Sunrise at Panglao Beach: A Reminder to Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Have you ever experienced a breathtaking sunrise that left you speechless? That was exactly what I felt during my recent trip to Panglao. Well not exactly a trip but a work-related kinda trip. I was just happy and proud with myself for being able to wake up early (only at that time, lols😅) because I am not a morning kind of person but you know, I just couldn’t leave this place without witnessing the glory of Panglao’s sunrise, that’s why when 5 AM hit the alarm I hurriedly went outside the room and rushed directly to the beach just wearing PJs, haha!😅 I looked at my phone and I was ecstatic and thrilled because it had full bars of battery and I could capture lotsa photos and then my phone malfunctioned and died and literally made me speechless as in literal ahuhuhuh!😭😭😭

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