Life Recently, How Lechon Brigthtened Up My Life, (Yes, Lechon😂)


Hello, it’s me, the one who chases potatoes, CHASING POTATOES, haha! I guess I have to reintroduce myself because I was gone for more than six months. I mean I’ve been out of this blogosphere world because of so many tragic happenings around the globe since the beginning of the year 2020. Added to this sad turn of events was my being hospitalized for an operation in the first month of this year, which I will tackle soon on the blog (maybe or maybe not, haha). This pandemic that has disturbed the whole world has paralyzed my creativity, putting contents into a halt. Fear and anxiety dominate my being; thoughts and ideas float in the empty spaces in my mind. (But I’m still thankful to God for sparing my loved ones and me from this horrible virus. Please COVID-19, be gone. (sigh)

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