure later.

GUIDE/  Ate Malaya had other guests for a canyoning activity where she would  be the guide, so her husband took over as our guide for Kandungaw . Ate Malaya and her husband have excellent relationship.  Both of them have adventurous spirits. Awesome couple, right?

Naminaw ka Das?

FUNNY STORY LATER / Without further ado, the guide negotiated with the habal-habal, but since there was a new ordinance about the habal-habal fare which we didn’t know beforehand, our fare for the Kandungaw trip resulted to lack of budget. Later on, I will share our funny experience.  But as for now, here’s the story of our climb.


THE BEAUTIFUL CLIMB/ This climb was one of the most beautiful climb adventures I ever had. As we moved forward,  breath-taking scenery met our eyes, beautiful images appeared.  I’m not going to elaborate nor make a detailed article about this but rather I will present all the beauty, the sights, the views that captivated me during our climb.


Here is my list why Kandungaw so far is one of the beautiful mountains to climb in Cebu.

  1. That Habal-Habal Ride Though

The habal habal ride will take approximately 20 minutes before the jump off area. So my friends and I jaunted on wheels for 20 minutes.  The view of the vicinity took my breath away despite the scorching heat of the sun. However, I missed getting good pictures of the view due to the difficulty of capturing photos on account of the fast movement of the habal-habal.  But I was really charmed with the sights I saw. Seeing rustic and rugged mountains of Badian thrilled me even more in climbing  the highlands of Badian.


  1. When the Climb Commences

We started at the basketball court in Sohoton Elementary School of Badian . We set foot on a  trail of earth soil and as we moved forward, the terrain became rocky yet manageable. When we were already in high altitude, we caught sight of  the panoramic placid view of the Tañon Strait. You can’t leave this place without saying WOW! The view gave us a calming effect after the exhaustive ascent.

  1. Starting to Enter the Wave of Mountains

As we ascended, we noticed  that the mountains of different shapes and sizes became visible. Witnessing the lush verdant view that surrounded us 360 degrees was just magical. It was so refreshing that somehow there was a healing power that the scenery channeled toward us which was hard to explain.  It truly feels great to be with nature all over again.

  1. Stopping By at the Water Source

This is the area where we took our lunch. To tell you frankly,  I am a neophyte in climbing mountains. That was why when I  saw this water source I had doubts to drink some water. But since I was intrigued and curious,  and I was out of water already and very much thirsty, I filled-up my water container and drank the water. Annnnnnnnd nothing happened to me after that.  Yey!!! Haha.


  1. Feels Being in the Jungle

What’s amazing in hiking in a natural environment is that one gets acquainted with the flora and fauna.  One will realize the importance of the interaction between animals and plants on earth. Whenever I see more of them, the more I value them and the more I discern to protect them. That’s why whenever I hike, I HIKE RESPONSIBLY.

I hope people have the same sentiments toward nature as I have. I hope that they will not only see the beauty in it but also render love and care to everyone of God’s creation and make it free from abuse and destruction.

  1. Passing Through the Luxuriant Green Surroundings

This is another sight to behold.  I snapped  a photo of my friends here.

l told them, “Hey, look at me, pose for a picture!” But I guess they didn’t hear me. They were stunned by what they saw—the beauty of the mountains. They were seizing the moment enjoying the sights as far as their eyes could see.


  1. Reaching Another Mountain Highlight

Playing over the meadows below the cerulean skies, almost reaching the firmament, mesmerizing the view of the mountain top, and seeing the breathtakingly spectacular world, I could not help but exclaim, “This is paradise!” Witnessing the mountains and water altogether was such a fantastic view. This would be my piece of heaven..

This  spot was  where we took shots for our hippie photography. Please check this site if you want to see more photos.


  1. Entering the Kingdom of Kandungaw

Finally after several hours of our trekking feat  we finally saw the realm of Badian Highlands. This is one of my much-loved pictures during the duration of our trek.  These mountains looked like walls of a kingdom, protecting the king’s empire from enemies trying to invade their peaceful place. In jest, I said  softly, “Hey,  King, we came in peace, we just wanted to visit and see your kingdom, Your Highness.”


  1. And …Chasing Clouds…

The higher the altitude the nearer the clouds. I love this picture because I see my friend  almost touching the sky. It’s my dream really to be like her seeing the  clouds so near that she could almost  touch and taste them. Haha!  I wanna fly and be with the clouds so fluffy and soft.


  1. The Lone Rose

This is not a rose but a cabbage that resembles a rose. I find this picture beautiful. I don’t know why. Maybe because it reflects me, that I am all alone now. But I know I am not lonely.  And some things are beautiful despite solitude. There is no need for a partner to feel complete. I’m good. Pak ganern! Hugot.


  1. Capturing the glimpse of Kandungaw

After several hours of jaunting up, we could now get a glimpse of Kandungaw.  Tell me what does it look like? For me, it looks like a lion. The king is the lion reigning, roaring and protecting the realm of Badian highlands.


  1. At the Kandungaw Peak

After being exhausted  in climbing up, finally  we reached the peak of Kandungaw. The view that Kandungaw offered  was so beautiful that I was out of words to describe it. Just by looking at it, I was enthralled and spell bounded  by its beauty. The mountains of Badian highlands are just breathtakingly spectacular. I truly marvel at God’ s creation.  Anyway here are our photos at Mt. Kandungaw Apex.

kandungaw1 KANDUNGAW kandungaw10 KANDUNGAW kandungaw8 kandungaw9

  1. Then it was Time for the Setting  Sun

When we started to descend, it was also the golden hour. It was the time when the sun gradually set in the horizon. The view of the sun slowly sinking, splashing colour of undying red and orange hues made our trek more beautiful and blissful. Thank you so much for showing off, Mr. Sun. I now believe that endings can be beautiful, too.



  1. Resting Under the Dying Ember of the Setting Sun

When we rested for a while with a foreground of a setting sun,  I made this piece of poetry for my friends.


One day we will go separate ways,
Choosing different paths…

But always remember the mountains where we met,
Made memories,

We cracked corny jokes,

And shared a lot of moments, worth remembering.

The mountains united us for a while;
Days from now the shared moments will become a memory…
A memory to reminisce,  moments to cherish.


Wanna climb Mt. Kandungaw, too, here is my list on how to get there and the must-do things

Tips and Tricks on Your Kandungaw Trek

  • Tip No. 1Ride a bus bound to  Badian at South Bus Terminal. Plan to take your bus trip early to avoid heavy traffic, save time and have a chance to maximize your trip.
  • Tip No. 2 – Book your climb to Freedom Adventurers. Contact ahead Ate Malaya at this number TM 0916-9676-753 or SUN 0922-635-1960.
  • Tip No. 3 – For your convenience, negotiate with the habal habal drivers if you want to be picked up after your climb since it’s difficult to get a ride from Sohoton Elem. School to Badian Town Center. 
  • Tip No. 4 – Always follow the trail, practice “leave no trace” policy. Respect Mother Nature, and never ever litter. What you brought up, you must bring down, too. Let’s make this place eco-friendly. We do not own this place. We are just nature’s stewards. Just give a little favour for Mother Earth: HIKE RESPONSIBLY.
  • Tip No. 5 In some parts of the trail, the terrain is rocky so wear proper footwear.
  • Tip No. 6 – Wear sunblock, hat or sunglasses for protection from the sun’s hottest rays.
  • Tip No. 7 – Pack light as much as possible. Bring only what is essential for the climb like water, food, trail snack, etc.
  • Tip No. 8 – At all times be vigilant of your surroundings especially at the peak. One side of the peak is a steep cliff. So be careful on how you pose for your pictures. I know some people these days like to be taken in the   Buwis Buhay pose.
  • Tip No. 9 – Bring extra cash for emergency purposes.

Possible Damage Cost 

P 117.00 – Bus Fare from South Bus Terminal to Badian 

P 75.00  – Habal habal fare (one way) to Sohoton Elementary School
P 100.00 – Guide Fee ( P 1,000.00/10 pax)
P 20.00 – Environmental fee 
P 150.00 – Habal-habal fare  including the additional fee for the drivers to wait 

P 117.00 – Bus Fare from Badian to South Bus Terminal

Total P 579.00

*food, souvenirs,  and miscellaneous fees are not included


This post is the long cut or the Badian route to go to Kandungaw Peak (if you want to venture longer trails to the summit of Kandungaw, which I prefer by the way because of the above reasons)  but there’s a shorter way going to the peak if you take the Mantalongon route(same route to Osmeña peak). You may or may not hire a guide since you’ll just follow the stairs leading to the peak.

        15. Here’s the Funny Story.

After the climb, we bought food and dined in Ate Malaya’s place. Later we found out that we were short of money, because of the habal habal fare which was more than what we expected. We thought we could only spend 100 pesos all the way. We were really out of budget. It was such an embarrassing moment for us. So what we did…we thickened our face, haha! We just credited our guide’s tip and promised to send money the next day. HAHA! It was the only solution we had.  But the good thing was Ate Malaya and her husband understood our situation. Thank you so much for understanding us, for trusting us. That is why we really recommend that you bring extra cash for unexpected but necessary expenses.

I include this as one of the beautiful things that we had encountered in our Kandungaw journey because there are still people who will understand and trust us no matter what happens.  Ate Malaya and her husband  are very good and hospitable people.

Smile pa rin kahit wala ng pera, lol 😀

Mt Kandungaw is one of my memorable climbing experiences ever….because all things are beautiful despite everything. So here’s our video of our climb in Mt. Kandungaw. Enjoy!


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in Mt. Kandungaw. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

How about you? What’s the most beautiful climb you ever had?  Please share your thoughts below.  Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.

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52 thoughts on “Mt. Kandungaw ( Candongao Peak) UPDATE 2017: The Breathtakingly Spectacular Mountain Kingdom of Badian

  1. Hi, found your blog very detailed and informative. Just have some questions though. How many hours did you spend walking from take off point up to the peak. We were planning to go there with my friends this 3rd week of February 2017. Thank you and may your blogs inspire more people to climb mountains.

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  2. I lime the way you presented the post. Na-inspire tuloy ako. It’s actually something close to what I was about to do and I’m hesitant na gawin. Now, I have all the reasons to do so.

    Love the (long) tidbits of the adventure.


  3. Kandungaw is one of my favorite peaks in Cebu and it’s just simply breathtaking. Breathtaking in the sense kung mahulog ka, wla njud kay breath hahaha joke lang. You guys had so much fun by the photos you showed in this blog. Kuyoga mi next time plissss. haha

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  4. I hope that you don’t mind that I nominated you for “Three Quotes In Three Days Challenge”…apparently, you thank the person who nominated you, post a quote three days in a row–and for each post, nominate 3 different people :)🙂 No pressure 🙂

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  5. Your problem is you’re too sedentary! 🙂 Always look forward to your wonderful adventures. I like the way you budget the information as well. I wish more people spent their hard earned money on EXPERIENCES rather than MATERIAL POSSESSIONS. Experiences last a lifetime and never become boring. Live life to the fullest. It looks like you’ve already learned this piece of wisdom.
    Stay healthy and happy!

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  6. It’s another way of writing and as incessantly, you never failed to admire me with your wanderlust soul. With your amazing travel stories, you’ll invariably make your followers excited to wait for your other post because we know, you’ll be sharing captivating stories that repleted with excitements and lessons as well. Keep traveling and writing Gly!



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