PINIPISAKAN FALLS in San Jorge, Samar:  Once in a Lifetime Extreme Adventures You Ever Get to Experience Here in the Philippines

PART ONE – Extreme Adventures in Samar: A Story About Conquering Fears



One of the fulfilling achievements I have garnered in my life is not just about achieving success in personal career, or realizing dreams and goals, or having a stable job, etc.,   but also learning how to conquer fears.

If you know me personally, you will realize that I’m not that fearless kind of being. In fact I am scared of a lot of things. I’m scared of the unknown, of not being in control, of almost everything. I think a lot. Over thinker as I am… But I have to let go all of these uncertainties or else I will be stuck up in the same ground, just living in the comfort zone, bland and boring, nothing exciting…

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Central Cave : A Spectacular Cave in Samar But Rarely Visited

Central Cave: A Spectacular Cave in Samar But Rarely Visited


If somebody would ask how many provinces in the Philippines I have traveled so far, my answer would be: I cannot exactly give an accurate count. You see I am not into counting provinces visited for I am that type of person who visits and revisits places. What if a particular place has so much to offer which could not be perceived in one visit or two… I think, once is not enough to visit one tourist spot. There are might be many stories to tell, adventures to experience, cultures to immerse in, food to eat and a lot of other interesting stuff to do. I like to maximize my time by exploring as much space as possible as far as my feet can take me.

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Quarter and One of Existence: My Unusual Kind of Celebrating My Birthday , Hint it Entails Fears, Dirts, and Darkness

Quarter and One of Existence: My Unusual Way of Celebrating My Birthday , Hint: It Entails Fears, Dirts, and Darkness


Birthdays are special days for most of us. Some of us may celebrate an additional year of existence by having a get-together party with loved ones; others may just treat or spoil themselves with sweet things of indulgences. I usually celebrate my birthday in a simple way with family and friends and sometimes I buy stuff as a memorabilia of gratitude for another year has been given to me to live my life again in this complex yet wonderful world.

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