That One Time When I Had my Hair Done and the Result Wasn’t What I Expected

Hair Strobing : The latest Hair Colour Technique by Matrix  in  Salon De Rose


“Keep calm and get your hair done for life is short to have a boring hair.”– One dreary day, I surfed up the net and browsed news feed in my social media accounts, until I saw that quote. It had no impact on me at that time. I ignored it because I do not care much about my looks.  Yup, I simply don’t care much especially about my hair. I just ponytailed it up and it was good to go. But then,  as I scanned the photos in my Facebook, the throwback photos of the places I’ve gone to, I noticed that my face was just the same in the many photos.  I was having the adventures of my life but my face was just plain and simple because of the same old hairstyle. I guess I have to do something with my hair or else I’ll end up being boring, and being boring is not my liking. So I thought of taking a risk for my hair for it’s the only crown I cannot take off.


Hmmm, to what  salon  will I  go?  What shall I do with my hair: shall I have it cut,  shall I have it colored?  Or shall I try the  latest technique in hair colouring called strobing?

AHA! I’ll go for Salon de Rose  not  because it’s one of the well-known salons that offer great quality service  here in Cebu but because it offers hair strobing that other salons don’t offer. It’s so happened, too,  that Salon de Rose had this kind of event, Color ME Matrix where they feature Matrix Trend Collections,  Rock N Strobe and Candy Strobe.

So let’s go to Salon De Rose…

But first , what does this hair STROBING really mean?

STROBING, a phenomenon in make-up, originated as the placement of highlights in key areas of the face to draw attention to one’s favourite features.

Rock N Strobe – represents the rebellious trendsetter who loves to jam out, ham out and break the rules. There’s a youthful energy pulsing through the set and the only accessory required is a little bit of attitude.


Candy Strobe – is inspired by an endless multitude of colors and combinations from earthly chocolates to delightful pastels. It derives hair inspiration from the confectionery universe.


Candy Strobe seemed sweet and sentimental for me so I chose it. I think the definition above perfectly suits  me. Chocolates and pastels are heaven.  So why not try? HAHA! Fingers crossed, hoping to have a good result of my Candy Strobe,

So here’s my photo blog on what I did at Salon De Rose.

To start it off,  I take a selfie first before entering Salon De Rose. HAHA!  Here’s my self-portrait before the magic begins.  As you can see, my hair is all tied up without a sign of wow and awesomeness, haha!


While waiting for my turn,  I had my nails done.  I chose nude color  for an earthly vibe. What a delight! Thanks, Salon De Rose.

Last picture of my hair…  What am I thinking of?  What am I doing here? Is this the right decision? Oh, well… Never regret, never surrender. Let’s do this.

OMG… The hairstylist ,Ate Maricel,  starts cutting my hair.. Just one inch, Ate, one inch shorter please… But it’s becoming shorter and shorter.. Oh noooooo!


OMG…My hair after being cut short…. Hmmm,  I like it!  Look at me, I’m smiling from ear to ear. GAaaad,  never thought I would like a short hair. #ShortHairDon’tCare

Here are my new found friends who also tried hair strobing. I’m also excited about their new hair style.

Here are the products they are going to use for hair strobing. I chose Candy Strobe with a medium blonde warm base with gold highlight. Oh, di ba taray ng kulay, haha!

The picture below shows that they are applying the colours into my hair, strand by strand, detail by detail.

What I love about hair strobing is,  it’s like contouring my hair by having different shades of colours that match my facial features and specify the shape, style and colour of my skin to get the  best possible result. They place light and dark colours  to highlight the  best features and hide the least fave areas. They give details to every strand of hair, add highlights for flattering placement. Strobing can accentuate your natural beauty. And that’s amazinggggg!

After putting all the essential pigments in my hair, and while waiting for the hair color  mixtures to absorb in my hair,  here’s a treat from Moon café to savour our appetite and to quench our thirst. What a delightful treat! Thanks, Moon Café.

Candy Strobe

The hairstylists, hairdressers and color expert were so busy beautifying our hair. I adore hairstylists for they are artists  and the hair is their canvass.   How they craft their work is just brilliant.

Candy Strobe

Now the times up. It’s shampooing time and washing off those excess coloring mixtures in my hair. After that my hair got blow dried. And viola! Here’s the result.



So, here’s my new look. Tada! OMG… Is this me. Grabeh! So this is how Candy Strobe feels and look like. I feel so young with my new hair. I feel like a human again HAHA! I just feel young, fresh and vibrant. I feel like I can walk with head high with a pocket full confidence. Now, I can pose for pictures and the photos now will be different. I will cherish and take good care with this new look . I’m happy,satisfied and pleased with my Candy Strobed new hair.


Thanks to my two hair stylist Ate Maricel and Ate Jobelle and the rest of the team for taking care of me. I  love my new look!

Candy Strobe

Here’s the new look of my friends…


Thank you, Salon de Rose, for taking care of us. I am so happy with my new look and I feel happier for I was fixed by top of the line hair stylist and color expert. And here are  the rest of the  photos of the happenings at Salon de Rose.

Candy Strobe Candy Strobe Candy Strobe Candy Strobe Candy Strobe Candy Strobe Candy Strobe

and this video is credited to MATRIX  Philippines…

All photos are taken by Huawei P9

Candy Strobe

Before I end this blog, take a look at  my before and after photo. What can you say? What can you say about my look? Have you tried hair strobing? Will you try hair strobing too? If so, share your thoughts and experiences below. I would love to hear from you. Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.

Candy Strobe


This event would not be made possible without these partners :

1.Salon De Rose Shopwise

Salon De Rose

Shopwise Basak South Road,

Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

(032) 266 6379


2.Mooon Café

Shopwise Bldg N. Bacalso Aave.

Basak San Nicholas, 6000,

Cebu City, 6000 Cebu


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  1. Wow! Fabulous look! Great makeover. Thank you for sharing interesting information..I do not have hair to strobe or style. I have shaved head. Like Goldberg of WWE (Wrestling).

    I will be in Cebu soon on a business trip but it will not be to a Salon. They cannot do a thing with it.

    Your Amigo,

    ~ Gary ~

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