OLANGO ISLAND: Food Tripping Makes Adventure More Exciting

I’ve been to this island thrice already. The first time was because of Richelle and her now hubby’s prenuptial shoot when my friend and I where the ones who took their photos. It was a memorable visit for me not just because I had set foot on this island but also because I had the opportunity to shoot for a prenup again despite my limited equipment. I only had an 85mm lens, no reflectors, no other accessories at all! Nevertheless, I was extremely happy with the outcome of the photographs.

If you are curious about the photos, you may go to this link. https://wp.me/p75F1F-3O We weren’t able to tour the place because we were busy with our topmost priority, capturing the photos of the lovebirds, hehe!

In my second visit, I got the chance to explore the island because Mona, a friend and officemate invited us to make laag-laag there. Since Mona has relatives residing in the place, she was familiar with it, and this made our tour a convenient one. To Mona, I extend my heartfelt thanks.


I visited the island for the third time to attend to some important matters. But then, I got the chance to go side tripping. WOHOO! And the highlight of this trip was the food in OLANGO ISLAND! And these were the food that filled our tummy. This food trip made this laag more memorable and worthwhile.

1. Milktea in the Middle of the Sea  

I was intrigued by the idea of having milk tea in the middle of the sea, I mean I didn’t expect this kind of refreshment to be sold here in San Vicente Floating Cottage. So, I gave it a try. I bought dark chocolate flavored milk tea with lots of pearls added to it. It was gooooooood.

Pictures were taken before Typhoon Odette

2. Saang/Spider Shell

One of my favorites seafood. I always make sure to order saang if visiting Olango Island and I’ll always bring my fave Pinakurat Suka, the perfect pair for saang.  

3. Swaki / Sea Urchin

In San Vicente Floating Cottage, local fishermen sell their catch of fresh seafood like swaki or sea urchin, scallops, saang etc. We bought swaki. After cleaning and opening the sea urchin, as shown in the picture, they gave us spoon, salt and vinegar. Then they demonstrated to us on how to eat the swaki. Haha. 🤣 The swaki for me tasted like fish egss (bihod) soaked in salt and vinegar. nom nom!

4. Lamaw  

When we were in Brgy. Sabang, I made sure to buy LAMAW. It was just refreshing to drink it while sitting on the white sand and viewing the sea after spending some time swimming here in Olango Island. It was a perfect moment to destress and unwind. Diba? gosh I miss Olango Island while writing down this blog. huhu! 🥺

5. Grilled Pork and Fresh Tuloy

We bought from the market this pork and fresh fish (tuloy). It’s been awhile that I haven’t eaten tuloy. Evreything here is just so masarap and fresh especially the seafoods.

That’s all for now. If the important matter that I’ve been attending to in this island would be realized, for sure, I would be visiting this island more often and would make this list go on and on. There are just so many places to explore and much food to experience.


Thanks for reading. ♥

How about you? Have you tried eating these foods? Tell me about your story.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in OLANGO ISLAND.  I wonder what place will they be venturing next for these little mischiefs love to give delicate challenges and if you do love to accept the challenge, you may support here 👉   https://paypal.me/chasingpotatoes.   Let’s catch them all  for the next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlog.❤️

Stay safe and take care.



P.S. I put a lot of effort in taking these photos and I placed hidden watermarks in all of them, so please don't download them freely without asking permission. If you want to feature my photos without watermark, just message me.

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