When 2020 came, the first month had always been the busy month for me. I didn’t even celebrate the New Year with my family because year-end reports which I had to accomplish would be flooding at this point in time. As always, these would be accompanied by anxiety and stress which would heighten up as the deadline for submission got nearer and nearer. Added to this, my fears soared to the highest level when Taal Volcano erupted and that was also the time when my colleagues and I had an official trip to Manila. We were stranded at the airport for almost 12 hours. When I was in Manila, my stomach hurt so badly that I vomited  almost 10 times. I  could barely walk because of the tremendous pain I felt in my stomach.

I couldn’t lie down on bed or sit properly.

I had to find a suitable position so as not to feel the pain and the discomfort. Even in breathing, I could feel the pain. When I exhaled, I felt the intense pain like a wound stabbed by a knife. Ugh! It was a terrible torture! I even went to two hospitals that might help in relieving me of this horrible pain. I was struggling the whole time. (I’m going to share another post for this one because this is going to be a lengthy story of my life,haha!) But to sum it all up nothing ever helped to ease the pain. So when we went back to Cebu City,  I was directly brought to another hospital. After all the tests and examinations, it was found out that my appendix had already ruptured. I had my first ever admission and operation in the hospital. A few weeks later, the Covid 19 pandemic happened that has disturbed the whole world and my own little world. Problems on my health recovery and fear of the threat of the pandemic somewhat created a ripple to paralyze my creativity, putting contents into a halt. Fear and anxiety dominated my whole being; thoughts and ideas floated in the empty spaces of my mind.



Because of these unfortunate events, I was really going to say goodbye to this blogosphere world. Yes, I wanted to end this platform because aside from the lack of a writing competence (deym this rotten brain,haha), no creative juices were ever extracted from this dull mind from the start of the year until the pandemic days. I tried, but eventually the ideas would turn black.  I was experiencing some sort of creative block.  I was really on the verge of giving up my creative side and just live my life plainly, ordinarily… nothing spectacular, just living or simply existing and trying to survive this dreadful era.

Then it happened! It was like a speck of magic dust that distracted my humdrum existence — a wanted distraction.

My sister recently opened a small lechon business in Bantayan Island and she sought my help in promoting it. I couldn’t go to Bantayan Island because of this pandemic, so my only contribution was to make posters to put on her social media as a way of promoting her business. With this, the little creativity in me was awakened. My sister was a catalyst that activated my thoughts, my ideas to make me go back to this platform. She shook off the monotony in my being and ignited my spirit to do something novel out of the ordinary.

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And that was where it all re-started I was excited to create something again, to take pictures, to make videos, and to write a blog despite the slowness of my mind to think and produce words.  At least I had done something in my own pace to refuel this burned out passion.

For the sake of creating something, not letting my thoughts and ideas stagnate in my mind and doing the things I love to do before despite all these crux and adversities I’ve experienced, I was happy, fulfilled and motivated in life again. The momentum is back, hoping that it would be consistently maintained for long.

Then one day,

this feeling of pure bliss rose to a more exalted level when Marj of sent me a message that I was one of the finalists in BCBA under photo blog category.
BCBA or Best Cebu Blogs Awards, the only award-giving body that acknowledges  Bloggers/Vloggers and other social media influencers in the beautiful island of CEBU.  The 13th Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA). This event is made possible with the help of BCBA Sponsors and Partners. Gold Sponsors – PLDT Home, BPI, Cebu Pacific Air, PayMaya, Bronze Sponsors  – Starbucks Philippines, Blogger Partners – CBS, CFB, C3, Memoriter Writing Services Official Photographer – Alvin Asayas Photography and lastly Partners – Cebu Fitness Blog,,


Honestly I was literally shaking, my hands started to sweat and I had a hard time composing a reply to her because I was completely surprised.  I just couldn’t believe that my crafts were seen and appreciated. It was apparently an indescribable feeling because I was like in a six-month hiatus, and my recent posts were some kind of personal to me rather than my usual travel blogs, so I guess people wouldn’t care to read and watch. HAHA! It was super duper unexpected. It was such an honor and privilege to be become a finalist and to contend with these two amazing co-finalists, The Bisaya Traveler and Vivomigsgee. These two people are really amazing bloggers and how they incorporated their words into their beautifully captured photos are surpassingly awesome. JUST WOW. My brother even said that he liked that one blogger more because of his amazing writing skills instead of me. But of course he voted for me, because I insisted. NYAHAHAHA!😂 Even if I wouldn’t win, my being a finalist has made a big impact in my life — a gift to inspire me to continue my passion to take photos, make blogs/vlogs and create something worthy.  And that is all that matters.  Thank you very much universe for all these blessings despite everything I’ve been through. 

Two months to go before 2020 ends and this year was one crazy kombucha ride. HAHA😂! I titled it that way because I remembered a meme where a lady was drinking a kombucha  for the first time. She didn’t like the taste at first and then seconds later her facial expression changed. Somehow she realized she kind of like the taste of it. And my first taste of 2020  was like a horrible dreadful nightmare but sooner, I kind of loved it, learned to ride along the waves  and just enjoyed the sail of my life wherever it may lead to. I know it won’t be easy, but I know it will be worth it. 

This video summarizes my being finalist in BCBA. 🙂 I apologize in advance for my awkwardness, but believe me I tried.  I’m not good in speaking too, so please bear with me, hehe 😊 . If you do like my video don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel you so much. ♥

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hahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlogs.❤️

Stay safe and take care.


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Chasing Potatoes

Why Chasing Potatoes? I’m Chasing Potatoes. I chase time and opportunities because just like round potatoes they roll and get lost. I chase them to store memories to last a lifetime. I make haste, running after them, fearful that they might be gone. That’s why I go places on land or in water.My story tells about the journey of chasing time and saying yes to wonderful opportunities.

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    1. Oh, goodness. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness and so happy to hear about the photo bog nomination. You already know that I think you are über-talented and gloriously gorgeous, too. Now I know that you are tough and brave, also.

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