We almost missed our ride in going to Masbate after a very heavy traffic we experienced in Danao. We arrived at the port almost 12:00 midnight which was also the time of the boat’s departure. That was literally chasing time. Haha!🤣Anyway we cruised on Masbate seas on a very fine weather that somehow gave us a peaceful journey and in the morning we were greeted by a stunning sunrise.




My unboxing was dated April 20, 2019 and I forgot to show close to the camera all the things inside the package. I was so excited to open it that I forgot all about showing them to you, guys. I hope you won’t get confused to see another clip of all the parts of my tent some of which are crumpled for having been used twice. Therefore, I got the chance to share also in this video some reviews about the tent.


Solo Traveling in Calbayog : Two Splendid Waterfalls To Chase in Calbayog

 Two Splendid Waterfalls To Chase in Calbayog

I tried solo traveling once because I wanted to experience freedom of taking risks and of dealing with personally unknown ventures to find out if it is really liberatingly beautiful. I found the answer when I visited Calbayog.

It was not all fun; there were times when I got scared while jaunting but at the end of the day I set aside the negativities encountered along the way and thought of the valuable lessons learned in this experience. That is why Calbayog already has carved an etch in my heart even though I was there two years ago. But it is only now that I felt the desire to write this blog. I have shaken off the lethargy in my being and have stopped my addiction to Mobile Legend, haha 😂. I have to stop or else that would be the death of me, ugh!

Chasin’ Waterfalls in Calbayog

Chasin’ Waterfalls in Calbayog

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“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

CALBAYOG ZIPLINE : An Exhilarating 750-Meter Zipline Experience of Gliding Above the Ocean to Another Island

CALBAYOG ZIPLINE : An Exhilarating 750-Meter Zipline Experience of Gliding Above the Ocean to Another Island

This adventure happened on my first solo travel to Calbayog. I visited some of the city’s historic sites which were well-preserved and maintained, explored two majestic waterfalls and experienced the exhilarating and fulfilling zipline adventure which I’m going to tackle here in this blog. Unfortunately my trip went wrong for I misjudged my trike driver. If you’re curious about my solo Calbayog travel, here’s my previous article.

Exploring Calbayog : My First Time to Travel Solo… And What Went Wrong?


Exploring Calbayog : My First Time to Travel Solo… And What Went Wrong?

I remember last 2016 I traveled for the first time in Catbalogan in the Island of Samar where I celebrated my extended birthday extremely — extremely in the sense that I spent three days there — exploring, living and sleeping inside the biggest  cave in the Philippines, the Langon Gobingob Cave. Not only that, I also biked around the town, tried canyoning in Bangon Falls and fell down and got dirty in Lobo Cave and a lot more daring and extreme adventures. (Read this blog so that you’ll know how really extreme my adventures were). Even though I traveled alone to Catbalogan, I didn’t think of it as solo travel because it was an organized and well-prepared activity cared of with the safe guidance of Sir Joni Bonifacio. That trip ended up as myself being a joiner of some thrilling adventures. Thus I got to know, meet and socialize with different people from different parts of the Philippines who shared the same sentiment of love for adventures as I did.

VIRGIN ISLAND : What I Regret With This Trip 

VIRGIN ISLAND : What I Regret With This Trip


When I arrived at my favorite destination, my island paradise, my home, Bantayan Island, I wasn’t really planning to go out because I wanted to spend my time with my family, cuddle and bathe our dog (haha 😋) and most importantly I wanted to be in my own bed for I needed to rest this weary body and heart of mine. Cheret ✌️🤣

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CAPITANCILLO ISLAND : Tiny Yet Exhibiting Unique Magnificence

Capitancillo Island : Tiny Yet Exhibiting Unique Magnificence    


The roar of the boat’s engine was kind of deafening, leaving us to keep mum and just look around the view of the sea and the horizon. It was a beautiful morning; the sun’s rays penetrated our skin and warmed our body. The gentle waves hit the boat with a rhythm that made me sleepy when suddenly one of our companions pointed to something in the sea. When I looked at it, I saw a dorsal fin protruding on the seawater.

SHAAAAAAAAARKKKK! …Shark on Apple iOS 12.1

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Sunset Sesh in Mt. Naupa

Sunset Sesh in Mt. Naupa

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Sometimes my mind cannot form the words that I want to express so I’ll just share here some photos that I haven’t posted in my blog. But still if time permits and my mind is in the state of writing, I will still put some stories in it, sooner or later. Please brain work for me!!!HAHAHA! Anyway, here are the photos taken during the sunset hike in Mt. Naupa of my friend and me. Just photos, no words… Continue reading “Sunset Sesh in Mt. Naupa”

The Places that I’m Grateful They Exist

The Places that I’m Grateful They Exist


There was a time when sadness suddenly hit me. It brought me to turmoil. I was so down and depressed that I couldn’t understand why I felt that way. I even thought of dying but suddenly when I crossed the street and rushing cars passed by me I was then scared of losing my life.

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