Four Myths About Rock Climbing and Why You Should Never Ever Believe Them

Four Myths About Rock Climbing and Why You Should Never Ever Believe Them 


         You may have experienced some mundane days. These are the times when you’re lethargic. You don’t want to get out of bed. Blatantly you are becoming unproductive.

       And then one day, you’re tired of being tired.

       You want to make your ordinary day an extraordinary one.  You crave for the feeling of being alive again. You yearn to go outdoors and seek for an adventure.

       Then you search on the things you want to do. You probably have seen on the net the pristine white beaches in the North. (Yes, going to the beach is probably a good idea.) You may have come across the lists of stunning waterfalls in Cebu. (Yes, perhaps, visiting it will be a perfect way to cool off the heat this summer.)   Or even go hiking, being on the top of the mountains in the southern part of the city… (It seems an awesome activity for me.) And then you stumble upon rock climbing…

      Yes, you want to try rock climbing but there are thoughts behind the back of your head to let go of that experience and just proceed to beaching. 

       What might be the reasons you’re not rock climbing right now? Maybe you are entertaining these myths and thinking they are true.

Myth No. 1 Rock climbing is for the physically fit only.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

        When Ate Sheila of invited me to go rock climbing, the thrills and excitement of experiencing it were uncontainable. Yes, I was eager to try. I even searched on the net the details of rock climbing. But when I saw pictures of people with tone and hard muscles in their body doing rock climbing, I eventually became hesitant to try. You see I am not a fit person; I don’t have a dose of exercise daily. If you see me, I am like a flab-fat woman. Ha-ha!

      Maybe not being fit would be a problem.

      But Ate Sheila told me to try. All I have to do was to do some stretching in preparation for rock climbing.

      And so I gave in to rock climbing…

       YES! Rock climbing deals with strength especially when you have to against the force of gravity in order to ascend the crag. Quite challenging, right? But here’s the secret on how to exert less effort in climbing. Just be creative and strategize your every move. You have to harmonize your mind and body. Once you learn this secret, it becomes easier for you to climb a crag. You’ll get addicted to rock climbing, for sure.

   Myth No. 2 Rock climbing is dangerous.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

      Before the start of rock climbing, you have to attend a short orientation on how to ascend and descend a crag properly, to understand the terms and jargons being spoken by the climbers and belayers and to know the different gears used in rock climbing. The guide gives emphasis on how durable and strong the gears are. The routes in the crag are properly equipped with hangers that are fastened with bolts which serve as protection for climbers. Safety is the number one priority in rock climbing.

       Once you climb, there will be a belayer, the person that attaches a secure rope for your safety. He guides and gives directions as you ascend the crag.  The belayer is the one who catches you if you fall. 

     Myth No. 3 Rock climbing is costly.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

      In rock climbing you just have to spend a minimal amount of money. And it’s not just for one climb. For that day, you have an unlimited time to do the number of climbs you want. You can even try different routes of the crag. 

      I tell you it’s really worth the cost and the effort. The worth is so much more once you reach the top. You realize the majestic beauty of nature once you embrace the crag and kiss the anchor ( the gear attached to the top). After all, rock climbing enables you to be one with nature which is the main purpose of going outdoors, right?

*Rate starts at P400.00 inclusive of all gears needed for the climb and the guide fee

     Myth No. 4 In rock climbing, there is the risk of falling.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

       “What if I fall?” That’s the usual question of first time climbers just like me? I tend to fear a lot. My hands were even sweating profusely before and during the climb. But that didn’t stop me to reach my goal. It’s normal to have a fear of falling. It’s human instinct.

        Even if you fall, the rope protects you from hitting the ground and there’s a belayer, too, who will catch you. What you will have to do is to focus on your goal, to trust yourself to reach the top.

      You will never know what you are truly capable of if you don’t face your fear. Don’t be ever afraid to fail. You must learn how to push forward and not give in to every failure. After all, failure is a companion of success.


     Poog Crag Rock Climbing

            Aside from refuting the misconceptions about rock climbing, I also posted that rock climbing is sort of addicting. Once you get hooked to rock climbing, the rocks or the crags will be your new gym, your new place of working out for your body. Defying gravity leads to burning calories resulting in losing weight. Rock climbing also improves your balance and flexibility. You will realize that you are capable of doing things that you think are impossible. If you don’t challenge yourself to do seemingly difficult undertakings, you will never realize what you can become.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

       The victorious feeling of finally reaching the anchor after several failures you made, after exerting efforts and after going through disappointments was like getting a trophy for achieving something you thought was impossible. This is a challenge for you, a challenge for you to become a more persevering and zealous person.

        What are you waiting for? Climb a crag now!!!


Poog Crag Rock Climbing

       Poog Crag in Toledo is the right spot for you. The white limestone crag has more than 30 bolts with easy and difficulty levels. During summer months, the wall surface area remains completely in the shade, where you can climb the whole day without any problem of heat. There’s a coconut grove in the area making your rock climbing pic-worthy in the tropical paradise.


Poog Crag Rock Climbing

  •         While waiting for your turn to climb, you can have a picnic or you may just lie on a mat and rest for a while.
  •        You can go caving. There are caves in the crag. You can explore around the crag.
  •        You may put up a tent if you plan to stay overnight.



      For guides or equipment to climb at  Poog Crag, contact local climber Enie Yonson at 0948-7124875. The guide fee costs P400 per head inclusive of equipment rental. There’s a P5 environmental fee in the crag.


(taken from Adrenaline Romance):

Option 1: Bus 

  • Take a Toledo-bound bus at the Cebu City South Bus Terminal. Ask the conductor to drop you off at the Upper Poog-Toledo Highway Crossing at the left side of the Uling-Toledo Highway. Non-aircon bus fare costs P40 per person.
  • Your landmark is a sari-sari store named Rosita’s Store.
  • Disembark from the bus, and take a habal-habal to Upper Poog. Habal-habal fare from Upper Poog-Toledo Highway Crossing to Upper Poog costs P10.
  • You can see the cliff as you approach a blind corner. Get off at the gray, concrete house by the road and walk five minutes to reach the crag.

Option 2: Van/”V-hire”

  • Take a v-hire from Citilink Terminal to Upper Poog-Toledo Highway Crossing. Fare is P100. Once you get to the Poog Crossing, follow the directions above.
  • Going back to Cebu City , if you’re lucky, you can hail a V-hire coming from Toledo at the crossing. But most likely, V-hires passing by the crossing are full. You need to ride a habal-habal that goes to Lutopan and ride a v-hire that goes to the Citilink Terminal. Fare is P70.


You should bring your own packed breakfast, lunch, snacks and water; or you may buy these from sari-sari stores and from vendors along the road near the climb.


Bus fare (non-aircon) to Toledo – P40.00

Habal-habal ride to Upper Poog – P10.00

Entrance/ Registration Fee – P5.00

Guide fee and rental of gears – P400

Habal-habal ride to Upper Poog – P10.00

Bus fare (non-aircon to Cebu City) – P40

A total of P 505.00


        I would like to convey my thanks to the couple behind, Sir Gian and Ate Sheila for this climb. Thank you for this chance of letting me engage in another challenging outdoor activity and letting me meet new friends, too.

Poog Crag Rock Climbing

L-R Neil, Marj , Kuya Enie, Ate Kara, Me, Jewel, Issa, Apple, Sir Gian and Ate Sheila.

How about you what’s the most challenging experience you ever had? Let me know about it. Thanks for visiting.