Tricycles and Places

Pwede papicture? (Can you take a picture of me?) – My friend asked me as she hurriedly gave her phone to me and then she entered hastily in a rela (also known as motorela), a kind of tricycle here in Bantayan Island. I, then, eventually took a snap and when she went back to me to get her phone, I asked why, of all things in Bantayan, did she want to be photographed in this tricycle. She replied that this tricycle in Bantayan was different from the tricycles in other places because it looked like a mini jeepney.

I kept mum and thinking “Bitaw noh, the tricycle designs differ from place to place. PALAWAN, BATANES, PAGADIAN…these places have different tricycle designs.” And that hit me to get this notion to collect photos of tricycles and other interesting modes of transportation in different places in the Philippines. So far here is my collection of photos of trikes.

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