BEACH MONTEMAR : Bantayan Island Bound Again and Sharing Some of my Fave Photos and Hated As Well


I always dream of going places but I as I get older my excitement diminishes. Planning about trips becomes more of a burden which hinders me from chasing those dreams. I tend to overthink a lot about the inevitable. Just like what I thought while looking at this photo I snapped while journeying through the seas to Bantayan Island. It was almost evening as the sun started to go down. The sunset gave me a beautiful sight but it also gave me the realization that a day has almost ended and a new day will be coming forth, full of unknowns and uncertainties. Another day for our cells to degenerate, we get older, our parents get older, the earth is not even getting better — a realization that nothing lasts forever that change is a constant matter. Ugh. I am just such an anxious and fearful being — a pessimistic idiot! Sigh.

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That One Time When I Had my Hair Done and the Result Wasn’t What I Expected

Hair Strobing : The latest Hair Colour Technique by Matrix  in  Salon De Rose


“Keep calm and get your hair done for life is short to have a boring hair.”– One dreary day, I surfed up the net and browsed news feed in my social media accounts, until I saw that quote. It had no impact on me at that time. I ignored it because I do not care much about my looks.  Yup, I simply don’t care much especially about my hair. I just ponytailed it up and it was good to go. But then, Continue reading “That One Time When I Had my Hair Done and the Result Wasn’t What I Expected”

Beneath the Azure Sky in TOPS at Busay

           Staring at the blank screen for almost half an hour, expecting some ideas to flash in my mind, I was frustrated. I shut it off with a plan to work on this the following day, then on the day after the following, then on the next day, and so on…Boom! Oh my… Procrastination or simply laziness hit me. Oh well, I gotta work or else I’ll regret this forever. Procrastination should not happen again because I hate it when I fail. I have missed my December entry. Since it’s 2015, here is my resolution: to have two or more entries per month as I embark on the new year with endless possibilities.

         So here’s my first entry in 2015, starting from the TOPS…

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          A lighthouse is a tower containing a beacon light to guide the directions of boats/sea vessels. It helps mariners in case of misnavigation and leads them back to safety. Lighthouses or the locally called parolas are not new to Filipinos. The Philippines being an archipelago consisting of 7107 islands and islets has a number of lighthouses erected on some of these islands. People living along the shores are familiar with these lighthouses. Every lighthouse has a story to tell. This makes me interested to visit a lighthouse in Liloan, Cebu. It is called Bagacay Point Lighthouse. Continue reading “Parola sa Liloan : THE BAGACAY POINT LIGHTHOUSE”