Fun Dive, Drift Dive and Night Dive in Mactan

          Ate Jai invited me again to dive. My heart beat like paradiddles in excitement. There would be no hesitation to say YES. But Continue reading “Fun Dive, Drift Dive and Night Dive in Mactan”

Making Memories

          Making memories…it’s a favorite pastime of many. And having a camera greatly helps in making the memories vivid and easier to recall. So, cheers to technology for the invention of the camera. Memories can be created in a snap of a moment. Continue reading “Making Memories”

SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys

         Endless possibilities, and now I embark on another journey. This time it is scuba diving. Before I start making my diving diary, I would like to thank my brother, Rain dear, for this opportunity of experiencing a kind of thrill into the depths of the blue sea.

         So, this was how this diving engagement started… Continue reading “SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys”