Take a Bow in DAVAO

Take a Bow in DAVAO


          This time, I am posting something throwback which happened a year ago, June 20, 2014 to be exact, in Davao. Just lately, I scrolled and took a look at my back-up file and I forgot to post this entry. So here it goes.

          We were already flying smoothly above the clouds when suddenly the stewardess said that we would be experiencing turbulence. That was about 2:45 P.M. and that was something scary. But that announcement did not take away my excitement and thrill to touch down at DAVAO.
These are the destinations on our trip from day one and our last day in DAVAO.

1. People’s Park

          After dinner at Ate Cheryl’s, we immediately went to People’s Park for sightseeing. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the park, rain fell. So, the tour at the park was cancelled. I felt sad because I couldn’t control the weather; so, we went back home and  I just went to sleep.

2. La Union, San Isidro, Davao Oriental

          The next day, June 21, Ate Cheryl celebrated her birthday in La Union, San Isidro, Davao Oriental, the place where she was born and reared. La Union was a peaceful rural area. Ate Cheryl’s old home was near the seashore. After singing the Happy Birthday Song and having a fill of the sumptuous lunch, Mom, Garry and I decided for a walk along the shore. The beach had black sand, black pebbles and rocks which made the seawater look dirty. But at a closer look, the water was crystal clear.
          While strolling the place we acquainted good folks (and some animals 😉 ) in the locale.The nice thing about traveling is that I can see a lot of people with their differences and I can learn from their culture. 
          So these are some my shots of them.
Behind the busy men, there stood a caring man.
Kids playing and splashing in the sea.
Mother’s interaction with her child’s curiosity.
One brave pup. He was the only one out of ten puppies that barked toward us. So cute 😛 right?
         I love taking pictures, and much more, I love to be in my pictures, but sad to say, I don’t know who will do the task of taking pictures of me. I requested Mom to capture some moments. I taught her how to click and capture. I made the right choice. Mom easily learned the task. And I really like her shots of me.
         This was one of the highlights in our journey in the land of La Union, the rock formation in the background which was just perfect for a photoshoot. 😛
Do you think it’s raining? No, its not. The waves of the sea hit the big rocks, creating a showering effect, beautiful to behold. That’s why this is one of my fave pics. And note my mother took this shot for me. I love the optical illusion created by the waves and the rocks. 🙂
My mother that accompanied me to walk around La Union. 

3. Sigabuy Island

          The night ended and morning came. Another day would reign. Sunday was its name and sunny was the weather of the day. We went to an island. I didn’t mind the scorching heat to dip in the Davao Sea. Sun-kissed skin, salty hair and sand-filled toes — they aptly described me as I swam in the waters. Who cares if swimming would cause my skin to have different shades of tan? It was a nice experience. I was happy.
We rode a small boat going to Sigabuy Island.
It took us 20 minutes going to the Island.
          Sigabuy Island. Sigabuy Beach of this island, with its fine white sand and smooth pebbles and stones, is a place worth visiting. Stepping on the pebbles of Sigabuy Beach had a massaging effect which was truly relaxing to the feet.
          I consider Sigabuy Island as still a virgin for the reason that it is not very much developed and the resources of nature thrive luxuriantly in it. Colorful and abundant corals are just near the shoreline with equally colorful schools of fish swimming actively in and out of their habitat. I was really impressed when I saw this abundance with my own two eyes. One small octopus and a crystal-like jellyfish with deadly tentacles added to the impressive sight. It seems that illegal fishing is unknown in this place.
4. Davao Crocodile Park         
         This happened on another day. We visited the famous Davao Crocodile Park. It was my first time to hold a crocodile and an eagle. I pitied the creatures because I know they were not happy posing for pictures. 😥 We strolled around the park and saw many animals not just crocodiles. If we had enough time, I could have tasted crocodile sisig and crocodile ice cream. But time did not stand still. We had to have our lunch. And to Nanay Bebeng’s we went. They said it is a Davao landmark.

I am sorry crockie! I promise that this will be my first and last time in holding you. I know people put a lot of stress in you. A year has pass and now I’ m not proud of this shot. 😥
5. Eat all you can at Nanay Bebeng

          It was Eat All You Can at Nanay Bebeng’s. There was a variety of food which really tasted great. If one  at goes to Davao, he must make it a point to try Nanay Bebeng’s EAYC.

6. D’ Leonor Inland Resort

          Our last day in Davao was June 24. We went to D’ Leonor Inland Resort. It was my first time to ride a Segway. I also tried zipline with Ate Cheryl. I enjoyed going around the inland resort ‘coz it was like a theme park like Disneyland. If I had enough time, I could try the different amenities there.

7. Lola Abon (Pasalubong Center)

For pasalubongs, buy them at Lola Abon’s or at a nearby rival store, the Apo ni Lola Abon’s Store.


One must not miss to eat Durian when in Davao. It’s one of the famous fruits in Davao. It’s popular because of its distinctive odor but with great flavor and taste, of course!

         I was really happy when we landed safely and then one item in my bucketlist will be crossed off : Gone to DAVAO! I heard a lot of great things about Davao and when I knew that we were going there, I was 100% willing to grab the chance and to take the risk to set foot in Davao personally. By the way, thanks, Ma, for this opportunity of making memories at Papa’s bloodline and I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Ate Cheryl and her family for all of these happenings in Davao.

Then back to Cebu. I know this is too long to read. Words are truly not enough to describe everything. That’s why I’m leaving my pictures here for you to see and know what I have been up to lately.

          I took a bow, literally, with the beautiful experience I had in Davao. I had so many memories to cherish that I can’t wait to share to you. 🙂

         Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Another beautiful place to travel! A bit far away from England (where I am living) but maybe one day….. I will be able to see Philippines! My dream…… 🙂 This is amazing how far away we living each other but still can share beauty of our country’s. Nature of Philippines is totally different then England! So beautiful and sunny! Fantastic blog!

    Btw Thank you for your warm words on my blog! Lovely to hear that. I love your blog too and your photos are amazing! I am flowing only few blogs (I have no time) and yours is one of them 🙂 Keep posting! xx

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    1. Yes, exactly! This is what I love in bloggng, we are able to share our experiences about the places that we have visited. Being beautifully described, the place seems to be brought by the writer in the presence of the reader. As the reader, I find vicarious delight in the places described.

      I love your positive comment. It made my day and kept me going. Thanks a lot and more power Wioletta. 🙂


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