Tinubdan Falls : Where Those “Negative Things” Abound When You Chase Waterfalls


The emotional stress I’ve garnered lately made me loss my sanity. Some friends leave without even saying goodbye. Conflicts and changes occur. Well, they happen many times, yeah, sort of permanent already. Everything is just becoming depressing and disheartening plus the volume of work that is piling up. Time is getting limited and the demand for completion is so high. UGH! If only I could prolong time I would be accomplishing much, huhu!

Feeling alone. 😭😭😭
And on top of this miserable feeling is longing someone who doesn’t even deserve to be missed. Have you ever experienced this — where you miss someone but you keep silent about it because once he knows and responds to the same feeling, you will fall again with this person who will later cause pain and the hurt will recur again in your relationship. It will become a cycle of love and pain and eventually you will hate each other’s company. It’s a love and hate relationship.

So the best way is to keep that feeling to yourself no matter how much you yearn for him.  It really hurts as you set him free. It hurts seeing him walk away from your life, and it hurts even more when you face your life alone! You’ll be alone again just as you used to be. And it’s just sad, but that’s the way of life and love.. UGH!!!!! I miss you 😭😭😭
And these are just crazzzzzy! I’ve got to get rid of this emotional drama, pressures and stress or else this plight will gonna be the death of me.

So to slay these problems, I called up Lovely and told her that we would set foot to an adventure in Catmon to chase waterfalls there. I had no idea why it has to be waterfalls. I just love to see this kind of water form as of the moment! It seems like waterfalls are magnets that naturally draw me to them.

So to Catmon we go! This is the place where we will chase waterfalls and set new adventure. So these are some of the pictures I took during our escape in Catmon.

river trekking

After chasing waterfalls, river trekking, scrambling through rocks, swimming the cold water of the spring and spending time with nature, I felt sharper, happier and lighter. It seemed that I was carrying no burden at all. To be honest I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy when I saw a waterfall.

Curious like a cat, I wondered why waterfalls made me happy.

Apparently there is a science behind it. Base from this site: https://www.canadianaffair.com/blog/do-waterfalls-make-us-happy/

“Waterfalls are considered to be one giant ion generator –

the vitamins in the watery air give off negative ions, which we take in as positive energy.

Once the negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are said to increase our bodies’ production of serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for relieving stress and depression, and for boosting our energy and happiness.”

And another information here http://earthtalk.org/can-waterfalls-really-make-you-happy/

“There just may be some truth to the rumor that being around waterfalls can uplift your mood, thanks to the so-called “negative ions” pervasive in such environments. The collision of water molecules with each other, such as at a waterfall or an ocean beach, causes the water to become positively charged, and the surrounding air to be negatively charged.


And according to Pierce J. Howard, a Ph.D. and author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research, it makes sense that waterfalls can make you feel good, given that negative ions hitting our bloodstream can produce biochemical reactions linked to alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting energy.“High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood,” he reports.

So those are the negative signs when chasing waterfalls. When you are with a waterfall, you will be surrounded by negative ions and when you summon up these negative ions, they will become positive energy resulting to a better disposition. God’s creation is not just for our eyes to marvel and feast upon but also it helps us to feel emotionally good and that’s the majesty of nature.

So here’s a video clip in our chasing waterfalls in Catmon. 

Wanna feel good too? Want to chase waterfalls here in Catmon, too?

 Here are the Tips and Tricks for your trip.

1. You may or you may not hire a tour guide but for safety purposes you better do. Book your tour to Kyno Lim Dumlao. You can contact him through this number+63 999 325 9621.

2. Before proceeding to your chasing waterfalls and river trekking here in Tinubdan Falls, make sure you check the weather, because if there’s heavy rain or bad weather might lead to a dangerous situation like  flash floods.

3. Go to North Bus Terminal early. Ride any bus bound for Bogo, Hagnaya, Daanbantayan, etc. as long as it passes Catmon. Tell the conductor to drop you off  Katambisan, Catmon. Travel early to maximize your trip and to avoid traffic.

4. Ride a habal-habal and tell the driver to drop you off at the Brgy Tabili where Tinubdan Falls is located. You may negotiate with the driver to fetch you up after your river trekking since there are just few habal habals in the area.

5. Always follow the guide. Never ever wander off to avoid unpleasant happenings0.

6. Behave well. Never ever shout, to avoid disturbance of the surroundings. Respect nature.

7. Wear trekking shoes or sandal since this involves hiking on fields and rocks.

8. River trekking here entails swimming in the river, so bring additional clothes.

9. Bring food and water and make sure no trashes will be left behind. Bring your trash. What you bring up, you must also bring down. Let’s make this place eco-friendly. We are just nature’s stewards. We do not own this planet. Never ever throw your trash anywhere. Leave no trace always. This is just a little favour from Mother Earth.

10. Waterproof all your belongings.

11. Bring additional money for emergency purposes.

Possible Travel Expenses to Prepare:

Php 78.00  – North Bus – Catmon (Fare) 
Php 200.00 – Tour Guide Fee  
Php 100.00 – Habal-Habal (Back & Forth) 
Php 78.00 – Catmon – North Bus(Fare) 

TOTAL – Php 456.00


Because of this chasing waterfalls adventure I gained new friends. Thanks Nhagz, Lai and your friend, Demi and your husband, Kyno and your two friends Donald and Patrick and the 3 other guys who were with us in this adventure and whose names missed my memory. Thanks for the company and of course Lovely for ever supporting my “maoy”. Bwahahah!


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in CATMON. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

How about you? Have you tried chasing waterfalls? What did you feel then? I would love to hear from you?Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.


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Chasing Potatoes

Why Chasing Potatoes? I’m Chasing Potatoes. I chase time and opportunities because just like round potatoes they roll and get lost. I chase them to store memories to last a lifetime. I make haste, running after them, fearful that they might be gone. That’s why I go places on land or in water.My story tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.

28 thoughts on “Tinubdan Falls : Where Those “Negative Things” Abound When You Chase Waterfalls

  1. You are a wise and beautiful woman, dear. Life is full of disappointments and even more full of dreams that we can, never, quite realize. Love always has some pain unless it starts a real friendship and then grows, slowly and surely into love in all its forms.


  2. Nice tlaga ang P9 for silky water shots also known as long exposure! anyway, patatas, life is always changing and it’s the only contant thing in this world. That’s why I think your decision to go to this waterfall is great as it really would leave all your worries behind without having to drink beer and such. Kaya mo yan! Problems lang yan 🙂


  3. aaaah. i wanna hug you right now. ❤ ❤ ❤ the stresses. the missing, aaaah. i can relate. but i am happy you find the calming hug of nature. delighted to also know a scientific basis about this! love everything about this, Gly! photos are always epic! ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Who would have guessed that you were down that time because of that person you supposed not to miss, but you did. Anyway, I’m happy that it made you feel okay at least for a time being and I hope that you’re fully okay now. Chasing someone whom have left is like chasing a car that operates with a sturdy machine and you’re merely running at your feet. You can never chase anyone whom have long been waving his hand and said bye-bye. You were just like a broken tape repeating the same pain if you keep hoping for that person.

    Thank you for the further elucidation about the thought behind chasing waterfalls. I didn’t know about all of it and now I was able to assimilate why I also like chasing waterfalls. Cheers for more adventure Gly.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Never thought that a waterfall can make a stressed and mentally pressurized person relaxed and happy. I’ll surely have to visit a waterfall soon. Thank you, Chasing Potatoes for sharing this great information. 🙂


  6. We’re glad to meet you on this venture, Chasing Potatoes. And we really hope you’re fine now. 😀

    ’til next time. 🙂

    Best regards, Ace and Demi


  7. I’m so sorry for your stress, my dear … but so glad you have found such a great way to relieve it. Good luck in your life and love: you deserve the very best.

    Liked by 1 person

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