A Sweet Thrill : A Sugar Rush Adventure

“Tell me your nasuya (envious) without telling me your nasuya ” Those were the words that kept on repeating in my head as I was in this situation. haaaaaalp!!!!!😨

My sister and I were dining at Sbarro in SM Cebu, and as we finished eating, she noticed a family with two kids, and one kid holding a balloon. As she scrutinized the sight, she realized it was not a balloon but cotton candy with a design of a head of a cartoon character. She tapped me and pointed at what she saw. And I mumbled my amazement, “How cute and adorable! I MUST GET ONE.

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One of my 2021 resolutions is to reactivate my outdoor life. It’s a means to exercise physically as I can now sense the aging of my body and the slowing of my metabolism. The anxiety is getting out of hand and sleeping is difficult to achieve, HAHA! 🤣(Gor na this) Waking up early is likewise difficult brought about by late night sleep. That’s the reason why I failed miserably in fulfilling my resolutions, HAHA! 🤣 The consequence of my undisciplined persona is losing the chance to join events like hiking, camping, and all the outdoor activities I have been longing to re-experience. *heave a sigh!😔