Sunrise at Panglao Beach: A Reminder to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Have you ever experienced a breathtaking sunrise that left you speechless? That was exactly what I felt during my recent trip to Panglao. Well not exactly a trip but a work-related kinda trip. I was just happy and proud with myself for being able to wake up early (only at that time, lols😅) because I am not a morning kind of person but you know, I just couldn’t leave this place without witnessing the glory of Panglao’s sunrise, that’s why when 5 AM hit the alarm I hurriedly went outside the room and rushed directly to the beach just wearing PJs, haha!😅 I looked at my phone and I was ecstatic and thrilled because it had full bars of battery and I could capture lotsa photos and then my phone malfunctioned and died and literally made me speechless as in literal ahuhuhuh!😭😭😭

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Southern Invasion: Exploring the Natural Gems of Four South Cebu Towns

Third Stop: Sightseeing the Magnificent Kawasan Falls in Badian

( And Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Kawasan Falls Experience Worth the Trip)


          Wow! It’s January twenty-sixteen, a new year has reigned! Time flies so fast. Yesteryear was just like a snap of a finger and now another set of 365 ( plus one ) days are rolling. I know it’s kind of late but I just want to greet all of you a blissful and prosperous new year. As the earth continues to revolve around the sun, I hope that  each one of us will enjoy our year with lots of adventure and embark on new possibilities whatever comes our way. Let love dominate our being. We should not be afraid to be broken but be formidable to face challenges, and enjoy every tidbits of time.

Lusno Falls : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns

LUSNO FALLS : A Hidden Paradise in the Midst of Two Towns


♬♪Should I give up or should I keep on Chasing Waterfalls, OH DEFINITELY! ♬♪

         Well, this time I am wandering again and I’ll take you to one hidden paradise in the South, LUSNO FALLS!

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Venturing Balay sa Agta Cave and Bugasok Falls in Argao, Cebu

          Remember my blog about Mulao River in Compostela, North of Cebu? A week before our trekking feat, I suggested to my friends that after Mulao, we will set foot on another adventure in Argao, South of Cebu. I had no idea at all why it will be Argao after Mulao. Maybe the words rhyme, lol. Kidding aside, later did I know that the two places have a story connection. So here in my blog I am going to share the story but first here’s Continue reading “Venturing Balay sa Agta Cave and Bugasok Falls in Argao, Cebu”

(UPDATED 2023 NEW NORMAL) 13 Plus Ways to Experience Bantayan Island to the Fullest

I am not a well- founded writer, I am not even good in translating my thoughts into words and to express myself correctly for I don’t have a rich vocabulary to aptly describe the ideas in my mind. Neither do I have profound ideas, great insights and creative concepts; but one thing is truly accurate, I love blogging.

I am so fond of blogging that I just realized I have been sharing my perceptions by way of brief entries for almost a year and a quarter (7 years now haha 😂) This favorite pastime of mine has inspired me to live by the name of “The Wanderlust Keeper”. I have the desire to go places and experience the thrills along the way, learn something new and expand the keepings of my wanders.

I love to visit other places but…

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