Sirao Peak ( Mt. Kan-Irag) : Hiking Up the Famous Peak of The Metro with A Glimpse of Falls and Flowers

The Tale Between Falling in Love and Letting Go

One lonely day I was wandering under the vast cerulean skies with the effulgent sun giving me an unusual radiance. With that I knew that this day would be extraordinary. And as I continued my musings and wanders,  I was also looking at the sea of faces that have passed by me, curious about their own stories and dreams. Some faces were drowned by my own oblivion

Here I am trying to take a selfie on the huge rocks with my group at the background. It’s such a beautiful day to hike!

But that just one moment, that one  moment when I  started going on  a different path I saw you, sitting under the lone tree, enjoying your own freedom. Along this crowded and chaotic scenery, there I found you peacefully living in solitary.

Everytime I trek and see verdant scenes, my mind is refreshed and my restless soul finds peace. To have a refreshed and peaceful mind is primarily the reason why I love hiking.

I walked towards you, and started to converse, wanted to know more about your reality, your existence, your world. Little by little, I got to know you, welcoming and embracing your life in my own universe.

As we hiked, we could get a glimpse of Kabang Falls, locally called Tinisig-uwang Falls which can be seen in this picture. Just a little bit of trek and we would see this wonder up close. Thanks Jeff for this photo.

We were strangers and somehow our stars collided. The universe allowed us to meet. It was actually strange but I might as well let these happenings flow, let everything follow what it was destined to be. Whatever happens, so be it. May it be a happy story or a sad one. As of now, I just wanted to savor and enjoy these moments that our stars have collided..

Kabang Falls / Tinisig-uwang Falls is a sight to behold even though it wasn’t showing off its full beauty, caused by the spell of the dry season. Anyway, looking ar this waterform somehow gave us a calming effect after hiking for an hour. That’s Shelena in the picture, by the way.

And then as we kept on telling about our own little stories to each other, our secrets, our past love how they have hurt us, our adventures, our misadventures, our mishaps, our dreams, our craziness, our goals in life , our reasons for pursuing happiness and every tale that made us sane, unknowingly and secretly I was falling in love with you.

Picture taken inside a cavelike structure inside the waterfalls. I like the perspective of this shot. Not everyone can have this kind of picture because one had to swim through the water in order to get here. I gave my salute to Crislee for his effort in capturing this and for Adrian for posing in the photo.

I wished  you could hear my heart’s song for you, the melody that I’ve been wanting to share with you. If only you could just lend your ear and listen to my love song.

But you had your own world too, too far to hear the song, too distant to even care. Or because you never will.

During our trek, we saw this heart – shaped pool. I borrowed a ukelele from my friend just for picture-taking. Haha! What do you think?

All these emotional happenings right now are just fleeting moments. These will soon subside. This madness will soon vanish. Everything that happened between us is not eternal. It won’t live long. It will end one day. But for the meantime, I want to thank the universe for giving me an inspiration to live again, for making my lips curve in a smittenly way.  Obviously your existence has given me a spark of my reality. With this fleeting moment I’m going to savor every bit and piece of your sweetness. And I’ll just be happy with it even for just a spur of a moment.

THIS – One of the reasons why I’m happy staying in the outdoors.

I thought I have already shown the signs to tell you what I really feel for you.

Sometimes I want to ask  what your feelings are for me.  What can you say about me? Do we feel the same? .

But I won’t inquire  because I don’t want to know the answer. I’m afraid I’ll just get hurt at the end. IGNORANCE IS BLISS. I guess I’ll just stick to that …

This tree signifies that Sirao Peak is near, that our hardships in ascending a mountain will be over soon.

With all the beauty I see in my wanders, the beautiful view of the city surrounded by green scenery and  the  placid blue sea, the fresh air from nature that caressed my face, the warmth of the sun in a blue sky crafted with clouds, all of these are somehow incomplete. There seems to be a missing part. And I don’t know what. Maybe, it’s because of you, your love which is so distant.

Finally after all the challenges in climbing up, I had my front seat of the show. I am now on the peak of Sirao. The first time I laid my eyes on the scenery offered by Sirao Peak I was aroused by an intense emotion of love for it. If only I could prolong the time in viewing, I would do it. But time went fast and it was time to leave and go home.

Upon reaching the peak of my love and insanity for you, I just couldn’t contain my feelings anymore. My chest is going to burst.  If I continued this secrecy of mine, I’m afraid this will be the death of me. I know you have no feelings for me, that’s why I must leave… but before I leave…

So here I am risking and confessing what I truly feel.

I fall hard but I don’t want to get hurt hoping for you to love me back. So I decided to push you away. Because I know it’s impossible for us to be together.

But. . .

I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have told you about my feelings. Now I regret everything. I started to yearn for your attention. I miss you so badly. I gave you the scissors to cut me from your life. I feel bad for myself. I was  a selfish human being who only cares for herself.

So here I am, in the process of letting go.

– – – – –

How romantic it would be if you were here by my side, seeing these dazzling flowers dancing to the tune of the air, releasing sweet scents like my love for you! The yellow flowers symbolize my love that has waned and the red ones stand for my bleeding heart. They are the hues of my dying love for you.

Upon leaving we decided to have a bit of a sidetrip. We went to the famous flower farm in Cebu, the Celosia flower farm. Here I am surrounded by the fiery and blazing colors of celosia flowers. Such a delight to my eyes…

I guess I just have to let you go. 😦

“one of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.”

Brigitte Nicole


8.20.16 Chasing Sunrise in Sirao Peak



After some time, my friends and I hiked to Sirao Peak again, but this time we took the route from Lahug Ayala Heights to Sirao Peak and we traversed to Budlaan, Talamban. We opted to hike early morning to see the city lights. And, oh my! The view was absolutely breathtaking. As soon as the sun rose, we continued our hike to Talamban. So these are my photos . . .


To add a little spice to my travel post… I made a story different from the usual travel guide entry. If you search now Sirao Peak on the  net, this blogpost might be hard to find due to a number of blogs and articles that feature Sirao Peak. Nowadays, there are a number of people who have gone to and hiked up Sirao Peak also known as Mt. Kan-irag with the height of 780 masl. It’s also one of the easiest peaks to access or to climb up here in Cebu City if you start from Ayala Heights. If you like a challenging feat that includes river trekking, rock scrambling and longer trail, start from Brgy. Budlaan.
If you haven’t hiked up Sirao Peak maybe this guide will help you. . .

How to get there?

Base from my first hike( Talamban to Lahug)

FROM Grand Mall Talamban, hire a habal-habal to get to the drop off area at  Brgy.  Budlaan.  From there, start to hike going to Lahug where you are going to be acquainted with  KabangFalls (Tinisig-Uwang Falls), Mt. Kan-irag (Sirao Peak) and Sirao Flower Farm.

Base from my second hike( Lahug to Talamban)

From JY Mall, Lahug, Cebu City, ride a habal-habal and disembark to the base of Sirao Peak (Ayala Heights). This is the easiest and most accessible way where one can hike 10-20 minutes to the peak.

Possible Damage Cost

 P25.00 to P50.00 – Habal – habal fare from Grand Mall to Brgy.  Budlaan, Talamban 

P20.00 – P50.00  – Celosia Flower Farm Entrance Fee 

P75.00 – P150.00 Habal habal fare from the base of Sirao Peak / Ayala heights  to JY Mall, Lahug, Cebu City  

As usual, here’s my video during my first climb in Sirao Peak.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them SIRAO PEAK. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

How about you, have you ever tried climbing a mountain that made you think of your love story? Let me know your thoughts. Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.


P.S. Happy New Year Guysss. I know my post is a bit of different. Some may have blogged about their summary about their 2016 adventures or some have posted their 2017 list of things to do while me I’m stuck and trapped with my backlogs and heartaches charot. Well, I’m gonna leave that heartache behind and face this year with a heart full of love. Haha! Happy New Year. 😘😁

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62 thoughts on “Sirao Peak ( Mt. Kan-Irag) : Hiking Up the Famous Peak of The Metro with A Glimpse of Falls and Flowers

    1. Hiiiiiii, hahaha thank you. Oa ra kaau ang love story ba. Hahahaha. Mas una ang Sirao Peak kaysa flower farm. Then ang falls kay sa Budlaan, Talamban na. Need ug guide if muadto mo padung sa Kabang Falls kay medyo lisod siya.


      1. thanks maam for the reply. Sirao Peak lang sa ug Garden in one day hehe pra one way ra. katultol rman mga habal-habal driver maam ana maam sa ky pauna rami pa drop sirao peak den next garden. Follow nako imo blog maam ha pra sa uban na mga adventures nimo nice reading

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    1. Hi Steph. 😀 Sa blog lang natin masasabi mga sakit na naranasan kaya nga thankful din ako sa blog eh, dito natin ma eexpress mga damdamin na hindi masasabi sa taong nakapasakit sa atin. charrr. hahaha pero yeah totoo yun. hahaha ♥


  1. Having read this incredible and rich post, I am left wondering if you’ve ever had aspirations of having your own coffee table book published….this is such a gorgeous combination of poetic musings, practical and intriguing information, and stunning visuals…very unique and very beautiful…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. These are breathtaking views! I love the heart shaped pool pic! Ty for sharing this place is absolutely beautiful! I love traveling and seeing others travel adventures!

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  3. I’ve never thought of a love story when climbing before. It’s not until I get home and look at the pictures do I think about it. For me, it’s the love of nature that I feel and my husband for joining me on my crazy adventures.

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  4. You are surely wiser this year. Heartache, that too shall pass. Have a great year ahead!

    By the way, you got great shots and wonderful tour along side your deep writing. 🙂

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  5. The story filled with passion was a nice accent to the post. I always marvel at the journeys you make. You truly know how to LIVE LIFE! Keep sharing your wonderful adventures with the rest of the world. Wishing you much joy and happiness in 2017.

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