BALAMBAN : Living it Up (Part 2)

          Due to the intense heat we have experienced, my friends and I hit off the road and went to Balamban to escape part of the reality of the city. The first day of our adventure was mostly fun, laughter and leisure as stated in “BALAMBAN : Living it Up” (Part 1) in my blog. This is now part 2 of my memorabilia in Balamban and have to jot down my experiences as best as I could so I could reminisce them as clearly as possible in my golden years.


The time when I love myself, lol.

          Waking up in a room filled with four sleepy heads was like seeing an open can of sardines. LOL! The room was really small, but I didn’t mind at all. I cared only for the sight of the rising sun, the coming of the early morn and most of all the fog covering the total landscape.

         Thank goodness, I soon felt the cold and the nice thing was that the cold air was from nature. It was a splendid time.

oh FOG!
        For sure, this day would be exciting and thrilling because one of the lists in my bucketlist would be realized and that is Gaas Falls. I love waterfalls, no doubt about it. The fact that I don’t see waterfalls everyday made me think how fortunate I was for getting a very good view of this beautiful water form.


       It was really cold and I was so excited to see Gaas Falls that I forgot to put on sunblock, to bring extra snacks, water, handkerchief and towel. Oh, my! 😦


        Before going to the falls, we first went to see the Barangay Chairman at the Barangay hall to ask permission to go to the falls. We were instructed to sign in the logbook and we were told that they were the ones held responsible for anything that happens in the waterfalls.
Signing the logbook with the Barangay Captain
        And so the hike to the waterfalls began. It was easy going down the mountain but the trail was very narrow. At the left side was a cliff and at the right was a mountain. It seemed to be a place rarely travelled. Seeing a dead snake and thorny plants and being injured by the thorns, we seemed to be in a jungle.

                   And we trod a very steep trail. On the mountain lay many huge rocks. Should an earthquake occur, those rocks would surely roll and crush us to death. At times, the trail became wet and slippery. Of course, we slipped; we got scratches and bruises, but they were just skin-deep. I never expected this difficult leg journey to happen. Had I known beforehand, I would have worn the appropriate clothes for this venture. Sigh! It is really sad to say that one wrong step can lead to death.


          After the sweat and blood, we finally reached our destination. At last, Gaas Falls was now in full view. I took a dip in the cold water and was refreshed. Since we lacked drinking water, I drank some water from the falls. It was real nature’s spring water. Hahaha!
Niña Jeanne 🙂
Giovanni 😛
Jade 😀
Raphel 🙂
          We visited two falls. They were great.  And the experience of travelling on foot just to arrive at those waterfalls was indeed tiring. But it was memorable. Thank God, I survived that day. Oh no, not yet…
         We went back on a different path. This time, we moved upward on a high mountain to go back to the highway. It was really tiring and difficult since I am an amateur in mountain climbing. My legs hurt. From Gaas, Balamban, we reached Busay, Cebu City.
“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.” – Charles R. Swindoll

  I’m happy to say I survived. And now I’m back to reality. Cebu City, here I come. 😦

Here is our video on our second day in Balamban. 🙂