Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage

Talima and Tambuli Dive Sites: Experiencing Cebu’s Scuba Diving into the Wreckage


        OCEAN – one of the most beautiful and fascinating wonders of nature. Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water which provides foods to millions of not just people but other animals as well. It provides satisfaction and pleasure for almost all beings here on earth. Captivating coral reefs and underwater rock formations appear as if engineered by extra-terrestrial beings. Diverse marine species with their vibrant physique create a dazzling effect in the waterworld. But behind the sea’s beauty and wonder, lies another world with billions of creatures interacting in ways we cannot comprehend.  Deep within the vast blue open space, there remains a mystery. There dwells some sort of danger. The sea has been a keeper of some events in our history. Sunken ships, crashed planes into the waters and disasters that had occurred seem to be recorded in the ocean’s history.

        Now I’m going to share with you my scuba diving experience into the sunken outrigger boat  and plane wreck.

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The Three Sites in Moalboal : Haven for Divers and Non Divers Alike

The Three Sites in Moalboal : Haven for Divers and Non Divers Alike


         Sitting in solitude in the seat of the bus and leaning against the window, I looked at the people around. They seemed to be yearning for freedom from the stressed life in the city and desiring to escape from their daily routine. Maybe some were wanting to go home while others were wanting to ramble.Read More »

The Pursuit of Mr. Frog Fish

The Pursuit of Mr. Frog Fish


          This is not a fairy tale where a girl kissed a frog that turned into her Prince Charming but rather this is a different story (because that was a frog but my story is a fish, a FROG FISH. Lol!). Kidding aside, this is a story which has an essential element as we move forward in our daily lives. So here it goes…Read More »

Experiencing Pure Bliss in Humble Moalboal (Part 2)

Part 2 – Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens: A Gift from Heaven


           After my fervent admiration of the sardines at Panagsama Beach during our scuba diving, we checked out of Pacita Resort and directly headed to Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens. All I know was that my company and I were invited for a pool blessing, so I did not bother to check  on Google what other amenities Hale Manna has to offer. I heard was that it is beautiful serene resort, with a well loved coral garden. And believe me, after I heard of what they said, I just kept mum and muffled my excitement. I wanted to suspend my curiosity and find out if there was really something to be amazed at. So let see…Read More »

Experiencing Pure Bliss in Humble Moalboal ( Part 1)

Part 1 : SARDINES RUN in Moalboal 


          My favourite time of the day is when the sun will begin to emerge in the east showing its glowing glory, splashing its darling hues and gradually erasing the darkness which enveloped the earth several hours before. On one particular day in June and during my favourite time of the day I was in the city of Toledo. I was grateful for that beautiful sunrise. It made me feel good for it offered a promise of hope that the day will be fine. BUT…

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SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys

SCUBA DIVING: Its Thrills and Joys


          Endless possibilities, and now I embark on another journey. This time it is scuba diving. Before I start making my diving diary, I would like to thank my brother, Rain dear, for this opportunity of experiencing a kind of thrill into the depths of the blue sea.

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