I Stood Up in Bantayan Sea, A Memorable Feat

One time as I was scrolling the news feed in my Facebook, one caption of a photo shared in a travel page group caught my eye. The caption stated, “Sabi ko sa boss ko na may aasikasuhin lang ako sa SSS pero hindi ko sinabi saan.” 🤣(I told my Boss that I have some things to attend to in SSS but I didn’t say where.)

The woman’s background in the photo was the building of the SSS and underneath the acronym of SSS is a word of a place, CAMIGUIN. I find this hilarious. WHY? There may be a little truth in it. She may have made transaction with SSS, but for sure travelling for fun was the real intention. And that SSS thing was just a sidetrack! And that’s when a lightbulb moment sparked in me! I’m planning to get my booster shot. So, I told my head that I was going to get my booster shot, but I didn’t say where. HA-HA!🤣

So off  to Bantayaaaaaan Island! 

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When I arrived at my favorite destination, my island paradise, my home, Bantayan Island, I wasn’t really planning to go out because I wanted to spend my time with my family, cuddle and bathe our dog (haha 😋) and most importantly I wanted to be in my own bed for I needed to rest this weary body and heart of mine. Cheret ✌️🤣


(UPDATED 2023 NEW NORMAL) 13 Plus Ways to Experience Bantayan Island to the Fullest

I am not a well- founded writer, I am not even good in translating my thoughts into words and to express myself correctly for I don’t have a rich vocabulary to aptly describe the ideas in my mind. Neither do I have profound ideas, great insights and creative concepts; but one thing is truly accurate, I love blogging.

I am so fond of blogging that I just realized I have been sharing my perceptions by way of brief entries for almost a year and a quarter (7 years now haha 😂) This favorite pastime of mine has inspired me to live by the name of “The Wanderlust Keeper”. I have the desire to go places and experience the thrills along the way, learn something new and expand the keepings of my wanders.

I love to visit other places but…

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