Camping in Malubog : Kind of Disappointing

Camping in Malubog: Kind of Disappointing


We were looking up desperately hoping the clouds in the firmament would vanish even just at midnight for we were going to witness this rare phenomenon, the Perseid Meteor Shower, which occurs once a year. We screamed our hearts out that this moment would be perfect as we desired it to be. We prayed to see that magic in the sky but God forbade us to see it. Instead He sent heavy rains, thunder and lightning as if there was festivity in heaven. We were dismayed for a moment as shown by the faces of frustration from all of us. But I won’t let this adventure fail. I won’t let this speck of negativity dishearten us.

Below is a list about some great things that made me happy despite the failure of seeing our expectations:

1. Getting there

Photo credits to James Buhia

To start with this adventure, two of my friends brought their motorbikes. So we hitched on their bikes and off we went to the mountains.It was a hell of a crazy, bumpy ride. The road was narrow, rough and muddy. It was a deadly ride if maneuvered wrongly but fun when done the right way. The feeling of trying an uphill bike ride for the first time was scary but was an awesome experience. Another milestone I’ve reached ever since I started going outdoors.

2. Reunion of friends

Photo credits to James Buhia

Having good friends is truly a blessing. This is one of the reasons why I am grateful everyday. Meeting new friends is great, too, especially when we are somehow connected with our passion for the outdoors. I have made a lot of friends since I started going out. And seeing them from time to time makes me happy especially when we could find time to bond again to make lasting memories and to make this friendship even stronger.

3. This kind of morning.

Even though we weren’t able to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower because of the rain and cloudy night sky, still we were welcomed by a radiant, lovely morning with the refreshing verdant scene of grasses in the landscape topped with dazzling dew drops and a placid ambiance accompanied by the audible songs and lullabys of insects, birds and other forms of animal life. I didn’t expect to witness this beautiful scene for I thought it would rain again. Indeed some wonderful things happen where you least expect them. Thanks, Universe, for this chance.

Malubog is by far my favorite camping site. I love the scene and the serenity of the place. The morning scenery here was so magnificent that I couldn’t stop capturing photos, haha! So, here are my photos of this beautiful Malubog morning.

When the sun rises . . .
Cows and clouds
Another group of people camping in Malubog
Spot the dog
Beautiful waterlilies
picture picture pag may time


Don’t let a speck of negativity put you down. Always look at the brighter side of life. You’ll never know that great and beautiful things are just lurking at the corner. You just have to refocus and change your perspective in life. Slowly, gradually accept changes and do something positive about them. Let the happenings surprise you. After all, when what you expect is what you get does not bring much happiness. It’s sort of boring, right? Haha!

How to get here in case you like to go camping here in Malubog 

From JY Mall, ride a habal-habal and tell the driver to take you to Malubog or Kan-irag Golf Course. The fare is Php50.00. From the drop off point, just hike for 15-30 minutes to the site. As of this writing, the place where we camped had no entrance or any other fees. Thus, when you camp, respect the place and don’t ever, ever litter. Always follow the “leave no trace” policy.


Update: It’s restricted to camp at Malubog Golf Course. However you can camp at its neighboring side, which is in Sirao.


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in Malubog. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

P.S.  Let me tell you a secret

I’m going to share a little secret which somehow helped me to overcome some petty negativities I encountered in my daily life. This secret was passed on to me by a good friend and I’m going to share it with you, too. So here it goes . . . You stand over a table, put your hands on the table, take a deep and long breath, and say these magic words by Stephen King: “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” 

I tell you, after this you’re going to live happily ever after. Haha! Wink. 😉

And she lives happily ever after 😀

Can you relate with this story? Have you experienced this, that somehow your expectations became naught? If so, tell me about it.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.


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Chasing Potatoes

Why Chasing Potatoes? I’m Chasing Potatoes. I chase time and opportunities because just like round potatoes they roll and get lost. I chase them to store memories to last a lifetime. I make haste, running after them, fearful that they might be gone. That’s why I go places on land or in water.My story tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.

23 thoughts on “Camping in Malubog : Kind of Disappointing

  1. We were looking up desperately hoping the clouds in the firmament would vanish even just at midnight for we were going to witness this rare phenomenon..

    what an opening line! 😀 ❤ your photos are all majestic. and that secret. haha.


  2. Pity that you did not get to see that unique phenomenon of meteor showers but what you got to do did make up for a lot of that. The place is quite beautiful and I bet, experiencing that with your friends must have been even more amazing. Sometimes things just happen but what I realize is that it happens for the best!


  3. When I read this, our trip to Mt. Batolusong immediately came to mind. Just like you and your friends, we came there with a mission, to see the sea of clouds. Turns out we came at the wrong season so nope, all that effort for zero sea of clouds hahaha… I’m so sorry you missed the meteor shower, I would definitely be disappointed too. By the way, I love the 3rd photo, it looks stunning. So you went up there with a motorbike, that’s insane! Hahaha…


  4. Ah, I have the same story when we went climbing a mountain and hoped to witness the sea of clouds, unfortunately, we arrived late so the bright sun welcomed us. Though, it was still worth it. Sometimes, expectations lead us to disappointment and that’s alright. You got your friends and gained some unforgettable experiences, too! Hopefully next time, God will hear your prayers to witness the meteor shower!


  5. Well Malubog holds that mysterious charm from afar. And yes, I quiet agree that whatever comes your way, whether negative or whatnot, don’t let it get you down. Get that adventure going. That’s how I do it my way. 🙂



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