Sunrise at Panglao Beach: A Reminder to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Have you ever experienced a breathtaking sunrise that left you speechless? That was exactly what I felt during my recent trip to Panglao. Well not exactly a trip but a work-related kinda trip. I was just happy and proud with myself for being able to wake up early (only at that time, lols😅) because I am not a morning kind of person but you know, I just couldn’t leave this place without witnessing the glory of Panglao’s sunrise, that’s why when 5 AM hit the alarm I hurriedly went outside the room and rushed directly to the beach just wearing PJs, haha!😅 I looked at my phone and I was ecstatic and thrilled because it had full bars of battery and I could capture lotsa photos and then my phone malfunctioned and died and literally made me speechless as in literal ahuhuhuh!😭😭😭

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Chasing Sunset in the Street of Cebu City

This should have been a wordless blog because I just wanted to feature here the snaps I got when I was going to SM Seaside, Cebu City. It’s been awhile that I haven’t taken photos of scenes in the streets at the golden hour of sunset, my fave time of the day. I was just delighted with the photos I captured. But as soon as I made the post, I noticed that WordPress has already an Al Paragraph (Al Image as well). However, this is still experimental for the time being. I can make a content in just less than 10 seconds. The design is not very authentic! The design is not very human, HAHAHA! I am sad that blogs nowadays are maybe made by Al. I feel that they seem to be not genuine anymore. But this is the world now. I have to cope and live with its realities. I’ll just have to capture more and more photos and strive my very best to be good at this thing. Oh, jiva?? Haha! Anyhoo, here’s the sample of Al paragraph done by WordPress. What do you think? Will you use Al for your contents?

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A Sweet Thrill : A Sugar Rush Adventure

“Tell me your nasuya (envious) without telling me your nasuya ” Those were the words that kept on repeating in my head as I was in this situation. haaaaaalp!!!!!😨

My sister and I were dining at Sbarro in SM Cebu, and as we finished eating, she noticed a family with two kids, and one kid holding a balloon. As she scrutinized the sight, she realized it was not a balloon but cotton candy with a design of a head of a cartoon character. She tapped me and pointed at what she saw. And I mumbled my amazement, “How cute and adorable! I MUST GET ONE.

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Why does PANCIT CANTON taste yummier when cooked by someone else outside the home than prepared at home?🤔

It was Friday night, having rendered “offertime” in the office at 11:30 P.M. several minutes away for the weekend of the Sinulog Festival, I was out with friends and had the chance to sightsee some parts of the festivities of the Sinulog in Cebu. We went to Fuente to see some of the “ganaps” (happenings) there.


BLACK SMOKEHAUS: Trying Out Authentic Texas Style Barbecue in Mandaue City, Cebu

I was so confident to finally win because I got the first two wins out of three in playing this childhood game of PAPER-ROCK-SCISSORS, because if I win we would eat in Pearl, my “go to” Korean Restaurant, as I was craving for a samgyeopsal meal. However, Harold was already “UMAY” in Korean cuisine and wanted to try something new. He was annoyed with me with the idea of eating again and again in Pearl, haha 😂! That’s why he decided to play this silly game and if he won, we would go to Black Smokehaus. As you already know, he won and I realized I haven’t really mastered the art of PAPER-ROCK-SCISSORS game contrary to what I thought.

Anyhoo, honestly, I haven’t heard about this place before because I’m not that foodie kind of person and I get anxious in trying something new nowadays, LOL! 😂I thought this was a sort of familiar barbecue kind of place like Matias or AA’s where I usually dine with family and friends for the yummy barbecues. Well, since Harold won, I guess it might be well to see what the place does offer.


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OLANGO ISLAND: Food Tripping Makes Adventure More Exciting

I’ve been to this island thrice already. The first time was because of Richelle and her now hubby’s prenuptial shoot when my friend and I where the ones who took their photos. It was a memorable visit for me not just because I had set foot on this island but also because I had the opportunity to shoot for a prenup again despite my limited equipment. I only had an 85mm lens, no reflectors, no other accessories at all! Nevertheless, I was extremely happy with the outcome of the photographs.

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