Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Second Stop : Visiting Cambais Falls, One of the Best Natural Treasures of Alegria


         During my college days, I  knew of only  one waterfalls here in Cebu and that was Kawasan Falls. (Oh, what a shame! Lol!) Now that I have started to wonder the wanders, have begun to go out of my monotonous and comfort zone, and embarked on new journeys and musings , I learned that Cebu has been  blessed with a number of brimming waterfalls among many other natural treasures.

         After our first stop at Malabuyoc where we immersed in its cold and hot springs, we then headed to Alegria for Cambais Falls.  This would be our second stop.  (On another note, maybe, you have heard about Alegria’s famous canyons, truly a treasure, too,  that can be bragged about and shown off to the world,  which I will share  sooner on my blog.  So stay tuned.) 

         Each one of us, Nina, Rowena and I, hired a habal- habal bound for Cambais Falls in Alegria  and it so happened that the drivers of the habal-habal were also the guides that supposedly would have  led us to Montaneza Falls in Malabuyoc, but due to some unexpected occurrence, our trek to Montaneza Falls was not realized.  We settled for a fare of Php 50.00.

        FYI : habal-habals are just outside the entrance of the hot spring waiting for passengers.

And so we went. Broooooooom. . .

                       I used to get enjoyment in looking at the scenery while riding a habal-habal,  but now … just look at this picture below. Supposedly Negros Island could be spotted (in the left corner of the photo) but due to the smoke and haze (smaze)  which reached the Philippines  from the burnt forests of Indonesia,  the island looked vague. The smaze seemed to devour it. The Tañon Strait appeared endless.  The horizon seemed like a blank space. The sky and the sea were tinted with pale grey. Oh, my …(Heave a sigh… 😦 )

Cambais Falls, Alegria 8

        In about 30 minutes, we arrived at Alegria Town and headed directly to the police station for some inquiries. Thanks to the officer on duty because he heartily entertained us and answered our questions willingly. (Thank you so much, Sir.)

Cambais Falls, Alegria 10.10

  • Tip No. 1 A few habal-habals are available  in the locale. The drivers can easily spot tourists. Some may even approach you to hire them for a ride.  Beware of opportunistic drivers.

         In our case,  the habal-habal drivers that brought us to Alegria from Mainit Spring were also interested in going to Cambais Falls since they haven’t visited that place, too. So, we hired them again to go to Cambais Falls. We agreed to a fare of Php 150.00 each back and forth.

         But before that…our stomachs made a rumbling noise. We were hungry. We needed to eat to fill the emptiness of our bellies. We looked for a place to eat.  While searching we passed by this quiet and quaint park of Alegria overviewing the sea. Perfect for a date, right?

Cambais Falls, Alegria 11.11

        At last, just near the park, we found a carenderia. My food consisted of two freshly cooked viands, a cup of hot rice and one bottle of soda that cost Php 45.00 only. BURP!

Cambais Falls, Alegria 12.12
        Finally, we had fueled up our tummy ready for this exciting activity.  It was now time to go to Cambais Falls. YEHEY!

        The engine of the motorbike started. And then we hit off the road. At first the pathway was plain but then moments later it was going uphill. Good thing, the road was cemented. We were like flying on the elevated pathway, soaring high toward the mountain top seeing the alluring panoramic mountain view!

Cambais Falls, Alegria 24
Even though we were already on the mountain, we could still observe the smaze and it really made me wonder how many acres of forest trees were intentionally burned, the fact that the smaze reached Cebu. 😦
Cambais Falls, Alegria 15.15
Just look at those mountains at the right corner of the picture. They are not covered with fog but with smaze. Aware of this pollutant, my friend Nina brought face mask for protection. 😦
*The smaze was annoyingly present  during our  trip in October. As of this time that I write this blog post, Cebu is SMAZE FREE! I am grateful for the wind and rain that made the smaze vanish .   . . .hope it will be gone forever.
  • Tip No. 2  The “habal-habal” ride will take 30 – 40 minutes. It’s a bit far. Despite the smazy atmosphere, we could feel the scorching heat of the sun. So it’s important to use sun block, put on sunglasses, wear hat, etc. for skin and body protection.

            The picture below is the drop off area. As we disembarked from the habal-habal, a guide, named Kuya Bal, right away met us. He told us directly that the guide fee is Php 100.00 each.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 13.1
And as you can see in the picture, the kids enjoyed playing and swimming in the water below the bridge. The water that cascaded down the stream comes from Cambais Falls. It clearly showed that the water was clean and fresh. We hope that the locals will make sure that the surroundings also would be free from trash. Apparently, there was a pile of trash on the ground. *(Heave a sigh)

          We started our ramble towards Cambais Falls.  We went uphill but the trail was easy because it had been used by many  people who have visited the place before.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 16.16

  • Tip No. 3 Though the trail is easy make sure you watch your steps as you walk because on the other side is a cliff where one wrong step, might cause you to roll down.

         As we continued our walk, we came across this mini forest. You may find this forest an ordinary one; but the ambiance is different. The shade of the trees, the gushing water of the streams and the lullabies of the birds made the place breezy and mystic.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 14.14 Cambais Falls, Alegria 23

         Beware of this guide for he will make your heart melt  in admiring his overloaded cuteness. Yes, we were approached by this charming dog. And don’t worry, he’s a harmless “little beastie”. He used to guide sightseers to the place.  Hihi!

Cambais Falls, Alegria 5

       As standard operating procedure, we wrote our names in the logbook and paid an entrance fee of Php 30.00 per person.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 17

  • Tip No. 4   In case you do not know how to swim, a life vest will be a big help. There is a store where you can rent one  for a price of Php 30.00 only.

         Nina and Rowena rented life vests to make them feel assured that they would be safe when they would be going to swim in the spring.  While waiting for them I saw this banana with many hearts. ( puso sa saging) This was my first time to see this kind of bizarre banana, a polygamous banana. Lol!

Cambais Falls, Alegria 18

        Finally, in all of its splendour, appearing in front of us . . . the beautiful Cambais Falls. Oh, I was mesmerized and enthralled by its beauty.   Literally I was out words to aptly describe it.  So without further ado, here are my pictures.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 19 Cambais Falls, Alegria 4.4 Cambais Falls, Alegria 6.6 Cambais Falls, Alegria 28

        I thought what we already had the complete view  of Cambais Falls,  but I was totally wrong because Cambais Falls had three levels, and we were on  the first level.

         To go to the second level, one must climb this boulder where the water cascaded. The current  was strong. Good thing,  Kuya Bal instructed us well on  how to climb. (This reminded me of  Level 2 of Aguinid Falls .)

Cambais Falls, Alegria 20.20

         It was safe to climb because there were potholes which were intently burrowed out. These were modified to make it easier for people to mount up safely.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 21

          Since the current of the water was strong, Kuya Bal shielded the water above with  the weight of his body and this made our upward climb very much easier.  But his posture shielding the water was a funny sight. Lol! He looked like a mermaid relaxing out in the water. Hehe!

Cambais Falls

  • Tip No. 5 This venture will surely make you get wet. So make sure your belongings, especially your gadgets, are water resistant. It is advisable to bring a waterproof camera.

         There were areas where we stepped on rocky and narrow parts.

  • Tip No. 6 Wear proper footwear to avoid slipping in the slithery path.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 27

         And  this was the second level of Cambais Falls. For me, it was not that outstanding. It  simply had a small tier of falls with a narrow catch basin. In the left corner of the falls there stood a staircase made of bamboo for effortless ascent.

Processed with VSCO with fCambais Falls, Alegria 22

        And at last, the stunning and remarkable third level of Cambais Falls. It had two waterfalls, which made it distinct from other falls. I have been chasing waterfalls, and every falls is different from the other. Like human fingerprint, no two waterfalls are alike.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 25

          The pool was emerald-like in color which made it look unfathomably deep. This was the reason why one must wear a life vest  for safety purposes.

          So these are our pictures!

Cambais Falls 1 Cambais Falls, Alegria 7 Cambais Falls 2 Cambais Falls, Alegria 3.3

        Kuya Bal sometimes jumped then plunged himself into the water.  I was envious of him. Life is an adventure or nothing at all.  So I jumped, too. Wohoo!


  • Tip No. 7  Jumping is at your own risk. There are parts where the rocks are slippery.  So please be extra watchful in doing so.

        We had so much fun. We enjoyed our adventure.  And again we got hungry. Good thing, we brought food.

  • TIP No. 8   Take some food and water because there are no stores in the area.
  • Tip No. 9   Don’t litter.  Respect mother nature and behave accordingly so that this treasure in Alegria will be  maintained and preserved.

        Our Alegria adventure was truly enjoyable; but time did not stand still. We bade farewell and proceeded to our next stop which was Badian.

        I was happy that the habal-habal drivers named, Kokoy Martin, Jelly Ace and Dodong also enjoyed themselves in Cambais Falls.

Cambais Falls, Alegria 26
Kuya Bal, Jelly Ace, Dodong, Rowena, Niña and Kokoy Martin


How to get there

1. If by bus, go to South Bus Terminal.  Ride a bus bound for Alegria. The fare going to Alegria for non-air conditioned bus is Php 139.00 The fare for air-conditionned bus is Php 151.00.
2. From Alegria Park, hire a habal- habal for Php 150.00. *subject to haggling
3. Pay an entrance fee of Php 20.00.
4. Hire a guide for Php 100.00.

Plan to take your bus trip early to avoid heavy traffic, save time and have a chance to maximize your trip.

5. If by taxi, negotiate the fare. It is usually a “Pakyaw” system if by taxi. In our case our fare was 1,200.00 (one way).

Suggested Itinerary for the South Invasion in Cebu





03:00AM– (via bus) meet up at the South Bus Terminal, ride bus and depart for Malabuyoc

07:00AM– arrive at Malabuyoc,

07:10AM– ride habal- habal

07:15AM arrive at Mainit Spring, register, change swimming attire

07:30AM immersing at the hot spring, trekking to Montaneza Falls

08:30AM ride habal habal to Alegria

09:00AM arrive at Alegria police station/park, inquire

09:20AM breakfast, pack up

09:40AM– ride habal habal to Cambais Falls

10:20AM– arrive cambais meet uide

10:30AM– register, trek to the falls, swim at Cambais Falls

12:00AM– pack up, ride habal habal to Badian

12:45PM– arrive at Badian, trek to kawasan

01:00PM– sightseeing,  picture taking at Kawasan Falls

01:30PM  hire habal habal to Moalboal

01:50PM  lunch at MCDO

02:00PM hire tricycle to Panagsama Beach

02:15 PM snorkel/swim with the sardines

03:00PM  hire tricycle to Moalboal highyway

03:15PMwait for the bus

04:00PM depart from Moalboal

08:00PMarrive in CEBU

Estimated Expenses for the South Invasion in Cebu

Php 151.00/pax – fare for the ordinary bus to Malabuyoc

Php 20.00/pax  – fare for the habal habal to Mainit Spring

Php 20.00/pax – environmental fee in Mainit Spring

Php 240.00/pax – fare for habal habal  (alegria and badian) *subject to haggling

Php 30.00/pax – entrance fee in Cambais Falls

Php 100.00/pax – guide fee in Cambais Falls

Php 20.00 /pax– entrance fee to  Kawasan Falls

Php 66.00/pax – fare for the habal habal to Moalboal  *(Php 200 /3) subject to haggling

Php 50.00/pax fare for the tricycle from Moalboal Town to Panagsama Beach *(Php 150.00/3) subject to haggling

Php 100.00/pax  rental fee for snorkeling gears 

Php 50.00/pax – fare for the tricycle from Panagsama Beach to Moalboal Town*(Php 150.00/3) subject to haggling

Php 107.00/pax – fare for the ordinary bus from Moalboal to Cebu

A total of Php 954.00 per pax

*food, souvenirs, tour guide tips and miscellaneous fees are not included 


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