I Thought It Was Going to Be a Perfect Date, Then the Storm Ruined It, But still I Was Thankful For It

I Thought It Was Going to Be a Perfect Date, Then the Storm Ruined It, But still I Was Thankful For It

          This happened on a day of hearts and I had an affair.
        It was the break of dawn. A tinge of light began shining through the east, nature’s pastel colours emerged from the shadows that enveloped the earth earlier. The sun’s rays were not as effulgent as they used to be for the sun’s radiance was almost covered by dark clouds. Still the comeliness of the surroundings was a sight to behold.  Oh, it was perfect!  Perfect for me, for I cannot endure the sun’s hot rays while trudging and going up to where my heart’s desire would lead me
         How I wish it would be like that, that it would be the same for the rest of the day! 

Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog

          But it was just a fleeting moment. Mr. Weather had his unpredictable moods, changing his temper unexpectedly  and playing  his  villainous  role on me. He then gave me some warning.
       The pretentious tears of raindrops fell and soaked me. But that didn’t stop me from journeying to my destination. They kept pouring. They wet my lips and dry throat and gave me a boost of confidence after my thirst vanished.  They empowered me to continue my feat and to keep going.
       Mr. Weather was ferocious. He was mad!
Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
        He poured heavy rain  accompanied  by harsh winds that produced a horrible sound. These were signals that I should stop pursuing  my goal of reaching my destination.
        I was soaked with liquid, drenched  by heavy rain,  but my body gained added strength that removed the exhaustion as I kept on jaunting up to my destination.
        And I made Mr. Weather very, very angry.
 Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
         He released mist and fog resulting in  very low visibility. I felt almost blind for the surroundings were unclear already  and he made the temperature so  chilly  that I shivered.
         The heavy rain,  the harsh winds, the zero visibility, the cold temperature, instead of damping my spirit, made it soar high and made  my adventure more thrilling and exciting.  My body, mind and soul became numb to all kinds of pain that I had been through. With that I continued walking up to my destination.
 Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
        Now the day was ruined for he just created a storm. It was  indeed an abhorrent sight —seeing fallen  trees, branches torn apart  and flying, heavy rains that made the trail slippery, mist and fogs surrounding me 360 degrees. If I made a wrong and careless move,  it would be the death of me. 
       I could see clearly, that nature was not giving me a glimpse of paradise. Well, even if this was not heaven I’ll walk the hell with you, you difficult little devil.
 Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
        Why did my insanity bring me this far? How foolish I was to think that this was a right idea! Crazy as it seemed to be,  but I was not giving up. I may have pretended and acted that everything was okay, But it was not.  I felt the cold, the discomfort and the pain. And I told my brain to dismiss those negative feelings. But I know that what I was dealing right now was risk and danger. I was not surrendering, so  I continued going up to my destination cautiously.
        And that’s when I fell in love, no matter how many adversities  come  my way, even if they kill me, I still won’t let go and keep holding on.
 Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
        I had a love affair and that was the love for nature, particularly, the love for mountains. I was deeply in love with the mountains. I get this euphoric state whenever I think of climbing mountains. Yes, there’s no fun in climbing, really, but when you reached the summit. you also reached that indescribable feeling of naturally  getting high. There’s something about mountains that I cannot pin point, though the struggle in reaching the peak beforehand is definitely real. As what the quote says, “no pain, no gain” , the sweetness of reaching the summit was gained after the bitter stormy struggle.  This made me hooked in climbing mountains. Mountains are sacred and they must be protected and loved as well.
        I reached two peaks in the midst of a storm, my second and third mountain, Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog in Balamban. Yes, it was really tiring,  surmounting the weather that made me uncomfortable, the hardship of climbing slippery trail, the disappointment of nothing to view at all when  reaching the summits because of zero visibility. But I didn’t care, the fact that I have conquered and survived those mountains, made me crave even for more mountains. I was  grateful for the chance.
 Climbing Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog
          Actually, I was not alone in this mountain climbing venture. I just made my story, a kind of fantasy. I just wanted to make sure I still have a juice for creativity to write. Haha! Here’s the video of our mountain climbing adventure in a storm. To the people behind this video, I was  so happy I have known you in this potato universe. Thank you.
 Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in BALAMBAN. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

       How about you? Have you ever tried having an adventure in a storm? Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.