My 100 Days in Mobile Photography and Still Can’t Believe the Outcome of My Photos

My 100 Days in Mobile Photography and Still Can’t Believe the Outcome of My Photos


If you have been following me on my blog or other social media accounts, you may have noticed that my photos were mostly produced by DSLR or rather they were  images from my action camera. I have a smartphone, too,  but I was not enticed to  use it  for my travel photography because it was not able to produce photos that reached the level of my standard, the worthy to be uploaded-kind. But everything changed when I got my Huawei P9. Initially, I never believed smartphones could do what DSLR could,  but with the advent of technology and phone application nowadays, smartphones can  now produce good quality photos. Just like Huawei P9 which has a dual camera with superior lens partnered and co-engineered with Leica.  What could be better than this? Right?

Without going lengthily, I am presenting to you the mobile photos that I captured using Huawei P9. So far, these photos are my favourites during the phase of 100 days.

1. My Point and Shoot Photos

The advantage of having a mobile phone is it’s light and convenient to use. I can take my phone almost anywhere, snap everywhere and have the freedom to take many photos. I can directly shoot pictures with ease, capture life events in an instant and document almost everything in just a fingertip away.

Photo taken during Sambawan Island Tour
Photo flip for a dramatic perspective. Photo taken during canoeing in Jiabong River.
Enjoying the beach in Mactan, Cebu

2. My Food Photography

What I love about P9 is that the photos captured are crisp and sharp. The colours are vibrant and vivid, and the textures of the subjects are clearly photographed. The photos are absolutely accurate straight out of the camera which make my food pictures look delicious. Yum yum!

Huawei P9
Smoking hot BBQ
Huawei P9
Freshly picked veggies

3. My Sunset Snaps

What’s nice in smartphone is that one can download free editing softwares, applications for special effects  and filters. I use Picsart and Snapseed app. I don’t over edit my photos, I just enhance them a  bit and do some basic  touches to dramatically improve  their mood, tone and visual impact.

Huawei P9
Lovely sunset hues in Catbalogan City
Huawei P9
Bantayan Island kind of sunset

4. My Waterfalls Kind of Pictures

One of my favourite subjects for nature photography  is waterfalls. It is  one of the most beautiful natural features to  be snapped on. It has been my dream to have a silky water effect of my photos of waterfalls. With P9 I can compose, capture and achieve this silky water effect. With the help of tripod for stability and  right setting of P9, I can capture my dream picture. Additionally,  P9 can enhance the blurs of the moving element leaving an authentic beauty of the scenery. With that I have  dynamic and dramatic shots of my waterfalls.

Huawei P9
Relaxing at the raft in Kawasan Falls of Badian, Cebu
Huawei P9
Enjoying the cold water of Lusno Falls in Argao/Ronda,Cebu
Huawei P9
One of my fave waterfalls photo in Lulugayan Falls, Calbiga, Samar
Huawei P9
During canyoning in Biliran where one will rappel down Ulan-Ulan Falls
Huawei P9
During our tour in Siquijor Photo Location : Cambugahay Falls
Huawei P9
Kawasan Falls in Badian is one of the beautiful falls in Cebu

5. My Low Light Photography Images

When I was caving in Samar, I was a little bit frustrated and challenged on how I would take pictures with very low lighting condition. So I experimented until I got the right setting.  I figured out how I would play and manage my shots. Low light photography is fun. The photos have different feel compared to pictures in daylight. Low light photography for me results in amazing pictures which can create haunting moods and ethereal imagery. That’s why I’m hooked to this kind of photography.


Huawei P9
Giant chandelier in Langun Gobingob Cave, Samar
Huawei P9
Supermoon is nowhere in sight Photo location : Good Shepherd, Banawa, Cebu
Huawei P9
Underground river in Langun Gobingob Cave in Samar
Huawei P9
Beautiful scenery in Good Shepherd, Cebu
Huawei P9
My first ever picture with stars in Langun Gobingob cave

Underground swimming pool of Lobo Cave, Jiabong Samar

6. My Light Painting Photographs through Long Exposure

“A long exposure photo is a parallel universe where I can escape from the frenzy of modern life.”

  by Francesco Gola

I agree with the quote above. Ever since I got my P9, mostly my photos have been into long exposure because they can bring unexpected detail, dreamy dimensions and diverse kind of artworks. With that I can paint a new level of artwork. I get to play with lights. I can create a photo with stunning light effects, with a sense of motion and mystery that isn’t possible in a normal photograph. 

Huawei P9
Photo location : SRP, Cebu City
Huawei P9
Light graffiti
Huawei P9
Painting with light

7. My Monochrome Shots

P9 has dual lens one for RGB and the other one is for monochrome. Of course with this phone I never miss the chance to try BNW shots. This pushes my creativity on how I capture my subject plainly in monochrome hues. I love these colours because somehow they employ a different aura and emotion behind BNW pictures compared to the coloured ones. They bring out timeless beauty, as  throwback to a photographic past. 


Huawei P9
GUANO : A mountain of bat shit. Photo location : Langun Gobingob Cave
Huawei P9
During hiking in Sirao, Cebu City

Photography involves technique, composition and creativity. With the right angle, lighting and concept one can achieve a great photo. It’s just a matter of perspective toward a subject and how you play the elements in and out of the frame. The photos above are just few samples of my photographs using Huawie P9 for my mobile photography. Without bias, I conclude that Huawei P9 is the next big thing for  Travel/Mobile Photography where you can be assured of superb and stunning shots. 

I shared in my Instagram account 100 photos in 100 days;  so if you want to see more of my photos, head on to my  instagram account. Hope you will enjoy watching my photos.


What can you say about my photos? Please feel free to comment on them and to give suggestions on how to improve them. Are you into mobile photography, too? If so what are your experiences?  Let me know your thoughts. Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.


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94 thoughts on “My 100 Days in Mobile Photography and Still Can’t Believe the Outcome of My Photos

  1. I know this reply is happening much later compared to your posting time but I am so impressed! Your photographs are gorgeous and not only am I inspired in terms of photography, compositions, etc but I have recently been contemplating the Huawei P9 however had my doubts for the camera as currently I have a samsung galaxy but these images have thrown all my doubts out the window


  2. Very nice and amazing shots! Thanks for sharing at least I have the idea of it’s picture quality and capabilities.

    This phone is actually on my list right now. Just waiting for the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom to come out so I can compare.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Amazing photos and I almost could not believe that it was captured from a smart phone sound convincing though…. if you were to compare it with the shots from an iphones SE or 6s plus which do you think has a better performance?am i not going to regret? Your answer will help me decide what phone to buy…ty

    Liked by 2 people

  4. All I can say is that your photos are so stunning…striking…so beautiful…and, as if that weren’t enough, your giftedness includes a zest for adventure that I can only achieve vicariously…but, thank you for that…a home-body, I so appreciate being introduced to places and visions that would have escaped me otherwise…and, I must make special mention of your waterfall and sunset photos…they are so incredible they seem otherworldly, in the best sense…thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Wow, nasuya na nua ko and na curious sa P9. Didn’t actually know how amazing it works not until I saw these shots especially kanang BBQ sa food photog nimo Ate, kusog kaayo maka blur and huhu ganahan kayko 🙂 maka compete ug dslr. Amazing shots ate.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Just WOW! I’ve incessantly been a big fan of you since when you were using your DSLR. Now that you have switched to use this amazing phone, you have caught me again. Truly, I’ve been in real awe with how this phone plays in photography. I wish I can afford to purchase this phone, which was my original plan, but I couldn’t afford so I settle on Huawei P9Lite which is fine and I as well love how it works in photography.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Waaaah kanindot sa imong photos! Ang Huawei P9 rapud nakapaswitch nako to Android and wala gyud ko nagmahay. Wa palang kaayo nako ma explore ang features. Makainspire kaayo imo photos for to capture better ones! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Lovely shots. Nowadays our phones has evolved a lot since the last few years. I myself rely on my phone nowadays. Though I still bring back-up point and shoot camera. I still have my DSLR but I don’t use that often.

    Liked by 3 people

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