Why does PANCIT CANTON taste yummier when cooked by someone else outside the home than prepared at home?🤔

It was Friday night, having rendered “offertime” in the office at 11:30 P.M. several minutes away for the weekend of the Sinulog Festival, I was out with friends and had the chance to sightsee some parts of the festivities of the Sinulog in Cebu. We went to Fuente to see some of the “ganaps” (happenings) there.

Finally, I was able to go beyond my mundane office life and experience snippets of festal vibes.

Fuente had become a different world with its colorful decorations and loud music. People flocked to this place and did things to enjoy themselves, even though the weather was not that much cooperative. Some danced, sang, ate, drank and took pictures for memorabilia and others just wandered around to view the wonders all over the place.

It was a marvelous night filled with laughter and good music accompanied by the intermittent drizzle from the sky and the unmistakable smell of the muddy ground. Memories were made right there.

Then we began to crave for food for we now felt hungry. With so many options to choose which place to dine in, we had only one eatery in mind. It was not in Fuente, but rather in F. Ramos Street across Velez Hospital, just walking distance from Fuente. It stood in the middle of the alley with roof made of tarps. It didn’t appear like there was an eatery for there was no signage. You only know that you were there when you see this man (who must be Kuya Osting , Kuya Riel), wearing a loose white shirt so engrossed in his cooking of canned goods, pancit canton and other noodles.

He has been dubbed by local customers as “Cebu’s Fastest Street Food Chef “. I couldn’t disagree any further. I was amused at how focused he was on his cooking. Many people were taking videos of him, and he wasn’t even distracted. And most videos that featured this eatery got viral especially in Migrationology which got 14M views (and counting). How cool is thaaaaat! Here’s the link of that video

So just recently Kuya Riel was featured on KMJS (Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho). If you are curious about the life story of Kuya Riel you should probably watch this. This is where I found out that his name was Kuya Riel and not Kuya Osting. hehe 😅“Gosh, I’m so embarrassed.” 

If there were confused customers (like me as it was my first time to eat here) on how to order food, Kuya Osting Kuya Riel has staff who is ready to assist the customers.

This eatery is loved by Cebuanos even though the food offered is already familiar to their palate. And this kind of food could be bought in supermarkets and could be cooked at home instantly. But it is much tastier when cooked outside the home most especially when someone like Kuya Osting Kuya Riel will do the effort to cook it for you! The food in Kuya Osting’s Kusina accompanied by ice cold softdrink is super delicious and satisfying to the belly! I could still vividly remember my tasty experience while writing this blog.

In addition, Kusina ni Osting Eatery is situated in a sort of fast-paced kind of environment— in front of a school, hospital and other establishments. This may be the reason why Kuya Riel has to master the art of cooking fast as most people who dine here are in a hurry but they want newly-cooked food even though they’re just canned goods or instant noodles. Furthermore, the cost is swak sa budget (within the budget) “kaya OK kaayo dinhing dapita” To top it all: lami jud moluto si Kuya Osting Kuya Riel. 🤤


What I ordered that cost me exactly 100.00 PESOS or less than $ 2.00

  • Fried Beef Loaf with Egg
  • Extra Hot Pancit Canton
  • One Cup Rice
  • Softdrink

We waited a bit longer for our order to be served because the eatery was full of people even in the middle of the night, many of them were also waiting for their orders. But it was well worth the waiting, for the food was freshly served hot, hehe!😂

They are open everyday 6PM to 4AM.

They serve canned goods and pancit canton. All the canned goods come with egg 🍳 and rice 🍚.


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How about you? Have you tried eating in KUSINA NI OSTING? Tell me about your story. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in  KUSINA NI OSTING. I wonder what place will they be venturing next for these little mischiefs love to give delicate challenges and if you do love to accept the challenge, you may support here 👉   Let’s catch them all  for the next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlog. Stay safe and take care. 💋




P.S. I put a lot of effort in taking these photos and I placed hidden watermarks in all of them, so please don't download them freely without asking permission. If you want to feature my photos without watermark, just message me.

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