Camping in Malubog : Kind of Disappointing

Camping in Malubog: Kind of Disappointing


We were looking up desperately hoping the clouds in the firmament would vanish even just at midnight for we were going to witness this rare phenomenon, the Perseid Meteor Shower, which occurs once a year. We screamed our hearts out that this moment would be perfect as we desired it to be. We prayed to see that magic in the sky but God forbade us to see it. Instead He sent heavy rains, thunder and lightning as if there was festivity in heaven. We were dismayed for a moment as shown by the faces of frustration from all of us. But I won’t let this adventure fail. I won’t let this speck of negativity dishearten us.

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Mt. Kandungaw ( Candongao Peak) UPDATE 2017: The Breathtakingly Spectacular Mountain Kingdom of Badian

Telling 15 Beautiful Things Along the Journey


Come on, come on, let’s leave… Let’s go to the place that is beyond the ordinary and let’s search for the unusual. Let’s seek adventures, let’s leave for awhile this mundane life. Chanting this melody and harmonizing  positive vibes,  we would rather be called hippie than boring. We know life is unexciting without a little risk. We are the people of the “outside”.

It’s getting late.
Come on.
Come on.
We’ve got to leave. We’ve got to leave….

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33 Still and Moving Photos That Will Probably Entice You to Try or Try Again Canyoneering from Alegria to Badian

Thirty-three Still and Moving Photos That Will Probably Entice You to Try or Try Again Canyoneering from Alegria to Badian


         Canyoning or canyoneering? That’s the question. Well, they are basically the same in meaning. The only difference is that canyoning is chiefly British and canyoneering is an American term. Both terms refer to an activity that explores canyons.

        Do you know the ideal place to try CANYONEERING in the Philippines?  

        It is Cebu! Yes, Cebu is one of the perfect spots to experience canyoneering. It seems surreal eh, that Cebu which I thought before was just beaches and mountains has, in fact, mountains and springs suitable for canyoneering activities. It appears that God’s majestic creations were put together in one place. Truly Cebu has a number of brimming gems and unspoiled jewels to offer — natural treasures for Cebuanos to be proud of.

       So here are 33 angles of capturing the thrilling and amazing canyoneering activity experienced by my friends and me.

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Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Third Stop: Sightseeing the Magnificent Kawasan Falls in Badian

( And Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Kawasan Falls Experience Worth the Trip)


          Wow! It’s January twenty-sixteen, a new year has reigned! Time flies so fast. Yesteryear was just like a snap of a finger and now another set of 365 ( plus one ) days are rolling. I know it’s kind of late but I just want to greet all of you a blissful and prosperous new year. As the earth continues to revolve around the sun, I hope that  each one of us will enjoy our year with lots of adventure and embark on new possibilities whatever comes our way. Let love dominate our being. We should not be afraid to be broken but be formidable to face challenges, and enjoy every tidbits of time.