One of my 2021 resolutions is to reactivate my outdoor life. It’s a means to exercise physically as I can now sense the aging of my body and the slowing of my metabolism. The anxiety is getting out of hand and sleeping is difficult to achieve, HAHA! 🤣(Gor na this) Waking up early is likewise difficult brought about by late night sleep. That’s the reason why I failed miserably in fulfilling my resolutions, HAHA! 🤣 The consequence of my undisciplined persona is losing the chance to join events like hiking, camping, and all the outdoor activities I have been longing to re-experience. *heave a sigh!😔

That’s also the reason why my contents are mostly about food! I miss the opportunity to go out again. Anyway, we are in the middle of a pandemic, somehow, I’m also helping the country’s economy (charowt lang🤣, basta makalaag lang, hahaha) and at the same time minimizing virus transmission as I continually mind health protocols. Still, I want to continue sharing my naïve perceptions through this blog. That’s why I’m venturing on different contents, wanting to achieve a different kind of feat, a gastro kind of adventure. In other words In other words, a “gastos adventure” jk, HAHA! 🤣

Anyhoo, so much for my intro, let’s now go to the main topic. haha.

Cebuanos have already adopted Korean cuisine. That’s why Korean restaurants are sprouting fast in different places in Cebu City. It seems that wherever I go, there are Korean restaurants that are established or soon to be opened. I have already tried Korean restaurant, the one in Daega, located in City Times Square (which I already blogged, check this one out here – DAEGA Unlimited Samgyupsal with 20 unlimited side dishes) Samgyupsalamat which is situated near Parkmall, Panagdait and also in Oakridge, AS Fortuna. Other Korean restaurants are Romantic Baboy in IT Park and Pearl in Country Mall, which happens to be my fave so far.

Harold and I decided to try another Korean restaurant located in The Space, Mandaue City, which is known for serving authentic Korean dishes.


Makchang Korean Premium Meat Grill

The Space, A.S. Fortuna St. (1.84 mi)
Mandaue City, Philippines, 6014

Tel No. (032) 410 8453

Facebook  – Makchang Korean Premium Meat Grill – Home – Mandaue City – Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews |

We usually pass by this Korean restaurant when we go to The Space and noting that it was always full of people aroused our curiosity. We wanted to savour first-hand their authentic Korean dishes. This restaurant, however, doesn’t offer unlimited meat like most Korean restaurants do, but rather weighed in grams. Their side dish, though, is unlimited.

I like the interior design of this Korean restaurant. It’s like a modern rustic style, especially this part of the wall that has orange clay brick texture and these dark metal stools made from barrels with a leather black seat. These aesthetically designed furnishings fascinated me.



We ordered samgyeopsal kimchi jigae kimchi stew for Php 250.00

Samgyeopsal pork belly (360 grams) for Php 500.00

Daepae samgyeopsal thinky sliced pork belly for (180 grams) for Php 250.00

and a cup pf rice for Php 50.00 a total of Php 1,050.00

My impression of the meat was that it was fresh and had the right amount of fat filling. It was of good quality which indeed suits its name for its premium meat quality.

The side dishes were kimchi, spicy scallion salad (I think, that’s the name), white onion salad (not sure of the name ,basta, the onion was  sliced thinly and then soaked in pickling ingredients), raw sweet potato (kamote), garlic, chili pepper and Korean dips and sauces.

I’m not really good in writing articles about food because I am oftentimes at a loss for the accurate adjectives to describe it. Usually I describe food as delicious or yummy. But when I say delicious, I really mean it. Char! HAHA! 🤣 That’s why I really put effort to capture great quality photos to give justice to the food that I have delightfully indulged in.

Harold was definitely relishing and savoring the food in this Korean Restaurant. He was satisfied with what he consumed. He wanted to come here again to try other dishes.

The delectable food they served suited my taste and this gave me delight. However, there was one thing that made me a bit sad. It was when the kimchi stew was served. The bowl was so full that part of the stew spilled on the side of the bowl creating an unpleasant messy sight. It ruined my photo, HAHA! 🤣 Nevertheless, the stew was flavorful.


Food service in this Korean restaurant is truly amazing. One person was assigned in our table who would do the cooking for me. It was my first experience to have someone who would help me grill the meat and directly attend to my needs fast.


I thought this kamote (sweet potato) was singkamas (turnip) which was eaten raw, so I took one slice and ate it. The taste was like that of singkamas, HAHA! 🤣 Harold was shocked and told me that kamote should not be eaten raw because it might cause stomach upset due to toxic enzymes it might contain. These raw pieces of kamote would be grilled after all the meat was cooked. Honestly, it was my first experience eating grilled kamote. And it was so good! I have gone to other Korean restaurants but they did not offer kamote, lol, HAHA! 🤣 (igno me!)

This is the only picture with me in it, lol! I was so busy taking photos inside that I forgot to take a selfie, haha! And whenever I had started eating, I wouldn’t touch my phone for hygienic reason.

We really had an amazing dining experience savoring every bit of the premium meat of Makchang Korean Meat Grill House. Our cravings were indeed satisfied! The Korean gastro adventure was truly worth every penny.


If you have a vehicle or if you ride a taxi, just navigate your way through the help of google map or waze to The Space, Banilad, Mandaue City (just walking distance from Oakridge). If you plan to ride a public transit, you can take a jeepney or bus from Mandaue Pacific Mall to Country Mall or Talamban, and then disembark at The Space.

Please remember

 Please remember that the virus may be lurking nearby. Always think of your safety and of the safety of others.

Always do these:

  • Wear your facemask and faceshield.
  • Keep your safe distance.
  • Wash hands regularly.
  • Avoid mass gatherings and large crowds.

Let us not be complacent. Let us follow the health protocols.“Better safe than sorry.”

What other Korean restaurants here in Cebu can you recommend? I would love to hear from you.Please connect thru my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in MAKCHANG KOREAN PREMIUM MEAT GRILL HOUSE. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading.❤️Stay safe and take care.


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