A Surprise for Php 5,000.00

Php 5 000.00 Function Room in Casino Español with Consumable Food/Couple Shower Ideas Plus Games



When my friends were planning for the venue of the bridal shower that turned into couple shower, a lot of suggestions cropped up. Great sites were suggested but the rates were exorbitant. But when my friend, Raphel, mentioned Casino Español with function rooms worth Php 5,000.00 incorporated with consumable food and can be used for 4 to 5 hours, we agreed that it would be the suitable place to celebrate the couple shower of Chiki and Niña.



All the happenings of the couple shower in Casino Español are sum-up in this video.

I apologize in advance for my awkwardness, but believe me I tried.  I’m not good in speaking too, so please bear with me. HEHE 🙂 .If you do like my video don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/ChasingPotatoes  . Thank you so much. 🙂 ♥



Instead of bridal shower, we opted to host a couple shower because it would be great to celebrate this special event with the couple’s close friends and not with ladies only. We wanted to honor both the bride and the groom and share with them the love and the embarrassments from the naughty games as we dig deeper into their inner selves. And of course, we wanted to express to them our love , support and our best wishes for happiness as they journey to the next chapter of their lives which is the married life.


THE GAMES (Coz we like it naughty, hehe!)

Game 1. “Shoot Mo sa Egg Cell Ko”

Materials needed: paper, scissors, sign pen, tape

The group is divided into two teams. Each player will be turned around 10 times and then stick the paper sperm inside the egg cell. The fastest team to place the sperms exactly inside the egg wins.


Game 2: “Buakon Mo Balloon Ko”

Materials needed: Balloons

The group is divided into two teams. Each player holds a balloon and pops it. He can use his creativity on how to pop the balloon. In our case, we chose the doggy style popping balloons. The fastest team to pop balloons is the winner.


Game 3. Tissue Wedding Gown Making

Materials needed: tissue and tape

The group is divided into two teams. Each team will pick one representative on whom the wedding gown will be put on. The members of the team will work together to make a gown out of tissue paper within five minutes. The couple will be the judge. 


Game 4. “Longest Breath”

Needed: Your longest breath

I didn’t include this in my video because my phone lacked memory space already. Whoever has the longest breath in saying “I dooooo” is the winner.


Game 5. For the couple “How Well Do You Know Each Other”

Materials needed: paper and sign pens

Here are sample questions for the future bride and groom of which their answers should match. If the answers do not match, there will be punishment. They will pick at random strips of paper with names of body parts where they are going to kiss.

Him or Her Q&A

1. Get annoyed easily

2. Said I love you first

3. Said sorry first

4. Emotional

5. Mas under

6. Better cook


8. Luoran

9. Romantic

10. Lazy

11. Hardheaded

12. Mas kusog mogasto

13. Most likely to get jealous


How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

1. Place where you first met

2. Place of your first date

3. Partner’s fave food

4. Fave place 5. Fave animal

6.Thing your partner hate the most

7. How many exes before nagkamo

8. When was the first “I love you”?

9. Full name of parents

10. How many siblings has your partner?

11. Most hated food

12. Team song

13. Shoe size

14. Year your partner graduated from college

15. Partner’s birthdate 





Disclaimer: We actually paid Php 8,956.00 because we added 2 meals, soft drinks and wine. But still you can stick to the Php 5,000.00 which already includes food.

FYI: Casino Español allows walk in. For more information and details about Casino Español, please contact: 253 1261-64


Congratulations to the happy couple, Chiki and Niña! You are proof that soulmates and true love exist. May you grow together in finding new ways to love and support each other. Wishing you all the best in marriage and in life… All my best…


Thank you for reading. 💋


How about you? Will you try to surprise your friends in Casino Español? Tell me about your story. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in  Casino Español. I wonder what place will they be venturing next for these little mischiefs love to give delicate challenges and if you do love to accept the challenge, you may support here 👉   https://paypal.me/chasingpotatoes.   Let’s catch them all  for the next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlog. Stay safe and take care. 💋




P.S. I put a lot of effort in taking these photos and I placed hidden watermarks in all of them, so please don't download them freely without asking permission. If you want to feature my photos without watermark, just message me.


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