OLANGO ISLAND: Food Tripping Makes Adventure More Exciting

I’ve been to this island thrice already. The first time was because of Richelle and her now hubby’s prenuptial shoot when my friend and I where the ones who took their photos. It was a memorable visit for me not just because I had set foot on this island but also because I had the opportunity to shoot for a prenup again despite my limited equipment. I only had an 85mm lens, no reflectors, no other accessories at all! Nevertheless, I was extremely happy with the outcome of the photographs.

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OLANGO ISLAND:Let’s Go Biking and “Lamawing”

I once posted about this LAMAWAN in OLANGO ISLAND in my Facebook Page and I showed in my video that the LAMAW there costs about 40-60 Pesos per serving. A friend reacted and commented that it was kind of costly and that it was more affordable if one will just buy the ingredients and prepare the LAMAW at home and viola, one can have LAMAW at home at a cheaper price. I couldn’t agree more and besides one can buy LAMAW along the streets, in stalls, in the malls. What makes this LAMAW in OLANGO ISLAND different is something that I can never forget. Well, let me tell you this.

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People that I know are now traveling for leisure after being trapped in their respective residences because of COVID restrictions. They relive their favorite pastime of going outside, feeling the warmth of the sun and the tickle of the earth on their soles and using the rest of their senses in perceiving the beauty of the environment.

In my case, I’m still stuck at home and at work, HA-HA🤣 I only find enjoyment in buying online stuff. This is my kind of adventure, a kind of “gasto” adventure. A friend of mine tells me that as long as something gives me happiness, go lang ng go! HA-HA🤣! I want to obtain that sheer kind of joy of buying something for myself but I also cautiously make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand.



My interests and searches in the Pinterest app are about aesthetic stuff, photography tips, bedroom makeovers and outfit ideas for fat people. Yes, fat people because I am one of them — those above average in the body max index. In other words, overweight. *Fudge you fats! HAHA! 🤣Anyway, I’m shamelessly plugging my Pinterest account if you want to follow it. It’s because I have only one follower and that follower is me with a different account. Basically, I have no followers there. HA-HA! JK. 🤣🤣


I Stood Up in Bantayan Sea, A Memorable Feat

One time as I was scrolling the news feed in my Facebook, one caption of a photo shared in a travel page group caught my eye. The caption stated, “Sabi ko sa boss ko na may aasikasuhin lang ako sa SSS pero hindi ko sinabi saan.” 🤣(I told my Boss that I have some things to attend to in SSS but I didn’t say where.)

The woman’s background in the photo was the building of the SSS and underneath the acronym of SSS is a word of a place, CAMIGUIN. I find this hilarious. WHY? There may be a little truth in it. She may have made transaction with SSS, but for sure travelling for fun was the real intention. And that SSS thing was just a sidetrack! And that’s when a lightbulb moment sparked in me! I’m planning to get my booster shot. So, I told my head that I was going to get my booster shot, but I didn’t say where. HA-HA!🤣

So off  to Bantayaaaaaan Island! 

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Php 20.00 ($0.40) – A Twenty-Peso Paradise: A Quick Visit to My Fave Beach. Guess where?

The Weather Forecast announced that the day will have wavy and windy seas and that was the day I was scheduled to go back to reality, I mean Cebu City. Obviously, this anxious mind was expecting to sail back on rough seas. Fortunately, Harold’s friends also came to visit Bantayan Island, so this distraction kept my mind away from overthinking about the boat journey, haha! 😄 We’ve got to see these friends. It wasn’t right and proper for us to leave Bantayan for Cebu City without seeing them, so much so that it was their first time to set foot on the island. We wanted to tour them around but with the very limited time we just brought them to my favourite place in Santa Fe.


Of all the words to write on the wall, why did they [the people who vandalized] have the audacity to ruin these “ruins”? Why didn’t they just draw some artsy stuff instead of defaming words like BTS BIOT! Some people may think this is just a joke or not a big deal at all, so why make a fuss about it? But there might be some fans who would be angered by this, right? To all KPOP fans out there, please don’t get mad. Keep your cool and don’t cancel Bantayan Island, haha!

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