CAPITANCILLO ISLAND : Tiny Yet Exhibiting Unique Magnificence

The roar of the boat’s engine was kind of deafening, leaving us to keep mum and just look around the view of the sea and the horizon. It was a beautiful morning; the sun’s rays penetrated our skin and warmed our body. The gentle waves hit the boat with a rhythm that made me sleepy when suddenly one of our companions pointed to something in the sea. When I looked at it, I saw a dorsal fin protruding on the seawater.

SHAAAAAAAAARKKKK! …Shark on Apple iOS 12.1

Naaaaah! Unfortunately, it wasn’t. ( Unfortunately, because I love sharks, I would be glad to see one, haha!🤣) We weren’t able to figure out what that sea creature was because we only saw its fin and a part of its head. Its face seemed to be round. Wandering alone, I thought it was a dolphin. I wasn’t able to capture that scene because the creature swam away eventually.

The Folklore of the Island

According to folklore, Capitancillo was named after Capitan Basillo, the captain of a Spanish trading vessel. Captain Basillo once insulted a local  datu named  Datu Bugtopasan. And because this datu couldn’t tolerate the disrespectful attitude of the foreign captain, he cursed and put a spell on Capitan Basillo’s galleon transforming it into an island. (- source Wikipedia)

Can you spot the tiny island?

Maybe that’s the reason why from afar, Capitancillo Island resembles a sea vessel. Its towering lighthouse seems to be the mast and the unfinished structure (or ruins) appears to be the body of the galleon. Can you imagine just how small Capitancillo Island is? With that idea in mind, I thought I would easily be bored in there with nothing to do except take pictures in a very limited space.Haha!.But I was totally wrong!

Capitancillo Island’s Unique Magnificence

When we finally docked at the island of Capitancillo, I just couldn’t contain my excitement so I hurriedly toured around. It was basically about a five-minute tour because the island is really small.

The crystal clear water and the cottages in Capitancillo Island.
White coral sand beach in Capitancillo Island.

In my take, the scenery in Capitancillo wasn’t that remarkable compared to some of the islands here in Cebu. The island has 4 cottages only and some open benches. It has few coconuts trees and other trees which give less shades. (So it’s really advisable to put sunblock for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.) There’s an unfinished building ( I really don’t know if it was really unfinished or damaged by typhoon)  and beside the unfinished building, stands a more than a century old  lighthouse which  was built in 1905.

The ruins in the background.
A century old lighthouse in Capitancillo Island.

Capitancillo Island is a coral island with some parts having sharp and dark coral rocks but it also has white sand coral beach.

I’m sitting at one of the open benches (no shade) here in Capitancillo. I could really feel here the scorching heat of the sun! But picture is life! HAHAHA
Look at these dark coral rocks in the island.

But what amazed me in this island was the water that surrounds it. The turquoise clear and clean water that surrounds the island  was a marvel to our eyes. The admirable clear water was so enticing for me to dive that it was hard to resist.


I was amazed by the visibility under the sea. I saw a lot of fishes although there were less corals. When I tried to go down, I saw a school of small silver fishes that looked like there was rain pouring underwater. It was such a splendid sight. I also saw a number of diverse marine animals. My new knowledge about this amazing island is that it is  a  protected marine sanctuary meaning nobody is allowed to  fish,  threaten or endanger  marine life or throw any disgusting  waste or trashes into the seawater because if one will be caught doing these prohibited acts, he will be fined  up to one million pesos… (yikes!!!) That is why Capitancillo Island is one of the beautiful diving spots here in Cebu. It has three dive sites. And I guess there’s still more to see in there. That dolphin I saw earlier was  perhaps a sign that Capitancillo is rich in marine resources. I hope it will stay that way foreverrrrrrrrrr…..

Crystal clear water in Capitancillo Island. ♥

Because of our limited time we weren’t able to explore and see more of the underwater world of Capitancillo. But still I was in bliss for having set foot in this tiny island of the north. hehe!

Capitancillo Island may seem small, but it truly exhibits extraordinary magnificence. That’s the reason whyI will come back sooner to this island.

Tips and Tricks in Your Trip to Capitancillo Island

✅ Option 1, The Hassle Free Tour – If you like to have hassle free island getaway in Capitancillo Island, contact Bunzie’s Cove because they have tour packages not only for this amazing island but also for some places in Tabogon. For bookings and inquiries contact:

Or visit the Reservations Office at:
A.C Signature Developments, Inc.
Business Walls Bldg., 856 A.S. Fortuna Street,
Banilad, Mandaue City 6014
Cebu, Philippines

Office: +63 32 344 303

This video summarizes our tour around Tabogon and Capitancillo island. Thanks Bunzies’ cove for this hassle free tour.

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P.S. Correction in my video…These (not They) are just some of the interesting places…

I apologize in advance for my awkwardness, but believe me I tried.  I’m not good in speaking too, so please bear with me.🙂 If you do like my video don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel Thank you so much. 🙂♥


✅ Option 2, The DIY Ride a bus bound to Bogo in the north bus terminal. With that, you need to be ready for an almost three-hour trip in going to your drop off point, Bogo proper. Then, look for a pedicab that will bring you to Brgy. Siocon Bantay Dagat Outpost. From there, find some boatmen who will take you to Capitancillo Island.

For more inquiries about Capitancillo Island,  contact  Bogo Tourism Department with these numbers (211) 260-5183 or 260-5310.   

Possible Damage Cost

₱150.00 Bus fare (per head)from North Bus Terminal to  Bogo Proper  

₱25.00 Tricycle fare (per head)  from  Bogo Proper to Brgy. Siocon Bantay Dagat outpost   

₱300.00 docking area (per group) 

₱200.00 cottage (per group)

₱3,000.00 to 5,000.00 Pumpboat pakyaw sytem (for 12 to 15 pax depending on the number of passengers)

Additional tips

  1. Always check the weather before you proceed to this venture. My story happened on a very fine day, so I had a fine trip. If the weather is not on your side, you might not enjoy your trip and you might encounter treacherous waves in going to Capitancillo Island.
  2. Be early to maximize your trip as much as possible. In our case, since we stayed in Bunzie’s cove, we started our trip going to Capitancillo Island as early as 7 am. We left the island before 12 noon.
  3. There is no accommodation/store in the island but you may take a tent if you wish to stay overnight. There’s an additional fee if you spend the night there.
  4. Be mindful of the current and depth of the waters in Capitancillo Island. At high tide, one meter away from the shore, the water becomes deep. Wear life jacket if you don’t know how to swim.
  5. There’s no rental of swimming gears in the island so just take along your fins, mask snorkel etc….
  6. Always protect you skin from the harmful rays of the sun by using sunscreen. Always use sunblock before sun exposure. In my case I use Sevensense Sunblock Spray because it’s  non-sticky, fast absorbent, white pigment free and preservative free.

    My sunscreen companion for my adventures.
  7. Never ever threaten and endanger marine life there. Don’t ever throw your waste anywhere because if you do, you will be fined up to one million pesos, so you should better leave no trace!!!

Where to Stay

Prior to this trip, we spent overnight in Bunzie’s Cove. If you’re curious what this beautiful resort looks like, read my blog here. 

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How about you? Have you visited this tiny island in the north? What are your experiences when you travelled to  Capitancillo Island? Tell me about your story.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in Capitancillo Island. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potatoes adventure.

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