I’m not a good writer and I’m fully aware of this limitation. Writing is not my cup of tea. I remember that during my school days, I got low ratings in the reaction papers, essays and other writing assignments required for submission.  (*sigh) 😪

Mother knows best. You know why? As a kid, I was enticed by my mom to read books by giving me monetary reward after I finished reading one. So to finish fast, I chose children’s books and consequently received my rewards. I had to read to hone my reading and writing skills but I was a lazy brat. haha. 😂

My siblings are better writers than I am for they love to read, read and read. Consequently, they have acquired sufficient vocabulary to be able to express themselves in writing.

As a poor writer, I would not be surprised to receive negative comments about my blogs. Their comments are true, but believe me I tried my best … It’s just that my brain doesn’t work well all the time.

I created this corner of positive comments received from social media such as this blog, FB, IG, etc. At least, there were people who appreciated my work although many of them were mostly focused on the photos and not on the writing. Showing things spectacular to their eyes gives joy to me. Their favorable comments keep me going and remove my intention to end blogging for the reason that I don’t know how to write. In the first place, I made this blog as a memoir of my adventures and misadventures. I’m here to express and not to impress. This blog is just my way to channel my artistry and creativity. And so, to all the the people who pass through Chasing Potatoes in this little nook in the worldwide web, let me express my heartfelt gratitude. Words cannot fully express the gratitude and joy in my heart, but allow me to say thank you, thank you very much!


Details here – https://youtu.be/DIaPssfecAw
Details here – https://chasingpotatoes.com/2017/11/21/night-photowalk-in-cebu/
Details here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rg9Tfdluxk