Central Cave : A Spectacular Cave in Samar But Rarely Visited

Central Cave : A Spectacular Cave in Samar But Rarely Visited


Sometimes people would ask how many provinces in the Philippines I have travelled so far. My answer would be, “I have no idea.” You see, I am not into counting provinces that I visited because I’m that type of person who visit and revisit places to experience and re-experience the adventure of exploring the known and hidden spots, of immersing in the culture of the place and of seeking new adventures. Stepping foot on a place will not suffice for me. I maximize my time by exploring as much space as possible as far as my feet can take me.

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Quarter and One of Existence: My Unusual Kind of Celebrating My Birthday , Hint it Entails Fears, Dirts, and Darkness

Quarter and One of Existence: My Unusual Way of Celebrating My Birthday , Hint: It Entails Fears, Dirts, and Darkness


Birthdays are special days for most of us. Some of us may celebrate an additional year of existence by having a get-together party with loved ones; others may just treat or spoil themselves with sweet things of indulgences. I usually celebrate my birthday in a simple way with family and friends and sometimes I buy stuff as a memorabilia of gratitude for another year has been given to me to live my life again in this complex yet wonderful world.

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