BLACK SMOKEHAUS: Trying Out Authentic Texas Style Barbecue in Mandaue City, Cebu

I was so confident to finally win because I got the first two wins out of three in playing this childhood game of PAPER-ROCK-SCISSORS, because if I win we would eat in Pearl, my “go to” Korean Restaurant, as I was craving for a samgyeopsal meal. However, Harold was already “UMAY” in Korean cuisine and wanted to try something new. He was annoyed with me with the idea of eating again and again in Pearl, haha 😂! That’s why he decided to play this silly game and if he won, we would go to Black Smokehaus. As you already know, he won and I realized I haven’t really mastered the art of PAPER-ROCK-SCISSORS game contrary to what I thought.

Anyhoo, honestly, I haven’t heard about this place before because I’m not that foodie kind of person and I get anxious in trying something new nowadays, LOL! 😂I thought this was a sort of familiar barbecue kind of place like Matias or AA’s where I usually dine with family and friends for the yummy barbecues. Well, since Harold won, I guess it might be well to see what the place does offer.


Beyond my expectation, the place caught me by surprise. I never thought that just near the area where I stay there is this classy and fancy restaurant!  “Kanindot man diay diri, charrh!😂” I uttered as I entered the vicinity. This restaurant reminds me of Casa Verde in Ramos which stands in a sort of residential area. It is a  two-storey house/building and the restaurant is in the ground floor. Trees and gardens surround the place. Parking of vehicles in this place  is not a problem as there is ample space for this.


BLACK SMOKEHAUS Barbecue Restaurant

P418-A P. Burgos Street. Barangay Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, Philippines


  • ☎️ 032 503 2266
  • 📲 0966 639 9161
  • 📧


Outdoor dining part of the Black Smokehaus Restaurant

The members of the restaurant’s staff were attentive and accommodating. They willingly assisted us from the moment we stepped inside up to food serving. We were supposed to dine outside, but the staff asked us, if we would like to eat inside. And since I wanted to see the inside of the restaurant, we accepted the offer. And, oh my, I highly recommend eating indoors in this restaurant! (rebyower yarn, char, haha! 😂) The inside of the restaurant was cold and had a modern medieval design which was very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The place was clean. The ambiance was really chill.

Another lovable thing in this restaurant was their outdoor BBQ Grill. It was just so cool. I couldn’t wait to savor the authentic Texas BBQ style being prepared in this grill. Whoa, I was starting to get excited na!


The restaurant’s menu showed a large variety of food to choose from at reasonable prices. They had platters of big servings suitable for families and barkadas. They also had cakes, wines and beers.






We ordered a meal set composed of deep flavored smoked meat with plain rice, corncobs, muffins, pickled onions, jalapenos and cucumber paired with their very own signature barbecue sauce.


It was a superb meal! Everything, from the juicy, tender, flavorful smoked meat all the way to the muffins was delicious and delightful.

We also added smoked classic sausage. The sausage was not the usual preserved and frozen sausage that can bought in supermarkets. I could see that it was freshly made with herbs and spices and lots of meat in it. Texan style sausage was just delish in our own palate.


And what made me happier was that they had onions. They had pickled onions as side dish. I never thought I would see onions this time. Lol, hahaha😂! It was like seeing a priceless treasure hahaha😂! Despite the soaring price and rarity of this commodity, they still managed to complete their side dishes. And that’s what I love about this restaurant, hehe😂!


I think, I’m having a new fave restaurant. Everything was so worth it— the place, the ambiance, the food. I couldn’t find the exact words to describe it all because everything I experienced at that moment satisfied my senses. I was totally blown away, charowt 😂! If I were to rate this restaurant, it would be 11/10. 😂! I really enjoyed my experience here.

I will surely return to this place in the future. If you are looking for something different from your usual fare, then this is definitely worth checking out!

I was so glad Harold won in the PAPER-ROCK-SCISSOR game. HAHA! 😂


If you have a vehicle or if you take a taxi, just navigate through the help of Google Map or Waze to P418-A P. Burgos Street. Barangay Alang-Alang, Mandaue City, Philippines. If you drop off at Pacific Mall, proceed to the back of the mall. You may take a trike parked there. Or if you so desire, you may just walk about two blocks away from the mall.


Thanks for reading. ♥

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Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in BLACK SMOKEHAUS.  I wonder what place will they be venturing next for these little mischiefs love to give delicate challenges and if you do love to accept the challenge, you may support here 👉   Let’s catch them all  for the next chasing potatoes adventure.

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