Lusno Falls : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

LUSNO FALLS : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns


♬♪Should I give up or should I keep on Chasing Waterfalls, OH DEFINITELY! ♬♪

         Well, this time I am wandering again and I’ll take you to one hidden paradise in the South, LUSNO FALLS!

           After meeting Ate Jai, my companion for this Chasing Waterfalls episode, at the South Bus Terminal early in the morning on Sunday, we took the 7 am non-airconditioned bus to Ronda for 105.00 Php. As we traveled along the southern road, the sun extended its rays on the bus window showing its radiance and majesty. I was so grateful, so grateful, that finally the weather was fine after a stormy week. Oh well, I should contain my excitement. I guess I should take a nap first because the arrival time is estimated to be after 2 – 3 hours.

     BUT…I was totally wrong! Due to an on-going road construction that caused heavy traffic, our estimated time was delayed. We arrived in Ronda Market, the drop off point, after almost four hours.

  • Tip no. 1  Choose any bus of your preference.(Aircon or Non-aircon) Plan to take your bus trip early to avoid heavy traffic, save time and have a chance to  maximize your trip.     
  • ♦The fare of the non-air conditioned bus is 105.00 Php
  • ♦ The fare of air-conditionned bus is 110.00 Php.

         Can you imagine sitting in the bus without having a stopover and the pace of the bus is so slow because of heavy traffic? This made our stomach empty. But there was nothing to worry because upon arrival, we headed straight to the market to have lunch.

Lusno Falls 9
We took simple food to fill in our empty stomachs. Our lunch costed us 32.00 Php. (That’s already for two with 1 small coke for me.)

           Finally we had fueled up, and it was now time to go to Lusno Falls. We hired a motorbike or habal-habal which was just in the market area.

          Due to excitement we immediately hired a habal-habal without even negotiating the fare, but as I have searched the fare is 75.00 Php. While we were on our way, I asked around and confirmed that the fare is indeed 75.00 Php per person.  Hooray!

          We continued our trip to Lusno Falls. The nice thing about riding a habal-habal was that we had a 180-degree view of our surroundings. We witnessed first-hand the beautiful and scenic mountain top with luxuriant trees and smelled the breath of fresh air. Sorry to say, we also endured the sun’s hot rays.

  • Tip no. 2 The “habal-habal” ride  will take 25 minutes to 30 minutes going to Barangay Anajao. It’s really far.  We could feel the scorching heat of the sun while riding the “habal-habal”.So it’s important :
  • to use sun block to protect the skin and body
  • to wear sun glasses for eye protection,
  • to wear hat to guard the head

          We thought the driver knew the place, but we got lost. Fortunately , there were good people who showed us the right direction. (Thanks for that.)

  • Tip No 3 Always remember to plan and negotiate with the habal-habal driver and inquire if he really knows the place before venturing out, so that you  will not experience what we went through, lol. Too many hours were wasted and lot of energy were drained.
Lusno Falls 10
After 30 minutes of riding and getting lost we arrived and found the basketball court of Barangay Anajao, Argao. This is the boundary of Argao and Ronda. But Lusno Falls is located in Lusno, Ronda  which is just near Argao  Anajao, Argao. So Lusno Falls ( Tay-ong Falls/Kawasan Falls commonly called by the locals) is a hidden paradise between two towns. 

          Anyway, the driver of habal-habal did not wait for us because he had other business to attend to. He told us that there were a number of habal-habal waiting in this locale.

          After getting off from the motorbike, we asked the locals the location of Lusno Falls which they heartily gave. They even volunteered their kids to guide us. I really appreciated their concern. Their goodness melted my heart and I forgot the delayed experience in the bus and habal-habal.

          We asked if the distance to Lusno Falls was far from the basketball court or just within walking distance. They stressed it was far, that we should ride a motorbike. We believed them and hired a habal-habal and then we went to Lusno Falls.

Lusno Falls 11
These were the people that helped us and as you can see the habal-habal drivers competing for people to ride on their motorbike.
Lusno Falls 13
Because of heavy rains the trail became muddy making the ride rough and bumpy but we were not  afraid of it because the drivers were expert in handling this situation.
  • Tip No. 4  Base from what I have witnessed  with  the kids who trekked  from the basketball court  to the falls, they just did it in 5 minutes more or less so basically it was just walking distance;  so renting a motorbike was optional. *Sigh! Maybe the locals did not believe that we could walk, lol!

          Finally we reached the point where the habal-habal could no longer pass through due to the narrow path, so we disembarked from our habal-habal and walked our way in going to the falls, and of course, with the company of our little guides, the kids, who led us the way.

Lusno Falls 14
We passed by a house and paused for a while. And the resident there was very friendly, inviting us to sit on their bench outside their house. Thank you so much!

          As we walked down the trail, we noticed the rustic scenery.It was basically a rural and agricultural community. I find this a lovely place.

Lusno Falls 24
This is Ate Jai. I love her  OOTD! Follow her in IG @jai_who she was featured in Sunstar Magazine TRAVEL edition.  She loves to travel.
  • Tip  No. 5 Wear proper footwear like sandals or shoes for this activity, just like Ate Jai above, to avoid being slithered. There are parts of the trail that are muddy and slippery.
Lusno Falls 15
As we continued our trek we had to go down a very steep and muddy trail.  Just look at Ate Jai and note how she went  down in this muddy  and steep path.


          One thing I couldn’t forget was, when we crossed the path,  three little cute pigs took a bath in the river to cool themselves from the heat (NOTE: This was not the water  from Lusno Falls,the falls  was on the other side.)  They were so cute but they were chained so that they would not wander off. 😦

Lusno Falls 19
Can you spot the cute pigs? 🙂 Oinky oink    

          As we continued to walk down, the trail became wetter and muddier, the sound of gushing water from the falls became louder and more distinguishable.

Lusno Falls 20
Just a few more steps and we would be able to arrive at the hidden paradise, the Lusno Falls.

          Astonishingly, In all of its honor and pride, right in front of us, the beautiful Lusno Falls with its amazing rock formation  and snow white foam that cascaded down the stream!

TAKE NOTE! There is no entrance fee. (As of this writing) This is absolutely free! How cool is that?


Lusno Falls

          After putting down our  things, changed to swimming attire, it was now time to drench ourselves in this refreshing and revitalizing waterfalls!

Lusno Falls 6
There is a part of the place where water flows into the river that is ankle deep. We waded through the cascades, enjoying the massaging effect of water rush around our feet.
  • Tip  No. 6 This maybe shallow but it’s quite slippery so please be extra careful as you wade into the streams.

                   Notice on the right side where we put our things. (as of this writing) There’s no cottage here,no comfort room, no stores and no establishment. 

         On the brighter side, there was no human modification in the environment. The beauty of the place was purely natural. Lusno Falls will retain its beauty if it will stay forever like this.

Lusno Falls 3
You can even try this one! Hehe. 😀 😀           We lay down to be able to feel the water and experience the stress-releasing  soft massage that this river has to offer. We really enjoyed the feeling of cold water all over our body.

          So brace yourselves because I will show you my selfies with this wonderful Lusno Falls. 😛

Lusno Falls 21
FYI This is a fake sun flower (just an Instagram thingy HAHA!

Lusno Falls 2Lusno Falls - 1 Lusno Falls 16

           If you want harder massage you can soak under the falls. This is nature’s way of healing your frustrations in life and make you forget the things that hurt you.

Lusno Falls 17

And Ate Jai’s…

Lusno Falls 8Lusno Falls - 24 Lusno Falls 5

          At the falls frontage there is a pool where you can plunge yourself in. I guess it’s 5ft t0 6ft deep. You can even dive or jump there.

Tip no. 7 Diving or jumping is at your own risk. Please be cautious in doing so.

Lusno Falls - 25

Lusno Falls 23
This is Ate JAi just showing of her skills in diving. Lol!

          Lusno Falls has two or more caverns which make this a distinct and unique falls because of rock formations.

  • Tip No. 8 Yes, you can climb the (slippery) boulder to the cavern behind the waterfall’s curtain. The falls have a strong current that may push you down so manage yourself well if you want to pursue this feat.
Lusno Falls - 18
I took this pic inside the falls with a spectacle of water curtains . Amazing sight isn’t it!

          After that, we went up the falls. There were no stairs in going up. On the positive note, there was no alteration in the environment leaving it in its the original phase. We just held on to some branch or boulder so that we can go up!

  • Tip No. 9 As you climb up, make sure you hold a strong branch or boulder that can carry your weight.

         This was the scene above the falls. There was a small tier and a pool of greenish water. The kids did not want us to swim there because the pool was very deep. The cute kids did not trust us in swimming deep waters. Lol! How cuuuute!


Lusno Falls 4

         Looking from the other side, we saw mystical surroundings, heard only the gushing water, observed the picturesque scene of trees and river as the water continuously flowed wherever it would go! Just look at the picture below, isn’t it remarkable?

Lusno Falls - 4

          We swam in the shallow part near the falls. It was like swimming in an infinity pool. Nature never ceases to mesmerize me.

Lusno Falls 28

  • Tip No. 10 This is where the water goes down. The current is very strong. And if you mismanage to go swimming in there, you may fall down, get injured or even drown.

Lusno Falls 25

          The clock ticked and it was time to bid farewell to Lusno Falls. We ate the food that we brought and shared it with the kids.

  • Tip No. 11  Bring food and water just in case you will be hungry and get dehydrated. Remember there are no stores in the vicinity.


  • Tip No. 12 Let’s be responsible and eco-friendly by not littering the area. Respect Mother Nature. Keep voices at low tone and observe proper behavior.


  • Tip No. 13 Tipping the kiddie guides is not necessary but encouraged. They were so hospitable and very fun playmates anyway 🙂


           We bade goodbye to this paradise, Lusno Falls and gave thanks to the good folks of Argao or Ronda, lol,(because they reside in the boundary of Argao and Ronda). Then we rode on a habal-habal again but our destination this time was the highway of Argao where we would wait for a bus to go back to Cebu City. We did not negotiate for we assumed that the fare would still be the same. We stopped to refuel and we paid for the fuel. We continued; unluckily, the motor vehicle did not function well. We even stopped a lot of times. Argh, what a waste of time! It was almost two hours when we arrived in the highway of Argao.

          And when it was time to pay, the habal-habal driver told us our fare was 400.oo Php and the gasoline was 100.oo Php. It was really an overpayment but we did not complain because we didn’t like to argue. I hope Karma will do the justice for the overpayment, and for the unnecessary stopovers and delays. What a waste of time and money!

        This is the reason why we should negotiate first with the habal-habal driver. Oh well, at least the drivers were good. Exacting an overpayment was the only harm they did. Anyway, we were the ones at fault because we did not inquire about the fare before the trip.

          Good thing we still had luck. All buses that passed by were full but there was a van for hire. We rode a v-hire for only 80.oo Php going back Cebu City. YIPEEE!!


            Shown below the estimated expenses in  going to Lusno Falls

  • 105.00 Php/pax – (non-aircon) Bus Fare from South  Bus Terminal to the Municipality of Ronda
  • 75.00 Php/pax – Habal-habal fare from Ronda Proper to Barangay Anajao, Argao
  • 75 Php/pax – Habal habal from Brgy. Anajao to Ronda Proper/or if you want to go to Argao Proper, make sure you have negotiated with the habal-habal for the fare
  • 105.00 Php/pax – (non-aircon) Bus Fare from Municipality of Argao to South  Bus Terminal

A total of 360.00 Php/pax

*food, souvenirs, tour guide tips and miscellaneous fees are not included 

* base on my post, our total expenses including the kiddie guide tips,  over-payment, gasoline and the v-hire is 610.00 Php.


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Chasing Potatoes

Why Chasing Potatoes? I’m Chasing Potatoes. I chase time and opportunities because just like round potatoes they roll and get lost. I chase them to store memories to last a lifetime. I make haste, running after them, fearful that they might be gone. That’s why I go places on land or in water.My story tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.

43 thoughts on “Lusno Falls : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

  1. Ang source sa tubig duol ra kaayo. I mean ang sinugdanan sa river. The name is Kaibo Spring..dha mi magkuha og tubig mainum sa gagmay pami.

    Regarding sa overcharging sa plete.. Nagtuo to nga datu kaayo mo maam.. Hahaha.. Daghan kaayo mog kwarta nga dala kay taga suidad man. Hahaha, pasensya na pero 80.00 pesos ra gyod didto. Og ako pa naka hatud ninyo kay murag libre pa…

    Thanks sa blog..

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    1. Ang source sa tubig duol ra kaayo. I mean ang sinugdanan sa river. The name is Kaibo Spring..dha mi magkuha og tubig mainum sa gagmay pami.

      Regarding sa overcharging sa plete.. Nagtuo to nga datu kaayo mo maam.. Hahaha.. Daghan kaayo mog kwarta nga dala kay taga suidad man. Hahaha, pasensya na pero 80.00 pesos ra gyod didto. Og ako pa naka hatud ninyo kay murag libre pa…

      Thanks sa blog..

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    1. Hehe thanks Rechito for dropping by. Anyway, waterfalls won’t run out so there’s always next time if ever you’ll visit Cebu again. There are a lot of waterfalls here in Cebu and I am still chasing them, lol.


      1. Haha!… let’s hope not. My family is from Cebu so I’ll always visit. Just follow the rainbow, waterfalls are the source of rainbows!
        Safe travels,… those wet rocks can be slippery. 🙂

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    1. Indeed. I think there are 20 plus beautiful waterfalls here in Cebu. I’m still in the process of chasing them, lol. Anyway, thanks Jhanz for taking time to read my blog. Have a great day ahead.


  2. That is definitely an adventure, and Lusno Falls looks amazing. In fact, it is very similar to the geology of Aguinid Falls in Samboan. We should check out this waterfall. But we might need to polish our bargaining skills after reading your issues about the opportunistic habal-habal drivers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, when I saw some photos in IG, I thought, at first, it was Aguinid Falls. Hehe! You should check this waterfalls. It’s totally different.

      Thanks for dropping by Adrenaline Romance 🙂


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