I woke up late this day because the weather was kind of conducive to snoozing. As I opened my eyes, I continued to lie on my bed, took my phone, turned on the data and eventually wasted my time scrolling on SOCMED. Upon seeing my feed on Facebook, after being bombarded with photos of couples with captions full of greetings of love, I realized that it was the day of hearts. I immediately switched to another app which was Tiktok for another source of enjoyment and entertainment of seeing people performing random acts, haha!🤣 My stomach rumbled and I switched to another app to order food online. It was almost 3PM and I had not eaten breakfast and lunch. This is my usual way of spending weekends and holidays being such a lazy and unproductive human. No wonder, I’m getting fatter and fatter every single day. HAHA!🤣
My partner visited me at my place. The firmament was shaded with gray clouds. The breeze outside became colder. Moments later, the rain started to fall. It was drizzling; it was cold; it was gloomy. With that kind of ambiance, my partner felt a bit of something, an urge on what he craved before. He wanted to do something that could heat him up in this cuddly weather. He wanted us to do something to spice up our Valentine’s day.🙈
We hit off the road when it was blue hour and darkness started to envelope the scene. As soon as we reached the place, I was ecstatic at seeing less people enjoying their meal at THE GRID, a food park in Talamban.

I’ve been to THE GRID before where my friends and I used to hang out and eat dinner after playing badminton at Pats, this is where we usually hang out and eat our dinner. The energy spent in playing badminton to burn several amount of calories was useless because we came here to eat and consequently take in more calories, haha!🤣    

Photo taken on 2017 after badminton sesh.

I could still vividly remember that THE GRID offered a variety of food from cuisines of different countries like Malaysian, Singaporean to Vietnamese and Filipino. I used to order shrimps with very delicious sauce and paste. I forgot what country’s cuisine it was, maybe Malaysian. Then I would eat halo-halo afterwards.

getting fatter and fatter everyday 🤣 side view lang to hide the fatness haha!

This food park is truly amazing, not just for the food but also for its unique structural design of  container vans which are IG worthy for millennials.

Likewise amazing is the sight that above the stores are dorms or living spaces especially for students who used to study in a nearby school. They also offer office and event spaces as well. Such a brilliant structural design of an establishment is worthy of admiration! Sad to say, because of the pandemic, less stores are now opened, presumably very few people are renting the dorms considering that students are now engaged in distance learning, that is, they are learning at home online or through modules.

Spotted a cute cat, PURRR!
The shops in the GRID are fewer now compared with my last visit in 2017. Some stalls are now empty. The sight depresses me.  This is one of the negative impacts of this pandemic.  😦 Anyhoo, I see new stores now like Cebuyog, selling honey and one stall offering Indian cuisine, another store offering unli chicken, milk tea, Filipino food and snacks. And on this Valentine’s Day, we went to a Japanese store.
The Grid Image 20 by Chasing Potatoes
Y and G Japanese Curry Menu Price
And on this Valentine’s Day, we ordered Japanese food from  Y and G Japanese Curry. My partner was so excited to introduce me to this food that he had craved earlier. He ordered simple spicy ramen with kimchi (or let’s just say it was instant Korean noodles, I guess), and chicken kaarage, the highlight of the night, being my first time to eat this kind of Japanese fried chicken with an unfamiliar name.
The Grid Image 4 by Chasing Potatoes
What we ordered… Spicy ramen with kimchi and karaage.
The Grid Image 9 by Chasing Potatoes
Karaage for just Php 99.00 only

I might find the Karaage presentation dry and dull and it looked overcooked, but when I tasted it, it was properly cooked with its tender and soft meat similar to the chicken fun shots in KFC. But this Karaage was tastier as it was marinated with   secret Japanese ingredients ((of course, for one of  the store owners is  Japanese) please do correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂) This dish was partnered with spicy ramen with kimchi which made it spicier and tastier.

Spicy Ramen for just Php 89.00 only with kimchi.

One thing that also amazed me were the utensils used. The bowls looked expensive. The spoons and forks were comparatively heavy unlike in other restaurants which were simply cheap and light. You know, when adulting hits a person, he/she becomes observant of stuffs like these, haha!🤣

Mainit na sabaw para sa malamig na panahon. HAHA! 🤣

His craving for karaage and spicy ramen with kimchi was really satisfied as shown by how he sweated up. Just look at the sweat coming out from his face! HAHA! 😂

As for me, I still wanted more. I made another order, from a very hot ramen to an icy cold milk tea. Wherever I go and I see my favorite milk tea shop, I always end up buying and drinking my fave winter melon overload milk tea. 🤪
And that’s how we spent our Valentine’s Day. I craved for samgyeopsal on this day but knowing that it was Valentine’s Day that fell on a Sunday, for sure restaurants would be full. So we decided to try something different, some place that looked IG worthy that could really spice up this very special day.

How about you, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Tell me about your story. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru  my FB pagand Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.



Nasipit, Talamban (3.57 mi)
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000
For more details and inquiries, you may contact thru their Facebook page

FB PAGE👉- Grid FoodPark



Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in THE GRID. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading.❤️ Stay safe and take care.    







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