MT. MAGO (Updated 2019): One of the Easiest Hike and Camp Destinations in Northern Cebu With A Glimpse of Sea of Clouds








I‘ve been hiking for about a year now, but I haven’t tried camping. And guess what? Just recently heavens heard my desire. Finally I was able to camp on a highland where three towns meet,specifically Carmen, Tuburan and Danao or in short in Mt. Mago.

With the company of old and new found friends, we set off to this journey, even though the weather wasn’t on our side.

The gloomy sky crafted dark clouds which summoned drizzling raindrops; the temperature started to get lower, thick fog almost blanketed the scenery, and yet we were still on our feet braving the ascent toward the campsite.

At 5:30pm we reached the campsite and then pitched our tents. In spite of the uncooperative weather, we saw a tinge of blazing light in a dusky sky. I was in bliss for my day was complete for I saw my favorite part of the day — the sunset.

After having prepared our food for dinner, heavy rains started to pour. I thought that we would be separated in different tents, but we stayed together in a big tent that sheltered us against this moody meteorologcal condition.Haha!

We were bonded with stories and laughter inside the big tent. Friendships blossomed and strengthened, memories shared to be cherished. I guess this is what camping is all about.

Photo credits to Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

At exactly midnight, the rain stopped and I went out of the tent. The moon was visible in the sky. It gave off its light such that the vicinity could be seen. And as I looked at my right side, I saw a sea of clouds. What a delightful sight! One can rarely catch a scene like this in Cebu. That’s why I was lucky to catch it.

Tip No. 7 Sea of Clouds is not a daily sight here in Mt. Mago. (So much depends on the weather). However, it  can somehow flimsily appear during rainy days.

But it was just a fleeting moment, the mist gradually covered the scenery.
I did not expect to see a sea of clouds. This was one of awesome happenings during our camping at Mt. Mago.

Afterwards the campers’ eyes gradually closed…

Illusions and dreams took place…

Morning came…

Breakfast was served…

Things were packed up…,

and smiles were snapped before we went back home…

But before I end this blog, let me share the best part of the habal-habal ride which was viewing the trees along the road. I just couldn’t resist the desire to take some pics of this verdant and refreshing view. This reminded me of the manmade forest of Bohol. Amazing, isn’t it?


Estimates expenses for camping in Mt. Mago

Php 60.00Bus fare bound to Carmen *one way

Php 100.00Food Budget per person

Php 100.00Habal-habal fare from Carmen Market  going to Brgy.  Santican *one way

Php 500.00guide fee for the whole group.

*souvenirs,  and miscellaneous fees are not included




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Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in CARMEN. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

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39 thoughts on “MT. MAGO (Updated 2019): One of the Easiest Hike and Camp Destinations in Northern Cebu With A Glimpse of Sea of Clouds

    1. Base sa ako friend na naka camp didto bago lang pwede man daw makasulod ang 4 wheels pero gamay ang dalan lisod if naa daw kasugat, then medyo batoon pud ang karsada didto.

      Anyway, thanks Sir Dennis for visiting my blog. Happy travels and leave no trace always. 😊😁


  1. Love your photos! I just followed you! I’m Chy from Her Lost Mango! I’m a Filipina living in California! 🙂 Would love to connect with you! I post about fashion and travel! Happy Friday! My London trip and San francisco trip is already up on the blog. Paris and Italy would be up soon too!Hope to hear from you! Take care! XOXO -CHY

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  2. Your photography is stunning. Makes me almost feel like I am there. I haven’t traveled much but can’t wait to start once the kids get a little older.


  3. This is such a green and beautiful hiking destination. I am always looking for easy hiking destinations. I will add mt mago to my bucket list.


  4. Hi im hoping a group will organize a trek in this mountain. I really would love to go. If u guys knew of any pls contact me 0927 568 5004


  5. This is so beautifuuul! I have only gone south of Cebu when we flew there and I’m planning to go back to explore the Northern part. Good thing I found this! One activity already added to the itinerary, 🙂 Thanks for sharing this 😀


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