MANTAYUPAN FALLS: The Falls that Once Didn’t Fall

MANTAYUPAN FALLS: The Falls that Once Didn’t Fall


          For almost a month, my life was blank. I felt sorry for myself because I wasted a lot of days instead of exploring new possibilities. There is emptiness and my thoughts are stuck. Anyway , life goes on… So at this very moment, I have decided to post throwbacks. I had no blog before I went to Mantayupan. It’s a waste if my experiences there won’t be put into words. So, here it goes…

           Mantayupan Falls, the 98-meter high falls, is found in Barili, Cebu, Philippines, just 2 hours away from Cebu City. It’s easy to go there. You can just take a ride at South Bus Terminal and when you arrive at Shamrock, Barili, you see lots of habal-habal. Request one driver to take you to Mantayupan Falls. Your expenses, I tell you, is just Php500.00 more or less from Cebu City to Barili to the entrance of the waterfalls back to Cebu City. AWESOME! Right?

Awesome Mantayupan Falls
Awesome Mantayupan Falls

          Mantayupan Falls, the falls that lost its gushing water and its grandeur due to sinkhole. Fortunately the government and locals did everything to restore its natural wealth and beauty and they succeeded. Mantayupan Falls offers not only attraction for tourists but also some kind of livelihood for people in the place.

          Mr. Legend and I never missed the chance to visit the famous Mantayupan Falls in Barili, Cebu. Waterfalls has always fascinated me and Mantayupan Falls was indeed admirable. I LOVE IT, REALLY! God is to be glorified for the beauty of His creation.

DSC_3509DSC_3454Beautiful Flowers in Mantayupan FallsMantayupan Falls and I
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