Waterfalls Exploration in Southern Cebu for Less than 500 Pesos (SECOND STOP)

   Second Stop: Aguinid Falls, Samboan, Cebu


          After a fun-filled acquaintance with INAMBAKAN FALLS, the next episode for our waterfall scenery is the AGUINID FALLS.

          It was about 10:30am and fortunately the drivers of “habal-habal” that brought us to Inambakan Falls agreed to drive us to SAMBOAN for the AGUINID FALLS. We settled for the fare of Php 40.00 each. I was really happy because our transportation cost was lower than expected. Indeed, negotiation skill is one of the essentials for strategic bargaining.

          The 20-30-minute motorcycle ride in the highway going to Samboan was a comfortable ride with the cool wind playfully blowing my hair and neutralizing the scorching heat of the sun. Viewing the numerous trees on the left side and the sea with its horizon full of clouds on the right side made me inhale the purity of the air and admire the tranquility of the place. 🙂

          At last we arrived at AGUINID FALLS…

           So much calories had been burned, so we decided to fuel up since there were some eateries in the area. Ahh food!!! One must have a full tank of energy because it’s going to be wetter and wilder in this AGUINID FALLS venture … So let’s go!!!

          There was a ten-peso entrance fee. And it was on your own discretion if you would like to rent a cottage (Php 250.00) and to have a tour guide for safety purposes (any amount will do).

6 Fools in 2 Falls
Six Fools in Two Falls

           In contrast to man-made scenery in urban centers, Aguinid Falls has retained its mystical beauty surrounded by the essential elements of nature. The uniqueness of Aguinid Falls lies in its accent of five levels (starting from level zero to level five) which amuses many tourists. Even though these five known levels are considered small compared to other waterfalls, each level has a unique structure that makes it distinctly beautiful.You will surely appreciate your trek towards the top as you climb upward the inclining limestone walls, an endeavor which requires extra effort. As you climb you will be greeted by the coolness of the flowing water. For sure you will get soaked by the flowing waters of the falls, so just be extra careful in surmounting this challenge because one wrong step might get you injured making this experience an unforgettable one. For me, this challenge is a value to keep in my wanderlust venture.

Level 0 of Aguinid Falls
Level 0 of Aguinid Falls
Level 1 of Aguinid Falls
Level 1 of Aguinid Falls
Level 2 of Aguinid Falls
Level 2 of Aguinid Falls
Level 3 of Aguinid Falls and My FAVe
My favorite Level 3 of Aguinid Falls.
Level 4 of Aguinid Falls
Level 4 of Aguinid Falls
Level 5 of aguinid Falls
At LASSSST! We reached Level 5 of Aguinid Falls

          A waterproof camera is a desirable gear for taking photos in this venture. In its absence, just be extra careful and extra mindful so that your non-waterproof gadgets will not get wet.

          Going back to Cebu City was not a problem as there were lots of buses that passed along the road. We took an air-conditioned bus and paid the fare of 185 pesos each

Estimated Expenses Visiting the Grand Waterfalls of South Cebu

162.00 Php/pax – (Non Air-conditioned Bus) Bus fare from Cebu City (Cebu South Bus Terminal) to Ginatilan Town Proper 

60.00 Php/pax  – Habal-habal fare from  Ginatilan Town Proper to Inambakan Falls  

10.00 Php/pax – Entance Fee to Inambakan Falls 

40.00 Php/paxHabal-habal fare from Inambakan Falls to Aguinid Falls (Samboan, Cebu)

10.00 Php/pax  Entance Fee to Aguinid Falls

185.00 Php/pax – (Air-conditioned Bus) Bus fare from Samboan to Cebu City (Cebu South Bus Terminal)

A total of 467.00 Php/pax

*food, souvenirs and miscellaneous fees are not included 

I’m done with this chapter and I will end this with a quote from Stacy Charter.

“Life is filled with so many exciting twists and turns.Hop off the straight and narrow whenever you can and take the winding paths.Experience the exhilaration of the view from the edge.Because the moments spent there, that take your breath away, are what make you feel truly alive.”


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